Troy McQuagge- President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Troy McQuagge is the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and USHEALTH Advisors. Immediately joining USHEALTH in 2010, Troy focused on re-building USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s captive agency of distribution. This led him to be appointed president and CEO of the company in the year 2014.USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance holding company dedicated on innovative health coverage provision for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Its target is to combine the gifts of its agents and employees to market profitable and competitive insurance products, as well as provide superior client services in all operation areas of the company.

Troy has made better the quality of life for the Captive Insurance Industry and its products through his unrelenting passion. His leadership skills in the insurance company have been fortified and enhanced through many years of experience, hence, profiting the businesses. He has also facilitated company towards registeringprofitability, growth and exceptional success in the individual health insurance market that has been exceedingly competitive during his term.

Accomplishments and Award Winning

The coveted One Planet Awards named Troy McQuagge CEO of the Year Gold Winner in the prestigious on 10/1/2017. One Planet Awards is a universal leading awards program that credits professional and business excellence industry globally. Organizations from around the world are qualified to submit nominations that comprise of the largest to the smallest, profit and non-profit, public and private and new emerging ones.

Troy’s endeavors has been rewarded due to his exemplary leadership expertise in transforming the company’s commitment in solving affordability difficulties of clients by providing them with inventive coverage that grows at the same time with their healthcare needs. Troy, however, attests that his reward is as a result of broad participation of the entire USHEALTH Group employees who have exceptional skills and work hard to better and improve on the success of the company.

According to Troy, people are his business. Hence, he is individually devoted to ensuring satisfaction of clients through correct insurance coverage and products. In addition to volunteering his services, Troy McQuagge has also generously donated towards many charities for many years.

George Street Photo and Video is a Chicagoland Tradition

George Street Photo and Video is known for their professionalism and quality work. George Street has several locations in the Chicagoland area to serve your engagement and wedding needs. The professionals at George Street Photo and Video have the experience and talent to make sure that you are satisfied with their services. They will make sure that you are happy with your photography experience and will go above and beyond to make sure it is a pleasant one. From Lake Michigan to the Magnificent Mile to the Brookfield Zoo, George Street Photo and Video will make your Chicago-area shoot a once in a lifetime experience. Give them a call today!

Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Are Changing Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of New York based Success Academy, has triumphed in her recent court case regarding the administration of pre-K programs in the New York charter system. The state appeals court awarded Success Academy $720,000 in the decision. which agreed New York City exceeded its authority in imposing unnecessary mandates on its pre-K contract with the schools.


This is not the first victory for Eva Moskowitz. She recently accepted the Broad Prize, an award given annually to charter school operators who demonstrate “outstanding academic outcomes among low-income students and students of color.” Success Academy operates 41 schools currently, with plans on reaching 44 by the end of 2017; it is estimated that most of the 14,000 students enrolled are classified as low-income.


Eva Moskowitz wants to take the accomplishments and knowledge she has acquired with Success Academy to the national level. The school will be launching the Ed Institute, an internet based library of free school curriculum, tools, and teacher training that mirror the lesson plans and ideologies of Success Academy. Resources will include videos, lesson plans, reading lists, and more. Parents can be confident in the quality of the material as Success Academy is the largest network of charter schools in New York City, and students scored 90% or above standardized state math tests. At first glance the English performance may not appear as remarkable, with the lowest performing school at 75%, but many factors go into English scores, including languages spoken at home, making Eva Moskowitz schools accomplishment in English and Reading unparalleled by some of the most affluent schools in the city and surrounding suburbs.


Success Academy has transformed many prevailing methodologies on reading by focusing the students’ attention on “balanced literacy” that works to help them reflect how the community at-large communicates instead of mirroring only what is spoken in the individual students’ home. The hierarchy employed by the schools has also been praised as positively contributing to student education. Non-academic functions of the school are removed from the teacher’s shoulders, allowing teachers to focus on student-engaged education, and an operational team to focus on the day to day administration of each campus.


Parents are encouraged to partner with their children to further student accomplishments. The school’s classrooms are open and accessible to visitors, so parents can easily see the learning environment to better understand how to accommodate learning while at home.


Eva Moskowitz will also be opening a Midtown condo purchased in 2016 to give lessons to educators on how to duplicate the Success Academy system in their districts. Multi-day learning symposiums have also been offered, and a bevy of resources will soon be available online. This will pair with a digital literacy platform that Moskowitz plans to use to expand Success Academy to 100 charter schools by 2024. With her high focus on students learning to love to read, Eva Moskowitz empowers each student with tools for academic success through their academic career and beyond.

Top Three Benefits of Using NuoDb Firm As Part of the Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has become increasingly popular in this day and age. More users are gravitating to it because it offers a security that others do not. When you hear the cloud technology being brought up, there is one name that pops up more than any others. It is called NuoDB. It is part of the cloud technology. The NuoDb firm was founded in 2008. The NuoDB firm works in concert with so many other cloud applications to make sure every user has a safe and effortless experience with their data.

What is so special about using the NuoDB firm?

1) The NuoDb lowers your out-of-pocket costs significantly. The NuoDb firm and its services reduce the need for more IT staff. When you cut down on the staff you use, that is more money going back to you. The second thing it does is reduce the need for purchasing lots of licensing software. It is all there in one place.

2) The scalability is pure gold. Anyone can use this technology. It is good for those who have either a large or small infrastructure. You can adjust the technology to suit your personal and business needs.

3) The spreadsheets you are used to using are going to be a thing of the past. Everyone works with the same information. You can access what you need to at any time and place.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta’s Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a certified neurologist and psychiatrist who practices in Voorhees, New Jersey. He specializes in treating patients with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Shiva has a vast experience acquired from the Government Medical College, where he studied before moving on to Boston City Hospital for his residency. With over 40 years of experience in the medical field and more than 20 years of practice, Dr. Shiva Gopal currently serves at Kennedy Health System, Cherry Hill. He is committed and dedicated to finding treatment for neurological disease including multiple sclerosis.

A recent study known as HALT-MS revealed that stem-cell transplants could be beneficial in the future treatment of multiple sclerosis. The study showed that stem-cell transplants have a long-term reduction of MS symptoms. The new treatment option, high-dose immunosuppressive therapy combined with autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, was used in the study where patients suffering from MS were treated with it for five years.

Notably, the study participants did not take any other MS medication after taking HDIT/HCT. From the study population, 69% of the participants managed to survive without experiencing progressive disability. These patients did not experience re-emerging brain lesions or relapsing symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. HDIT/HTC treatment proved to be more efficient than the current MS drugs. Patients suffering from this condition experience various symptoms such as chronic pain, speech difficulties, fatigue, weakness, and motor problems.

As an approved Psychiatrist, Dr. Shiva Gopal practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates, an institution that is affiliated with Kennedy Health System, Cherry Campus. Dr. Gopal Vasishta practice accommodates insurance coverage such as Horizon Blue Cross and Aetna to ensure affordable and equitable access to reliable medical services. Dr. Shiva practice supports both English and Spanish speakers, and he is working hard to ensure that his patients receive excellent health services.

Greg Secker; Visionary Entrepreneur, and a Trade Master in Foreign Exchange

Greg Secker was born in 1975 in Norfolk, England. He earned his Bachelors degree in Agriculture and Food Science from Nottingham University in 1997. This trading expert began his career as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he created an online forex trading desk that enabled traders to obtain quotes in real-time for foreign exchange transactions. At the age of 25, Mr. Secker had become the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation in the U.S., where he extensively learned trading strategies from the best traders in the world. In 2003, he retired from the company to become a full-time forex trader in his home, and by three months he had founded his company Learn to Trade.

Learn to Trade was born from the realization that many individuals faced hurdles in forex trading as they started out, because of limited public education on forex trading which made the stakes of joining very high. He demystified the notion that foreign exchange was only reserved for the big institutions by coming up with forex trading strategies and risk mitigation tools that would enable individuals and small organizations to trade in foreign transactions and achieve financial freedom. Secker accrued huge profit margins within six months as a full-time trader that he decided to teach others how to make money in his Learn to Trade Program. Secker’s most satisfying moment was when Knowledge to Action Group started its operations in 2003 to teach people how to excel in forex trading. According to Secker, possibilities of a business thriving are limitless as long as one employs the correct business strategy.

Professional Life

Greg founded Knowledge to Action Group in 2003, a culmination of companies like Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, and Greg Secker Foundation with a goal of teaching forex trading strategies and risk management. 200,000 people have been trained in 13 years, in seminars and workshops worldwide. In 2013, he founded the Global Success Summit in South Africa.


Secker has been recognized for his efforts and has received accolades among them:

  • British Telecom Award for Innovation in e-commerce in 1998
  • Finalist for London Excellence Awards in 2010.
  • Best Educator by World Finance Magazine for two consecutive years.
  • Best Forex Trading and Trading Education Product Award by Wealth and Financial Awards.
  • 200 most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs in 2017.

Greg Secker is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who shares the platform with renowned personalities like Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Martini, and Robert Kiyosaki. He has authored books like Financial Freedom through Forex Trading, and Trading Your Way to Success” Secker is also consulted by major market channels like CNBC and Bloomberg for his expert opinion on market directions.


OSI Group Replaces Its Rizal Plant With A New Laguna Facility In The Philippines

Since 1990, the growth of GenOSI, in Cainta, Rizal, has received continuous growth of its restaurant clients, food service customers, and workforce. World food giant holding company, OSI Group and one of their partners, Fred Uytengsu recently cut the ribbon at a grand opening ceremony of the new facility, in the Philippines. The old Rizal plant is replaced with a new one, in Calamba, Laguna, approximately 35 miles (56 km) from Cainta.

OSI is celebrating its 27th year providing quality food solutions in the country to Philippian food retailers and servicers. The new GenOSI facility is large enough now to meet the demands of its employees and growth in various regions of the Philippines.

The ceremony for the grand opening was held, on May 19th, 2017, at the Canlubang Industrial Estate. Mr. Uytengsu was among the attendees in celebrating the new GenOSI Calamba plant. The facility is being used to process its meat products, including poultry, ground beef, fish, and other items. It features sophisticated equipment with the latest technology and a yearly capacity of 23,000 tons of food. OSI Group made the announcement on OSI News that 95 percent of its employees from the old plant are working for GenOSI.

In 2016, OSI Group is named by Forbes as one of largest companies in America. The private meat processing company is ranked as number 58 on Forbe’s List of Large American Companies. Its revenue the end of last year is estimated at $6 billion. The holding company is probably one of the most historical meat processing establishments in the world. Its history dates back to the 1920’s when the company was just a small family-owned meat market.

Currently, OSI Group has expanded further in the United States, and to other countries including the Philippines, Europe, and Brazil, to name a few. The company is meeting their prior goals of global growth by building and renovating facilities to meet the demands of increased productivity in specific regions. The new plant is the latest accomplishment of OSI Group.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe

Alternive Financing for your Business with Equities First Holdings

Businesses all over the world struggle to get financing. One way or the other there are always solutions to be attained. But in the financial industry what financing can you obtain as a high network individual looking to expand and grow?

Equities First Holdings is focused on doing just that. Providing unconventional methods to help businesses, alternative investment strategies. What they do is provide stock-based loans that are unsecured, that way you aren’t restricted if your business credit doesn’t allow you to get conventional financing from a bank. You can quickly glance over to their website at and take a look at their first class team that expands all over the globe. Click here to know more.

From the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. You can obtain their stock-based loans to fulfill and help your business expand for the challenges it needs to overcome. They will evaluate and provide the loans based on how the stocks, treasuries, and bonds are currently holding in the market. That way if interest rates fall you can be secured that you know how actively the markets are moving based on real world live analysis. They specialize in providing high loan to value solutions at low fixed rates because of their securities based funding.

With Equities First Holding currently celebrating their 15 year anniversary of success no one can deny that their success is to show for with their stellar track record. With over the 700 clients under their portfolio you can be assured that you are being well taken care for.


Success Academy: Pushing the Boundaries in Education


Success Academy, the largest and highest-performing charter school network in New York City, is pushing the envelope when it comes to the education of the city’s disadvantaged children.

Success Academy has shown they are willing to take a firm stance against what they see as lowering of their high standards of education. They recently won an uphill battle, in the appellate court, against the city regarding their pre-K program. By doing this, they show us that a high-quality education even from a young age must be demanded. Winning this battle to educate in a manner that Success Academy feels is the most beneficial for its students is one reason that makes them an example for schools across America.


All this care for students can only translate into the students’ success, and it has. The majority of students at Success Academy are either from low-income families or are children of color. These two groups, in general, are said to perform at a lower academic level than their white, or well-off peers. However, in the case of Success Academy’s elementary and middle schools, they have outscored their peers in math, science, and English, and rank in the top ten percentile.


Success Academy shows us a model in which, when given equal opportunity for success, there is no difference between one child and the next. Education is the great equalizer, and this is especially true in America. We are told to work hard, and everything you ever wanted can be yours if you just put your all into it. Unfortunately, there are still places in the inner cities of America where this is still a myth, because of societal norms. For that reason, Success Academy will release a digital platform showcasing its design for learning, so that every child across America can have an equal opportunity for the success they deserve.

Vincent Parascandola agent to VP

Vincent Parascandola has just over twenty five years of professional experience within the financial consulting industry. His work history includes employment with Prudential as an agent, various management positions with MONY Life Insurance Company. Mr. Parascandola was the President of Advantage Groups. Advantage Groups is a division of AXA. Vincent then co-managed the New York Metro Branch of AXA. In 2004 Vincent Parascandola joined AXA Advisors. AXA Advisors, LLC is a broker dealer that currently has over six thousand representatives nationally. AXA is a leading financial protection agency. They provide equitable life insurance policies in New York. He held the position of divisional president in 2004 for AXA Advisors. He advanced to executive vice president during his time with AXA.

Mr. Parascandola has maintained a industry securities registration as a broker-dealer for seventeen years. He is subject to oversite by FINRA and SEC. Over the course of Vincent’s career he has been awarded the Master Agency Award as well as the GAMA’s Career Developement Award.

Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University in New York. He obtained a Bachelors degree of Science. Pace University’s Joseph Lubin School of Business, where Mr. Parascandola attended, was established in 1906. Pace University has two campus locations for their business school, one is in New York City and the other in Westchester County, New York. Recently Vincent Parascandola returned to Pace University to give a commencement speech. He is an eloquent speaker and and in addition to his commencement speach, he has been recruited to speak at many AXA company conferences.