How Market America Is Good For Goals Of Financial Independence

There is a lot of change happening in this day and age. While the markets and the overall economy is changing, the goals are staying the same. Many people do have dreams of financial independence. However, a lot of them are dashed when they find that they are not able to land the jobs that they wanted. They have to settle for low paying jobs that are barely enough to cover all of the necessities including any debt they may have. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of Market America. People who sign up with this unfranchise are able to work with something new.

One thing that Market America is going to use to help people achieve financial independence is individuality. This is what Market America refers to as the economy of the future. When people are able to do the work that they want to do, they will make even more money than their highest paying job provided that they are paid according to the work that they get done and not by the hours they work. This is not only exciting for the individual but is also encouraging in that people can work from wherever they want.

In order to make the most out of this economy of the future, people would have to work hard with right method. One thing that will help people is the information that is available on the website of Market America. There are plenty of sources of information that can help people learn what they need in order to succeed. One of the best things to do is do a lot of work in an organized way so that the rewards for efforts can come at a fast rate. The most important aspect of work would be spreading the word.

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Jeffry Schneider: Putting Others First

In today’s world, it’s important to help others. With so much uncertainty in so many areas, it takes people with great leadership skills and compassion to make the world a better place. When it comes to putting others first, few people have the compassion and dedication of Jeffry Schneider. For decades, Jeffry has made it his mission to improve the lives of others in numerous ways. Whether giving his time to local charities, teaching children how to live a life filled with purpose, or sharing his skills to help others succeed in becoming better leaders, Jeffry has displayed a commitment to success that few others possess.

Be a Great Listener

To become a better leader, you must become a great listener. Whether talking on the phone, having a one-on-one conversation, or in a group setting, learning how to listen to others is key to leading others. By doing so, people will come to realize they can be comfortable discussing their thoughts and concerns with you, making any situation better.


Motivate Others

Along with listening to their thoughts and concerns, being able to motivate others is of prime importance to becoming a better leader. To do so, you can use a variety of tactics. These can include giving people more responsibility on the job or a project, increasing their self-esteem through positive reinforcement, or simply asking them for their input. No matter what methods you use, it’s a virtual certainty that by helping others feel better about themselves, a win-win situation ensues.

Have a Positive Attitude

If you approach even the toughest situation with a positive attitude, you and those around you are bound to succeed. Even during the most stressful of times, being able to laugh at yourself, compliment others on their skills and abilities, and help everyone believe things will turn out fine are essential to success.

Giving Back

When it comes to displaying the above-mentioned traits of great leadership, Jeffry Schneider is an example. This has been on display in Jeffry’s work with numerous charities, where he has always displayed a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure others would feel better about themselves. From working with charities associated with natural disasters to helping kids of all ages make their dreams come true, Jeffry always strives to give his best each and every time.

A Commitment to Health

Along with increasing the self-esteem of others, Jeffry has also made it his mission in life to help people from all walks of life live healthier lives. A firm believer in health and wellness programs, Jeffry not only makes these a part of his and as his children’s lives, but helps others achieve better health as well. Whether by volunteering his time at one of the many local organizations, or participating in fitness runs, health and wellness seminars, or other related programs and events in his community, Jeffry lives by example.


Kids are the Future

Knowing kids hold the key to the future success of the world, Jeffry dedicates himself to improving the lives of children. Whether reading to kids at local schools, participating in wellness events, or spending his time at facilities for abused or neglected children, Jeffry’s commitment to helping kids is amazing.

As he continues on this amazing life journey, it’s clear Jeffry Schneider still has much to achieve. Knowing every day is a gift as well as an opportunity to help others, he continues to put others first, making the world a better place in which to live.

Perry Mandera Changes the Game of the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera, former US Marine Corp, Republican Ward Committeeman (and the youngest elected at that), and later, entrepreneur who found The Custom Charities which is perhaps what he is most recognized for, has had what many would probably call an extremely accomplished life for a man of less than six decades of age. Visit Blogwebpedia website to know more about Perry Mandera.

The Custom Charities, which Mandera founded in 1986, is a “Full-Service Transportation Provider”, based out of Illinois with locations all around the US. Its customers are from all walks of life and from companies both big and small.

Perry Mandera has a strong inclination to use his company for good, and it appears as if he has been quite successful in doing so. He proudly serves victims of natural disasters by delivering donated supplies to them, as well as through donating both his own time and money to many different charities, specifically those aimed at helping the youth and veteran populations. Eventually this led to the creation of the Custom Cares Charity under The Custom Charities, which donates large sums of money to needy families during the holiday season, supports many children’s sports teams and provides scholarships to children who are disadvantaged and may not otherwise have the same educational opportunities.


Perry Mandera has a pretty extensive list of recognitions, with his award of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennia” in 2000 topping the list.

But besides his teeming professional life, Mandera has two kids and a wife at home and is extremely involved in his children’s schools, as well as his community and church (which, of course, makes sense as the entire idea behind The Custom Charities stems from a need to give back to the community). Additionally, he has coached basketball and even managed several boxers, some of whom went to compete in the Olympics.

With so much on his resume and so much life still ahead of him, I think we are all anticipating what more this man will do. View Perry Mandera at

Innovative Advertising with Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is well versed in marketing and advertising, and everybody loves her robust personality. She is one of the pioneers in developing innovative marketing techniques. Lori specializes in solving business challenges through innovative technology solutions. Her credentials and experience working in the advertising industry and all over the world has prompted her current position as the Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She also worked as a global executive chairperson for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). One thing that has kept her up with the trends is always keeping herself out of the comfort zone. During her time at KBS, her work ethic contributed immensely to expanding the global vision of the company as well as its rapid growth. Lori is one among four girls in her family.

Lori Senecal earned her first degree from McGill University. She later on became the president of McCann Erickson’s New York office and has since worked with major brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in developing their advertising campaigns. Lori is popular for her creative talent, unique style and relentless ability when focused on a challenge. She speaks French fluently, and that has made her available for more international opportunities. As a result, she has worked with other companies like Vanguard, Boar’s Head, HomeGoods, Victoria Secret Pink, BMW and American Express. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Her desire to get into the business industry began in high school when she turned to coaching gymnastics. She realized that she had leadership traits and helped her team successfully compete in championships. Ever since, she has learned to be consistent, set goals and work towards them. Having a clear vision is one of the reasons she is good at communicating to her teams without feeling judgmental. She loved her days as a coach because it was the training ground for her. Lori Senecal points out that coaching helped her to strive for excellence and to always have a plan. These traits have played a major role in developing a sense of compassion in her career line.

Her idea of making money is when her clients are also making money. She is of the opinion that the advertising moneymaking machine only lasts as long as her last advert campaign lasts. Therefore, perseverance and performance are key factors in producing an income for her clients and herself.

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New Technology Cripples Prison Contraband

One of the biggest challenges prisons face is controlling or even eradicating illegal contraband. However, the most dangerous forms of contraband isn’t always a weapon, but a cell phone. Illegal cell phones give prison gangs and other criminals the ability to run illegal enterprises from within their cells. Lower gang members or criminal associates on the outside execute orders, placing people – including us – in danger. However, technology has emerged that is making illegal cell phones practically useless.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently developed technology that tracks down communication attempts made by unauthorized prison cell phones and then blocks each attempt. Calls are dropped and texts aren’t completed because signals never reach a cell phone tower. This technology, called Wireless Containment Solution (WCS), is being implemented in many prisons nationwide. A recent test of this technology resulted in the blockage of over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in just eight prisons over a period of one year. Although the total number of attempts being made in all prisons may reach into the hundreds of millions, WCS can make a huge dent in criminal organization and activities, resulting in safer communities for all of us.


However, the road to WCS wasn’t easy. The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, for many years had regulations on the books that prevented the use of phone-jamming technologies. Prison officials and other advocates lobbied the FCC to relax these rules for prisons. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer and current consultant for Securus, testified about his story and how contraband cell phones threaten and take innocent lives. He described how a prison gang used an illegal phone to arrange a hit on him at his home that left him fighting for his life. Eventually he recovered and made it his goal to eliminate this type of contraband in prisons. Robert Johnson, as well as others, influenced the FCC to change their stance and allow prisons to use selective call blocking technologies.


As WCS and similar technologies are deployed throughout the prison system, it will prevent crime. Thanks to this technology and people like Robert Johnson, we will be even safer in our communities.


George Soros Philanthropy Is Appreciated And Criticized At The Same Time

George Soros is an internationally respected figure. People from all over the world know him as an exceptionally busy businessman who has changed the lives of many American citizens and other people in the world. The successful investor was born in Hungary several decades ago. He was, however, forced to relocate and look for greener pastures in the United Kingdom after war broke out in his home country. Staying in the UK was beneficial for the businessman. He had an opportunity to attend the university in one of the best schools in the country, laying the foundation for his great career. By the time he was graduating, George Soros was a qualified economist. In his entire career, Soros has predicted many financial situations, making him one of the most respected financial experts in the entire world. His knowledge in finance has assisted him to avoid costly mistakes in most of his businesses.

George Soros has managed to start several companies in the United States. After graduating from the university, the businessman felt that he was going to settle in the US and build his emperor. Soros has made a lot of wealth over the years, and he has been recognized in several platforms as one of the richest men in the world. Although he has worked hard in the competitive market to build his companies, the businessman has been using his resources to help the needy people in the society. The businessman has founded one of the largest charity organizations in the entire world, known as the Open Society. Getting to this position has not been easy in the complicated financial time. Soros has however, managed to take his foundation to more than one hundred countries in the world.

Soros philanthropy has earned him respect and criticism from the people who are close to him. Last year, the investor managed to fund an organization known as Black Lives Matter single-handedly. Soros also donated huge funds to Antifa, shocking many people who have accused him of using the donations as a way of avoiding paying tax. The businessman has also been accused of being in charge of the recent Colin Kaeoernick NFL protests. The Women March protests that were held several times are believed to have been masterminded by the influential businessman. Most of the individuals who are close to the new president of the country, Donald Trump says that all the protests are being made to frustrate the new government.

This is not the first time George Soros has received a lot of criticism. People who know him say that this has been happening for several decades. The first scrutiny took place when the businessman made a profit of one billion dollars. This was in 1992, and things have continued to pile up since then. Ten years later, Soros was famous in the country, and many knew him as one of the top funders of the famous Democratic Party. The businessman at one time promised to trade all his fortune so that President Bush could not be re-elected to the high position.

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Paul Mampilly Warns That Holding On to Your Bitcoin Can Lead to Massive Losses

Everyone seems to be caught up in the recent media frenzy about Bitcoin. People are buying a lot of Bitcoin. Some are making money. According to the former operator of the world’s best hedge fund and the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation award, Paul Mampilly, they are all making a grave mistake. He believes that there will be a big crash. He can not say for sure when exactly it will happen, but what he can say is that it is a matter of when, not a matter of if.

When Paul Mampilly thinks of Bitcoin, his mind goes back to 1999, when his friend Tess owned stocks in technology company that went up by one thousand percent. She was rich, she told him. It took his breath away, but he knew deep down that if a stock can rise so quickly so fast, it can drop that much just as quickly.

Lest you think that the stocks that were represented in the dotcom bubble of 1999 were stocks of minor companies, you are mistaken. Unlike Bitcoin, which has many flaws and does not seem to have anything of substance in nature to offer, the stocks in the 1999 bubble belonged to major companies in the Nasdaq index. For example, one of them was Qualcomm, who had stocks that were up by more than two thousand and six hundred percent. If those stocks, from those major companies, can drop so quickly and their holders can lose so much money, then the people who own Bitcoin surely should be afraid, as Bitcoin can certainly drop.

What is similar about now and then is that many people investing are simply newbies. They are not experienced investors and do not know that a stock going up quickly is not a good sign but a sign of a bubble. Many were disappointed then, and many will be disappointed now.

Paul Mampilly did not lose any money in 1999. He sold all of his stocks early, because he saw the bubble for what it was, and he saw the crash that was to come soon after. If you do not want to lose so much money on Bitcoin, then you should sell your Bitcoin right now too. For more info about us: click here.

Paul Mampilly is the Founder of Profits Unlimited. He works with Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor and advisor.

Sussex Healthcare – Senior Living Home Is Exceptional

If you are a senior living in the UK, you might be feeling that it is time to move to a different environment in case you need care. This happens to a lot of people because they can’t do the things that they used to do. It is usually do to aging or and injury, and you should be aware of the places that you can choose from to help you.

One of the best places that you can turn to is Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is known for its exceptional ability to help those that are aging to get the medical attention that they need and feel safe. At Sussex Healthcare you will receive both and a lot more.

Sussex Healthcare has the best medical care that is available. They also have physical therapy for those that might need it. Another great way that Sussex Healthcare helps seniors is to give them the ability to meet other people by joining groups that they are interested in. With other friends that are their own age, they will be able to feel like they are part of a group again. Many people feel like they are separated from the rest of the people because they can’t do the same things as they used to. At Sussex Healthcare, they will be able to still join in on all the fun and make friends again.

If you are interested in learning more about Sussex Healthcare, you will be able to get all the answers that you need from the staff that they have. They are trained professionals that can give you all of the answers to the questions that you might have, including those about finances. You will be able to feel comfortable with them.

Having the best care is hugely important, and with Sussex Healthcare, you will receive that. You will find that the people that live and work there are wonderful, and they will assist you in anything that you might need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

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Investing With The Pros: SahmAdrangi

When it comes to getting help with all of your investment options, there is no better professional than SahmAdrangi. SahmAdrangi has been in the investment industry for so many years and has actually gone to school for investment and stock options as well. Because of his experience in the field, you’ll find that he is one of the leading hedge fund investors out there. This is somebody you can trust with just about anything you are going to be able to provide to them, and this is why so many people have chosen him as an option for themselves when trying to get some type of investing done.

When it comes to investing, there are a lot of options that come with it. You can easily lose a lot of money when making the wrong investment options, and this is why so many people have chosen to do this on their own and have decided that this is something that they are going to want to make you sub when utilizing SahmAdrangi as a professional to help them out. Now that you know a little bit more about SahmAdrangi, you might want to visit his social media pages on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about him and to see what he is able to do for you. There are so many people who follow his Twitter and Facebook because they would like to know more about one of the leading hedge fund investors in the world.

There are so many different options for you when it comes to investing in a more responsible manner. This is why a lot of people have chosen blank as the person they would like to go to for help. Once you go to a professional for help when it comes to all of your investing, this is something that you are going to find to be incredibly beneficial in many different ways. SahmAdrangi has many years of experience in  investment industry, and he is a leader in the hedge fund company that he currently owns and operates.

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Who Is Mark Mckenna& What Makes Him So Special

Lets be honest for a second. The United States of America is full of brilliant people that work across a wide playing field. Unfortunately, many of these people never seem to get the credit that’s long-overdue. Dr. Mark McKenna is no exception to the rule even though he has done many amazing things for society as well as for his community. This guy is a New Orleans-native through-and-through. The field of health just seems to run through his veins, which ended-up providing himself with a prosperous career. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated advocate of his community, and he has helped many people outside of his community.

Yes, greatness seems to run in this exclusive family. This extraordinary guy is a general practitioner that is licensed in medicine & surgery. This license also comes via the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. On top of that, he is licensed in medicine & surgery via the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. That’s right! Is there anything that this guy can’t accomplish in the medical field? Dr. Mark McKenna has two children, and he’s happily married to Gianine McKenna. A typical workday starts around 6:30 a.m. and it generally ends around 6:00 p.m. Brainstorming is another one of his fine attributes, and he partakes in this action while working from home.

“I am a voracious reader,” said Dr. Mark McKenna. An amazing things to know is that this guy has always worked for himself, which makes him the ultimate entrepreneur. “I’ve never really had a job,” said McKenna. If there is one thing that you can say about this guy is that he has certainly done things his way, and his way has surely worked to success.

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