Achieving Weight Loss Success with Dr. Dov Rand

Many Americans want to lose weight, and want to lose that weight for many different reasons, however, for many people hoping to achieve weight loss, they often find themselves struggling to achieve and maintain their goals. This can be because of the person having trouble and struggling with their diet or system of weight loss, or because of that diet or system itself. It is unfortunate that while there is a lot of innovation within the weight loss industry, some of it is not based on science, and can be inefficient or even dangerous.

This is what separates Dr. Dov Rand from much of the weight loss industry. A veteran of the industry, he is a believer in peer-reviewed medicine. If it has not been tested, and reviewed, by experts, then he will not use it. During his many years of work in the field of weight loss, Dr. Dov Rand has developed an innovative HCG diet program to help his patients lose weight in a healthy and efficient way.

This diet program is centered around the HCG hormone, which is naturally produced by the human body during pregnancy. However, beyond ensuring that a fetus can develop healthily, Dr. Dov Rand has also found that the HCG hormone is great for weight loss. It helps combat degenerative muscle deterioration, helps lessen hunger pangs, and offers an overall increase in weight loss during its use.

However, the HCG diet program is not just the usage of this hormone. Dr. Dov Rand combines this hormone with a low-calorie diet plan, which HCG helps patients follow through on by reducing the sensation of hunger, and general education. As part of the program, Dr. Dov Rand and his team will help patients analyze their lifestyle and not only determine the necessary actions that need to be taken to help them achieve their goals, but also help break unhealthy habits that can lead to regaining weight after the program has finished.


A Truly Ethical Collection Company, IC System’s Business Model Is Based On Tradition and Innovation

As one of America’s top accounts receivable management and collection companies, IC System is a family-owned business that is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

IC System was founded in 1938 and is well-known for providing its clients with ethical and trustworthy service. This accounts receivable recovery company utilizes the same honest guiding principles that have driven the company for 80 years, yet maintains an innovative approach to collecting debt.

Licensed and/or bonded to collect debt in 50 United States, Puerto Rico and Guam, IC System trains its representatives to treat clients with respect and dignity.

Even if a person who owes a debt has moved to another U.S. state from where the debt originated, IC System has the ability and knowledge to be able to collect unpaid debts from that individual.

IC System maintains a comprehensive focus on providing a secure network for their clients, and its true data security compliance has been verified by a qualified third-party security auditor. This thriving company also has a thorough CRMS, or Compliance Risk Management System in place.

As an active community-minded company, IC System regularly sponsors various types of sporting and charitable events. The company features a staff charity committee that helps a different charity every month, and helps IC System employees who are going through difficult times.

Among the many charities that IC System has helped through the years are well-known national and international organizations, as well as some that are located in their local region.

The corporate sustainability objectives that are in place at IC System include using efficient resources regularly, making purchases that are environmentally responsible, and urging its employees to practice sustainability values within their communities (

IC System maintains a well-deserved reputation of being a fair and reliable company that delivers results that regularly exceed the expectations of its clients.


David McDonald Believes That OSI Group Will Continue To Thrive By Staying True To Its Core Values:

David G. McDonald is the President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board at OSI Group, LLC. The company is one of the world’s largest food service and retail industry suppliers with high profile clients such as KFC and McDonald’s. David hails originally from the state of Iowa where he had a rural upbringing on his families farm. David attended college studies at Iowa State in Ames Iowa and earned a degree in animal science. David has been employed at OSI Group for over 30 years, starting immediately upon his Iowa State graduation in 1987. He was originally hired as a project manager with instructions to facilitate OSI’s Asian expansion. During his 30 plus year tenure at OSI, David has stuck close to those roots of helping the company expand. OSI Group has experienced massive growth since 1987 and now operates in excess of 80 facilities worldwide in 17 different countries. David has also been key in helping to maintain OSI Group’s traditional culture that has helped the company attain so much success. OSI operates in a much more family-oriented manner than most large companies of its size. This is a philosophy that David McDonald has wholeheartedly bought into since he joined the OSI Group team in 1987. This culture helps to ensure OSI’s future sustainability because the company has a very low employee turnover rate and a history of maintaining its customers over the long term.

Speaking recently with CEOCFO Magazine, David McDonald discussed his career with the global food leader OSI Group. Asked about the company’s can-do attitude and how that plays out on a day to day basis, David asserts that at OSI, there is an expectation throughout the organization that the company will go to whatever means necessary to provide the best customer service. OSI strives with every transaction to exceed customer expectations. When asked about how OSI maintains such high standards in providing food, David is emphatic that family is number one at OSI. The company’s people and customers are family members and the products produced carry the expectation of being something that we would be proud to serve to our families at home. When asked about how one adapts to change, David gives the opinion that it is futile to deny change. He asserts that a company’s ability to adapt to change is what ensures the future of the company. Being able to quickly adapt to change gives a competitive advantage to business. At the same time, David asserts that OSI Group will always adapt to a changing market, but will also always continue to stay true to its core values of customer service and family.

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O2Pur Plays in the Big League

O2Pur is one of the emerging eCig companies that are hitting the markets with a bang. The eCig market has a long history. Originally, eCigs tried to imitate traditional cigarettes. However, with time, the products have evolved to serve an almost independent purpose. Companies such as O2Pur have helped the eCig industry to gain its identity. The company offers eCigs with a range of flavors; giving the vaping fan a wide range of choices for their refreshment. One of the reasons that have driven eCigs to maintain their place on the market, despite the onslaught from major companies such as BAT and Philip Morris is because they offer something unique and different. Here are some of the differences and advantages that make eCigs something think about.

The Advantages of eCigs

Studies have shown that since eCigs do not contain nicotine, the addiction causing element in cigarettes, they can actually help to break the addiction. One can vape on an on without being addicted. Furthermore, eCigs come in a wide range of flavors that provide the user with options. It is the kind of freedom that traditional cigarettes hardly afford users. The emerging eCig company offers different eCig flavors. These flavors also evaporate as soon as one is through with vaping. So, one does not have to carry their eCig aroma everywhere they go. eCigs also offer a lot of freedom to vape in most jurisdictions.

According to O2pur, Most Jurisdictions have laws prohibiting where tobacco products can be smoked. Fortunately, for eCig users, few jurisdictions have such laws. So, anyone can vape without the fear of being harassed or arrested by the authorities. In addition, eCigs are discreet. They do not linger in one’s clothes. So everyone does not have to know that their friend or relative takes a vape. It has also been observed that eCIgs tend to be more accepted by nonsmokers, compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. So, one can pull their eCig pack and vape, even while cruising with friends in a car.

O2Pur offers the Vaping Freedom

eCigs from this company come in uniquely designed flavors that are a rare occurrence in the eCig product niche. They are also discreet items one can easily carry along without raising eyebrows. Moreover, the product comes with a fashionable design pack that makes one want to carry it everywhere.

The Philosophies of Vijay Eswaran in the Business World

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known businessman from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of the Ql Group of companies, which has its main office in Hong Kong. The company is one of the largest in Asia and it deals with a variety of products and services. He has achieved considerable success in his career and has accumulated enormous net worth. Eswaran attended the University of Southern Illinois and he is also an alumna of London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in socio-economics.

Vijay Eswaran has developed to be one of the greatest managers in Asia. As a result, he is the author of some key books in management. He is the author of Two Minutes from the Abyss. The book literally deals with management issues and Eswaran has used his personal stories and the risks that he took in managing distress in his organization. In the book, Vijay Eswaran has accumulated a number of stories in an effort to show how to deal with various crises in any given work setting. Eswaran has also developed some of the key philosophies that used by various entrepreneurs in the business world to run their businesses. According to Vijay, fear is one of the key factors that initiate success. However, it is how one takes and view fear that it may affect his/ her success. One should not let fearfully consume him/her but should use the instinct of fear to recreate the fear of failure and hence strife to success.

The philosophy of Vijay Easwaran has also gone a notch higher in trying to create the motivational framework of the business class. He has written several articles on various techniques in the business environment. Vijay has argued that the main idea behind the success of any individual starts with how one perceives change within oneself. Change has created impact and pays a significant role towards the development of an idea. Vijay has also shared his views on the idea of leadership in a business setting. He has shared his belief in the qualities of good leadership.

Glen Wakeman and his Ability to Help Others Succeed

Glen Wakeman is a businessman, blogger, investor, and entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania in 1981 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. As well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago in 1991. Through both his bachelors and master’s degrees Wakeman discovered his passion for business. Using his MBA Wakeman was able to land a job at General Electric(GE), which offered him the opportunity to explore and hold multiple positions throughout the company. By the end of his time at GE Glen Wakeman become the CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he helped the company achieve over $100 million in revenue and $12 billion in assets in a year. Help also helped GE grow to have over 17,000 employees at over 1000 branches.

Through Glen Wakeman’s passion for business, he was able to create a successful company called LaunchPad Holdings. Wakeman started this company because people would come to him for advice on great business ideas but was not sure of to successfully execute them. Glen Wakeman would spend 30 minutes with clients for a $100 fee would help them turn their idea into a successful plan (

Wakeman goes by this motto “Demand Excellence and you get it” and he believes that is what makes his company successful. At the beginning when Wakeman first started LaunchPad Holdings he would get clients through is writing because he offered great insight on what it takes to own and build a successful business. Glen Waken has a tactic that he uses called the Five Elements which he believes will help any business become successful. These Five elements are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Governance, and place. By following these steps Wakeman can see any business becoming successful. Although these elements play a crucial part in how a businessperson should build their business Wakeman knows that in order to truly be a successful businessperson it requires that first entrepreneurs believe in their ability to succeed. Through this thought process entrepreneur will start of their business with a great backbone. Glen Wakeman has a love for all things business and he uses that passion to not only build great successful businesses of his own but also to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals too.


As Reltable As OSI

Undoubtedly, for the food lovers, OSI has in one way or another ensured that they put the best food on the table. OSI is no ordinary organization; it is a Group that is all about the meat. This means that the various players in food industry would do well to partner with OSI to ensure that they can meet the consumer’s needs.

Having its capital at Aurora, Illinois, OSI Industries has grown to spread its coverage far and wide the globe traversing and reaching other continents such as Europe and Asia. OSI Industries is then a global deal!

OSI believes that since people are what they eat, they should have the best. Hence, the group ensures that all necessary checks and inspections are done to maintain the quality. More than that, since OSI is in the processing industry of meat, the group looks to ensure that no hazards are released into the environment.

Due to this, the group has attained special recognition. Recently, it was given the Globe of Honour Award for always ensuring that they mitigate the risks involved in the kind of work they do. This is no way is low attainment seeing as before such an honor is awarded there are very many factors that are taken into consideration.

While undertaking its operations, OSI is guided by certain values. OSI believes that there is always room to do better. In addition to that, the group works with a utilitarian mildest which advocates for doing greater good for the many people. This, in turn, makes the group come up with tailor made services and products per the customers’ needs.

Furthermore, OSI believes that there is strength in teamwork, integrity is vital and innovation is what sustains any organization even with the passage of time.

Indeed OSI Industries is the number one answer to all who are in the food industry. It provides a haven of safety for those who provide food consumers in turn. Those who sell do not have to worry about lacking a market to reach to as OSI takes care of that.

The ever so reliable OSI is indeed saving lives through food.

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Graham Edwards Investor and Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is a graduate of King’s College. Graham Edwards also read Economics at the University of Cambridge. At one time he worked for Talisman Asset Management and later held positions at Merrill Lynch. His education has allowed him to pursue and become a prominent decision maker in several high profile companies, especially his heading the acquisition and merger of Telereal and Trillium. Graham Edwards has been the chief executive at Telereal and Trillium from its inception and creation in 2001. Graham Edwards was first of all responsible for the transferal of over 6000 properties from British Telecommunications (BT) ( After Telereal purchased BT’s property portfolio, Graham Edwards was appointed Chief Executive of Telereal. Graham Edwards played a significant role in seeing the formation of Telereal Trillium in 1997. Even before this acquisition was in the making, Graham Edwards had set his sites on before Trillium came to market.

Graham Edwards helped establish the company of Telereal Trillium as a leader in property investment and outsourcing. Telereal Trillium manages 1% of the entire UK population and manages over 8,000 properties and a portfolio valued at 6.0 Billion dollars. Graham Edwards was the first person to bring Trillium to market after contacting the CEO Ian Ellis. In other words, Graham Edwards had to business savvy and vision to see the future possibilities in acquiring the property portfolio of Trillium.

After the formation of Telereal Trillium, there was a time for integration. Graham Edwards didn’t rush in and make significant changes but focused on integrating the close to 15,000 staff which were now to be melded into one company with Graham as its Chief Executive.

Graham Edwards has many other business interests, primarily related to mining for natural ore, software development and the acquisition of property and its management. He serves on the board or committees of many philanthropic interests, especially OneVoice Europe, Friends of The Hebrew University. He keeps in touch with two scholarly organizations for Chartered Surveyors and Investment Professionals.



Market America Presents People With a Plan for Financial Independence

Many people are faced with different dilemmas when it comes to their finances. For one thing, a lot of people are faced with some kind of debt. Often times, it is debt that is going to take years to pay off. While it is possible to pay these debts off, it is the length of time that makes it hard. To make things even harder, some people might lose their source of income. This can send them scrambling to find another main source of income. This can take a long time for people as it depends on many factors. However, there is an alternative to the type of plan that people usually go for.

This plan is Market America. Market America has a plan that can help people cut down on the time it may take for them to pay off their debts and become financially independent. For one thing, they are a business that helps people come up with a plan that is going to bring them unlimited earning potential. Market America is one of the companies that will make sure that it helps people get on their feet. They have a plan that people can get on board that is going to get them making a fortune within a couple of years.

One thing that Market America has that is very effective for unfranchise business owners is a business building program. This program is thorough in all of the steps it goes through for the partner. Therefore, business owners are going to be enjoying some of the greatest successes. For one thing, they will learn about marketing. This means they will learn how to use the different platforms for marketing so that they will maximize the type of success that they can get. As a result, they will gain financial independence.

Talos Energy Leads Charge In Oil Exploration Off Coast Of Mexico

For the first time in nearly 80 years, a private energy company is being allowed to drill off the coast of Mexico. This is the most recent effort of the Mexican government to help revitalize its slumping oil industry.

Houston-based Talos Energy has partnered with two other companies to drill in the Sureste Basin located off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Why Is This Significant?

Back in 1939 Mexico decided to nationalize its oil industry and it has been dominated by the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos ever since.

Talos and its partners will become the first private companies to drill off the Mexican coast since the move to nationalization.

It has been estimated that the Zama-1 well could produce 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil and is expected to take 90 days to complete the operation.

Talos Energy Partners

Talos Energy has linked up with London-based Premier Oil, Plc and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas for this venture. Premier will put up the cost of drilling which is estimated at $16 million.

The group won the right to drill off the coast of Mexico back in 2015 after the Mexican government decided to open up drilling to private companies.

Many energy analysts are watching this project closely as they believe that there is a “high geological chance of success.”

It remains to be seen if those predictions will come true, but Talos and partners will make a go of it and hopefully open up Mexico’s energy exploration to other private companies around the world. This would help increase competition and drive down energy prices for consumers.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy has extensive experience in energy exploration in the Gulf Of Mexico and The Gulf Coast region of the United States. They use cutting-edge seismic technology to increase hydrocarbon recover through their specialized drilling techniques.

The company has consistently been ranked as one of the top places to work by the Houston Chronicle since 2013. This reflects the company’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture and its innovative technologies.