Graham Edwards Investor and Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is a graduate of King’s College. Graham Edwards also read Economics at the University of Cambridge. At one time he worked for Talisman Asset Management and later held positions at Merrill Lynch. His education has allowed him to pursue and become a prominent decision maker in several high profile companies, especially his heading the acquisition and merger of Telereal and Trillium. Graham Edwards has been the chief executive at Telereal and Trillium from its inception and creation in 2001. Graham Edwards was first of all responsible for the transferal of over 6000 properties from British Telecommunications (BT) ( After Telereal purchased BT’s property portfolio, Graham Edwards was appointed Chief Executive of Telereal. Graham Edwards played a significant role in seeing the formation of Telereal Trillium in 1997. Even before this acquisition was in the making, Graham Edwards had set his sites on before Trillium came to market.

Graham Edwards helped establish the company of Telereal Trillium as a leader in property investment and outsourcing. Telereal Trillium manages 1% of the entire UK population and manages over 8,000 properties and a portfolio valued at 6.0 Billion dollars. Graham Edwards was the first person to bring Trillium to market after contacting the CEO Ian Ellis. In other words, Graham Edwards had to business savvy and vision to see the future possibilities in acquiring the property portfolio of Trillium.

After the formation of Telereal Trillium, there was a time for integration. Graham Edwards didn’t rush in and make significant changes but focused on integrating the close to 15,000 staff which were now to be melded into one company with Graham as its Chief Executive.

Graham Edwards has many other business interests, primarily related to mining for natural ore, software development and the acquisition of property and its management. He serves on the board or committees of many philanthropic interests, especially OneVoice Europe, Friends of The Hebrew University. He keeps in touch with two scholarly organizations for Chartered Surveyors and Investment Professionals.



Talos Energy Leads Charge In Oil Exploration Off Coast Of Mexico

For the first time in nearly 80 years, a private energy company is being allowed to drill off the coast of Mexico. This is the most recent effort of the Mexican government to help revitalize its slumping oil industry.

Houston-based Talos Energy has partnered with two other companies to drill in the Sureste Basin located off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Why Is This Significant?

Back in 1939 Mexico decided to nationalize its oil industry and it has been dominated by the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos ever since.

Talos and its partners will become the first private companies to drill off the Mexican coast since the move to nationalization.

It has been estimated that the Zama-1 well could produce 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil and is expected to take 90 days to complete the operation.

Talos Energy Partners

Talos Energy has linked up with London-based Premier Oil, Plc and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas for this venture. Premier will put up the cost of drilling which is estimated at $16 million.

The group won the right to drill off the coast of Mexico back in 2015 after the Mexican government decided to open up drilling to private companies.

Many energy analysts are watching this project closely as they believe that there is a “high geological chance of success.”

It remains to be seen if those predictions will come true, but Talos and partners will make a go of it and hopefully open up Mexico’s energy exploration to other private companies around the world. This would help increase competition and drive down energy prices for consumers.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy has extensive experience in energy exploration in the Gulf Of Mexico and The Gulf Coast region of the United States. They use cutting-edge seismic technology to increase hydrocarbon recover through their specialized drilling techniques.

The company has consistently been ranked as one of the top places to work by the Houston Chronicle since 2013. This reflects the company’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture and its innovative technologies.


Agora Financial for a More Stable Future

There are a lot of benefits to retirement, but a lot of people just aren’t ready for it. If you’re struggling to retire or just want to start saving for the future, your only option in the past has been to hire a financial advisor. The harsh reality is that financial experts can be downright expensive. If you’re investing with them, they take a relatively large portion of your money, which can cause you to lose out on a lot more than you would have thought. The company Agora Financial has made it their mission to inform the average person who isn’t necessarily skilled with finances to learn about them and handle everything themselves.

The experts working at Agora Financial travel all over the world to find out about different trends happening in the financial industry and what you need to know if you want to begin saving up for a solid and fruitful retirement. Agora Financial has multiple publications available to those who would like to learn more about finances and what they’re all about. This includes e-books that you can download and read while also making use of the variety of films they have created and published for the world to see.

The work that Agora Financial has put into their company’s purpose is immense and is totally beneficial for those wanting to take control of their own investments and financial future without getting a professional involved. Also, it’s often better for you to make use of this type of publication because of all of the problems that have been seen lately pertaining to money being stolen by financial experts who are in charge of investments. Now is a good time to check out the Agora Financial agency and see what types of publications are right for you.

War Kings And The Mighty Trabucos

Kings who wanted to quickly conquer their enemies would use the might of the trabuco. This grave weapon was a masterpiece at destroying fortifications and laying siege to enemy positions. During the age of warfare, powerful kings would amass huge armies of warriors and specialized weapons. They would send their forces out on the field of battle to annihilate their opponents. If their enemies held up in a city or decided to hide behind sturdy strongholds, then the trabuco was used against them.

The trabuco could level cities with its power and might. The crews that operated these machines would load them with various projectiles. They could launch firebombs at their adversaries. They could also use the trabuco to thrust dead and diseased corpses at their enemies. In the past, some armies launched corpses and their body parts onto their targets according to The people who experienced these things were utterly horrified. Seeing a severed human limb flying over a wall put the fear of death into people. That was one thing that the Trabuco could do well.


The trabuco was also a useful weapon for smashing through walls. In the past, many people lived behind walled cities and fortresses to survive. However, the walls and fortresses could not always defend them. Especially, from the power of the trabuco. The trabuco had the ability to shoot thick and hearty stones into a wall. In some cases, the machines could launch a 2-ton rock down on some of its enemies according to No stone wall would be able to resist this impact for long. Many towns and strongholds fell under the pressure of a trabuco attack.

Kings who like warfare knew their armies would be more victorious with a good core of trabucos. Trabuco helped to save lives because they kept soldiers from having to waste their lives through closed armed combat or sieges. Smart war kings knew the power of the trabuco and used them to their advantage. The war kings never forget the trabuco and the devastating effect that they had on their foes in battle.


Securus Technologies The Growing Need to Install Its Drone Detection Technology in Prisons

Ever since drones have come to the market, they have been deemed useful for a number of reasons. They are being used for many things and have made many tasks much easier for people. But, it has also gone into the hands of the criminals who are using them for illegal activities. Since the latest drones are advanced in many ways, including its speed, ability to detect them and also the amount of weight they can carry, they have also become a problem for the law enforcement agencies.


Prisons are built to help keep the criminals off the streets, but even while they are inside, many of them do not want to lose the control they have on other people. Thus, they use their associates on the outside to send illegal goods to them using drones. Some of the items they insist on smuggling are drugs, cell phones, cigarettes and other items. Using these, they have leverage on other inmates and even threaten the prison guards to do favors for them. There have been multiple guards and other people who have fallen prey to these threats. Thus, to stop the inmates from carrying out their illegal activities from inside the prison, it has become essential for the prisons to install the most advanced drone detection system.


Some of the older systems used sound or video surveillance to keep track of any drones trying to enter the prison. But, drones available in the market today are much more advanced than what they were even a year ago. One can easily find drones that do not make any sound or are practically invisible while they are flying up in the sky. Securus Technology has developed drone detection technology that would make it easier for the prison officials to learn about any drone flying above the prison and to catch it before it’s too late.



Fortress Investment Group Has Launched Brightline Passenger Rail Service

Fortress Investment Group has launched the Brightline Passenger Rail Service that provides world-class hospitality for its customers as they travel by railroad from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment firm that invests in various asset categories including real estate, infrastructure, credit, and private equity investments. The company has a strong track record of investing in income producing assets that are undervalued, distressed, and illiquid credit instruments. They have a reputation as one of the more respected alternative asset investment firms in the world and have become a major player within the investment arena by providing strategic opportunities for it’s more than 1750 institutional and individual clients to obtain enormous returns on investment. With the construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service Construction, Fortress Investment Group is establishing another opportunity to generate a very lucrative long-term income streams from this investment opportunity.

Brightline provides world-class hospitality within its cabins that provide its customers with an experience that exceeds the normal train ride established on the Tri-Rail systems. The railroad system Brightline constructed has a total cost of $3.1 billion and has amenities that are top-of-the-line and include leather seats, bike racks, free Wi-Fi internet, two power outlets, two USB ports per seat and wide aisles so passengers can travel comfortably on this 40-minute ride from Miami to Orlando. This investment is one of the first of many investments in the railway infrastructure within various geographical locations around the country. In fact, Chief Investment Officer, Wes Edens states that there are plans to provide trains to Jacksonville or Tampa and are actively seeking other geographic locations to provide similar services.

The criteria used to establish which states receive the next investments in infrastructure from Fortress Investment Groups’ Railway Portfolio will be based on trips that are from large metropolitan areas that are too far to drive and to close to fly. With the investments in the railway systems, Fortress Investment Group has provided another strong opportunity to build upon their reputation of creating stable long-term investment opportunities for lucrative returns for his clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the more respectable and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. With a global perspective on investing that is propelled by intellectual skilled talent from a very vast and knowledgeable executive staff creates a blueprint for continued expansion of their business model into various alternative asset categories.

On December 27, 2017, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank Group a global technology investment company that specializes in cutting-edge internet services, advanced telecommunications, AI, smart robots and various other trendsetting and technologically innovative areas of investment. With the foundation of strong leadership and analytical analysis and evaluation of various alternative asset categories, Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more advanced investors in infrastructure in the country. The establishment and construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service, Fortress Investment Group has once again provided an opportunity to reap tremendous returns on investments with this capital asset.

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Jed McCaleb makes World Altering Prediction

Jed McCaleb is experienced in a variety of different industries in the tech community. He has either created or worked on a variety of innovative technology for the internet and financial industries. With eDonkey, he created a system that made downloading a breeze. Mt. Gox, another one of his creations became the world’s first bitcoin exchange network. Now he is the CTO of Stellar, a blockchain company that McCaleb co-founded alongside Joyce Kim.


Stellar enables its customers to conduct international transactions at a cheaper cost than all competition. Stellar is able to accomplish this because of its decentralized structure. All of the transactions completed through Stellar are recorded on the machines of thousands of other users instead of a centralized server. This creates the safest, most secure method of transaction recording in history. Blockchain technology doesn’t only make transferring cash across borders cheaper, it does it faster than any other method available today.


This is the reason Jed McCaleb believes the future of cryptocurrency and financial institutions will one day be interwoven. Jed McCaleb made this bold prediction recently in an interview. McCaleb is able to made such an exciting prediction because he has been personally involved in the blockchain industry for years. Stellar was founded in 2014 and has grown exponentially since then.


“There will be a universal payments network that will operate,” Jed McCaleb prophesied in the interview. McCaleb says this system will utilize a public ledger and be able to work with cash from all over the world like euros, dollars, and more.


Stellar has been working for the past 4 years to accomplish this vision. Stellar is already implemented in IBM, one of the world’s biggest computer companies, but it is also implemented in countries all over Asia. Stellar has enabled these countries to participate in transactions that were previously impossible. People in these countries who were without financial services now even have access to things most people take for granted like savings and checking accounts.

David Giertz Career To This Point

David Giertz is an accomplished financial professional. He has a business degree and loves learning new subjects. During his career, he helped hundreds of people with their finances. Some people struggle to invest for the future. Other people want to keep spending too much money every month.

David Giertz enjoys helping people with their finances. He helps people decide on an investment plan based on their risk tolerance. People can earn higher investment returns if they can handle additional volatility.


David Giertz has multiple certifications in the field of finance. He firmly believes in investing in his education. He reads various books each month on a variety of subjects. After working in the financial assistance industry for several years, he decided to get an advanced degree. He went to the University of Miami for an MBA. After graduating from Miami, his career became much more successful.

Investment Advice

With his experience in the industry, David Giertz is a great person to learn from. He recommends that people utilize index funds for their investments. An index fund is a proven way for people to earn positive investment returns.

David Giertz also recommends that his client pay down debt. Some people struggle with high levels of debt. Too much debt can restrict cash flow in a person’s finances. Many people struggle with student loans after graduating from college. David Giertz was able to go to college without taking on too much debt.

Next Career Steps

David Giertz has had success working for multiple companies during his career. He is excited about the future, and he firmly believes that he is making a positive difference in the lives of other people. He volunteers his time to help multiple charities in his local area. He enjoys helping people who have less financial resources than he does.

Lawrence Bender Delights Audiences for Decades with Kill Bill

Lawrence Bender has produced a long list of cinematic gems, but the Kill Bill films will go down in time as some of the most compelling works of female empowerment and cinematic masterpieces. Working with Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender was the perfect fit on these movies to tell the story of a betrayed assassin who will stop at nothing to seek out the truth and ultimately revenge on her former colleagues who wronged her. This is an unlikely story of a woman in a position to blaze her own trail in exacting vengeance on a group of highly trained killers who have no reason to help her on her mission.

Lawrence Bender was able to bring some of the most provocative writing and acting fruition in the Kill Bill movies, which have been delighting viewers for decades now. Even though his vision was aided with powerful acting and an amazing script, the final production would not have been possible without Lawrence Bender’s passion for delivering an enticing trip into a unique and extraordinary world that most people would otherwise never have any exposure to. He spared no expense or effort in finding the ideal angles and context in which some of the best actors in the world were able to deliver enthralling performances in this violent and fascinating thriller.

Lawrence Bender developed his love for cinema during his work on movie sets as a young adult. After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Maine, Bender was able to find his way onto movie sets by taking on low-paying roles as a helper on set. His dancing career was derailed by an unfortunate injury, which eventually allowed Bender to explore his talent on set. His first major production was Reservoir Dogs, which he worked with Quinton Tarantino to produce. Since his start in Hollywood, Bender has amassed an impressive total of three Oscar nominations. He is also frequently recognized by the movie industry for his contributions in production and directing. Bender has produced several politically charged documentary films and series, such as An Inconvenient Truth.

Stansberry Research is the Publisher of Choice for Savvy Investors

Porter Stansberry sounded Stansberry Research in 1999. It is publishing company with its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company publishes its research on primarily investment products and topics. It is a privately owned company, with other offices in California, Florida, and Oregon.

Stansberry Research has its own financial editors, all of whom research and publish articles on a variety of topics. The topics are of particular interest to investors, and include healthcare, biotechnology, oil, commodities, natural resources, and natural gas.

One of its Publications, the Stansberry Digest, recently covered atopic of much interest today, that is commodities. In it, the author speaks of commodities as a “boom and bust” area of investments. Commodities will go through up periods and down periods. Much of the fluctuation in price is due to the law of supply and demand.

The commodity experts at Stansberry Research express the opinion that commodities should be included to balance out a portfolio. Commodities do not follow in the same path as stocks and bonds. When stocks and bonds are high in price, as they believe they are now, commodities may be the better value. The reverse market trend would also hold true.

Stansberry Research publishes financial newsletters on a monthly and bi monthly basis, which is sent out to its member subscribers, located in over 100 countries. In a recent article Appel commodities, it discusses coffee. The reader learns that, according to the Commitment of Traders Report, coffee as a commodity is “hated” by investors. The articles are interesting and thoughtfully presented, and provide a wealth of information.

Many of the company’s subscribers have been with them a long time. That speaks of the quality of the information they provide to their readers. There are many positive reviews and testimonials posted online about Stansberry Research (Americasjubilee). The company is noted for its integrity in several of the testimonials. Others write about how much the information provided has helped them, and even more importantly, has made a difference in their investment portfolios.