Anil Chaturvedi: A Seasoned Banker in the Banking Industry

Anil Chaturvedi has been a banker for more than 40 years. He has successfully worked in various leading international banks. Anil Chaturvedi operates in the specialty of private and corporate banking, corporate advisory, and investment banking business. He focuses on the transactions across the border between India and Europe. Anil has been a managing director for almost six years now. He was in charge of the corporate advisory business. He facilitated strategic alliances across the border in Europe, Asia, India, and United States of America. He also was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, credit syndication, sale and restructuring over distressed assets, and capital raising from international organizations and institutional investors. In 1993 to 2011, Anil Chaturvedi worked as a managing director internationally for a private banker taking care of global Indians based in Europe, USA, India, and Asia. He used to make investment solutions for their clients. Anil was among the top advisors in a wealth management firm. He was also a member of the Circle of Champions.

Anil Chaturvedi was also working as the head of the operations in the ANZ Grindlays Bank. Here he made sure that the services around product development, regulatory and compliance matters, marketing, and development of leadership skills as well as creating the profitable models of the bank. Earlier on, he was responsible for the implementation of marketing strategy and strategic planning. One of the most successful implementation strategy and marketing led to the new business for more than $500 million. At this time, Anil was honored with an award for Man of the Year. Anil Chaturvedi has an M.B.A in Financial Management from FMS, Delhi University. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts and Economic Honors from Delhi University. Hinduja Bank was founded in 1978 as a finance company. Its headquarter is at Geneva, and it has broadened its locations to Switzerland. It has extended its global presence in London, Dubai, New York, and Zurich among other places. The bank has substantial expertise in its services. He is proudly working as the managing director of Hinduja Bank. He has had very high leadership positions at various banks in the banking industry.

The Law System In Brazil With Ricardo Tosto

The law is very important in every nation. It helps in seeing that those who commit crimes are punished. It also helps to see that there are no people mistreating others. In business, it eliminates the chances of unfair competition. Imagine a state without laws? Some people would commit all evils and get away with them while others would suffer all their life.

The state of Brazil is among the countries that have embraced study of law. When the entire world has 1100 law schools excluding the state of Brazil; they have 1240 law schools. In many cases, when something is in plenty, it loses value. It may surprise you to know that this is not the case with law schools in Brazil. The lawyers produced in state are able and very competent. The bar association that is responsible for the quality of law degrees does everything to ensure the education taught is quality.

Ricardo Tosto is among the best Brazilian lawyers. He is known for his ability to handle complicated cases and win. Cases that no one else is willing to take. Tosto’s success is as a result of his commitment and dedication. He also has experience of very many years in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto owns the most active firm in Brazil. His active law firm has a total of 500 members. These are associates, interns and partners. Everyone in the firm shares the vision of Ricardo Tosto of working hard to see that the clients get the best.

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How to Make Your Upwork To-Do List Work for You

Having a to-do list is one of the most important things for any freelance worker. This is because it helps you to manage your time properly and complete tasks in advance. Upwork offers various opportunities both for employers and workers by simply connecting them together. Whether you are a worker or an employer, a to-do list is necessary. However, having a to-do list is not enough. You need to create ways of sailing through your to-do list.

Tips of how to make your to-do list effective

Capture everything

This doesn’t necessarily mean memorizing every task that you are planning to work on. A few years ago we were told by David Allen (creator of GTD Method) never to try to do that but rather write everything down. Why should you do that? This is because of the psychological Zeigernik Effect which makes it impossible to forget tasks that are due.

Define your priorities

It’s very hard to predict how your day will go unless you are an angel. As an Upwork freelancer, it is important that you know which tasks appear more important and urgent than others and allocate them time accordingly. This means even if something urgent comes up you will be able to know which task to finish first.

The batch process

Most factories use this method in where similar tasks are cabbed together. You can as well apply the same to on your to-do list. For example, if you have several phone calls to make, you can create a task and assign tags to them using a tagging feature in ClickUp.


How often do you delegate work? Is it through email, slack, or through which method? The problem with this kind of delegation is that you and your colleague can easily forget some tasks. The best way is to create a task or sub-task and do the assigning.

In general, Upwork offers numerous opportunities for both workers and employers. What is important as a worker is to have a written to-do list and understand how to use it effectively. A to-do list is important because it helps you to be more organized.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – Creative Master Surgeon

A lot of people generally confuse plastic surgery with cosmetic surgery and Dr. Rod Rohrich mentions that people tend to confuse both these techniques to be the same thing. One reason many patients trust the expertise of Dr. Rod Rohrich is the fact that he is very clear on his point that both the above-mentioned techniques are performed for different reasons and also that not every surgeon who performs either of the surgery is suitable to do so. He also suggests that his patients do an adequate amount of research even before they decide to go with him. It is not very easy to find a successful surgeon with such a clear point of view.

If you are particular about Facelift, then Dr. Rohrich has a unique plan for you. He believes that the central cheek area is likely to get deflated with age and hence requires an adequate amount of filling which is bound to provide a higher level of rejuvenation to the face. He also performs something called as ‘fat compartment filling’ where he collects the fat from other areas and then fills it in the central area. It is only because of such creative methods that he is consistently named as the Texas monthly ‘super doctor’ on multiple occasions.

This is one of several areas where he has proven over and over again why he is still the best in the plastic surgery space. When you make your first visit with the doctor, he will personally evaluate if you are going to be a perfect fit for the surgery. The way he does that is by determining if you are in excellent physical and mental state of mind and also if you are serious about the facelift procedure and have some reasonable expectations. This is essential to setting up right expectations as it helps both the patient and the doctor to be on the same page.

He openly opines that any of the facial surgeries cannot restore your face to its perfection but would provide great deal of benefit in making you look more fresh and youthful through a sequence of actions that are planned and executed properly.

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Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974. He is a famous American-Iran entrepreneur. Pishevar immigrated to the US while he was still a young boy. He was born in Tehran, Iran. He was partly raised in Iran. His parents were Abraham Pishevar, and his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked as a radio and television executive manager in a local media station in Tehran, Iran. However, his stay in Tehran was short-lived as he was forced to migrate to the US. His name was placed on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. This shocked Abraham. Together with his colleagues, they were accused of broadcasting information that assisted Iranians to leave Iran to other foreign nations.

Abraham thought of a plan and relocated to the US. When he got to the States, he worked as a cab driver. He used to operate in Silver Spring, Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham was joined by his family in the United States. You can only imagine his joy when he got to meet his family. Before he relocated to the US, Abraham had already pursued a masters in Mass Communication. Abraham continued to work as a cab driver and managed to join the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

Shervin Pishevar was a genius at a very young age. He got the opportunity to join Montgomery Blair High School. The institution was a math and science magnet school. Shervin Pishevar outshined all other students when he campaigned and won the elections to be a member of the Montgomery Blair high school education board.

While still a board member, Shervin Pishevar proposed a $10 levy that was to be paid by the taxpayers in the county. He proposed that the funds be injected into the school’s mechanics and woodworking classes. He was so smart that he even started scientific research on Megainin peptides. At one time Shervin Pishevar received a Presidential Fellowship so he could further his studies. Shervin Pishevar was awarded an Ellis Island medal of honour in years 2015 and 2016. He was also appointed by former US President Barrack Obama to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship board.

Alex Pall’s Interview – He’s One-Half Of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is currently one of the most popular music groups across the United States of America. Consisting of just two members – Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall – The Chainsmokers have landed their unique mixture of popular and electronic dance music has managed to breach the ranks of the United States Billboard Hot 100 list several times, including the songs “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Closer,” the latter-most of which became number one on the list.

Though the duo is relatively new – Pall and Taggart joined musical forces with one another in New York City just six years ago – its hottest hit, “Closer,” featuring one of the most popular pop music stars in the industry in Halsey, has reached a whopping two billion views on YouTube, an accomplishment very few artists or content creators have managed to surpass, let alone reach with an equal count of two billion views, across the entirety of YouTube’s history.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s unique process of making songs involves the two creating just about everything except for the vocals heard – Taggart does sing on at least half of most of The Chainsmokers’ songs – is the fuel for the duo’s chart-topping musical successes throughout the past few years.

It’s interview time with Alex Pall

In 2016, Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine for an in-depth interview that is known by many music industry critics as both one of the most genuine and entertaining Mr. Pall has ever given.

Since Pall’s adolescent years, he maneuvered his way around New York City’s nightlife scene and performed countless sets as a disk jockey for amateur-level parties. Though Pall was then involved in his professional career in the field he would have chosen if not for The Chainsmokers’ resounding success, he soon quit after Taggart relocated from Maine to NYC.

Me. Pall also expressed that he felt his knack for narrowing down the average listener of The Chainsmokers honed thanks to Instagram – listeners hail from South Africa to Southeast Asia.

Michael Burwell Stresses Accountability

Michael Burwell took over as chief financial officer at Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a risk management and assurance firm dedicated to helping clients around the world achieve their goals. The new CFO assumed his position in October of last year. He replaces Roger Millar.

Burwell is optimistic about the outlook of the company. He cited a culture of strong leadership and dedication to clients as the factors that drive him in his new position. 31 years of professional experience as a member of sales forces and as a member of executive boards give him strong qualifications to fulfill the role.

As the new chief financial officer, Burwell wants to make sure that his company asks the right questions. As someone who is at the top, he also believes in leading by example. People in executive positions must provide the example for corporate culture. A good CFO must do all of this while meeting the challenges of a constantly evolving business environment. One slight change to the market can affect many of the company’s clients across the board. A good executive officer of any type must also hold himself and others accountable. If he fails to hold himself accountable, the members of the board and the stock holders will do it for him.  Go Here to learn more.

The new executive began his career shortly after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree as a certified public accountant. Mathematical skill and a talent for management caused him to move up the corporate ladder quickly.

John Haley, Willis Tower Watson’s CEO welcomed his new executive to the board. In the same interview he stated that it was an exciting time for his company. Haley did not say exactly what made it an exciting time in his company’s evolution, but he believes that Burwell can face the challenges of his new position, regardless of what those challenges might be.

Willis Towers Watson opened its doors in 1828 and now has over 40,000 employees. It currently operates in 140 countries around the globe. Willis Towers Watson remains committed to promoting diversity among its clients and its employees.


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Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Labs Pave The Way For Molecular Cancer Research

A leading based research company, Tempus Labs, in Chicago Il, is attempting to simplify the tough decisions that doctors must make when deciding what treatment is best for new cancer and Alzheimer’ patients. By collecting molecular DNA/RNA data in one secure location. Doctors all across the nation would be able to tap into this diverse collection of data and be able to make more informed and precise decisions when constructing treatments for new patients. Having this vast array of data at a doctor’s fingers within seconds, would allow him or her to develop a more personalized treatment that is better designed to save the life of the patient.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky, a successful businessman and entrepreneur had the realization that there was better research on product deliver than there was on cancer research. In 2015 Eric Co-founded Tempus Labs. Eric had the insight of what was needed in order to successfully aid doctors across the nation in cancer treatment.

Co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, along with a professional staff that is dedicated to developing molecular data base that will have a global impact on combatting cancer and saving lives. Eric and his amazing staff of doctors, mathematicians, and computational biologist believe that doctors should be provided with the latest and greatest data that can be collected in aiding them in their tough decisions that they must make daily to save the lives of their patients. Eric and his staff or aware that the mortality rates in cancer are still quiet high but are working tirelessly to compile as much molecular data as they can to aid doctors on a global scale. The professionally trained staff of Tempus is hoping that through their collection of molecular data they can help reduce the mortality rates by providing doctors with real time data.

Tempus has partnered with some of the leading academic institutions across the nation and is striving to increase its partnership with all National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive Cancer centers. Having these comprehensive centers send their patients to Tempus for genomic sequencing could possible provide the data and research necessary to help reduce or eliminate cancer.

Realizing the desperate need for more research and data, Tempus Labs and its staff have become a leader in the world of fighting cancer.

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Stream Energy: How To Make A Difference

Stream Energy is a company that is making a positive difference in the United States. Though they are located in Texas, their reach extends among the states through partnerships. Stream Energy has been in business for more than ten years and has earned billions in energy sales. The company is well known for its superb customer service as well as its generosity to the community. Stream is one of the best companies in the state of Texas. In fact, the generosity score of the state has increased because of how much Stream gives back to its communities. Stream Energy created its own philanthropic organization. Stream Cares is the helping hand to the community as well as a partner for other businesses. Natural disasters and homelessness are no match for Stream Energy. The company is in a winning battle against these forces on a daily basis. Homelessness has increased in the state by 24 percent. Stream used that as fuel to create a positive experience for the people dealing with this dire circumstance. That is when they utilized their partnership with the Hope Supply Co. The Hope Supply Co. has been a partner with Stream for more than five years. They co-sponsored an event that gave homeless children the ability to enjoy a full day of fun at the local waterpark. It took pressure off of their parents by letting them know that they have a helping hand that can ensure that their children don’t miss out on an experience just because of their circumstance. Stream paid for over 1,000 homeless children to have this once in a lifetime experience. Stream has also been part of the front line response to natural disaster. Hurricanes and tornadoes can wreak havoc on a neighborhood. Having a company like Stream to support the recovery efforts changes the perspective that individuals have to depend on themselves all the time. For example, in 2016, on the day after Christmas, a number or tornadoes ruined parts of North Texas. Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to raise money to rebuild the businesses and homes that were lost. It was a godsend at the right time.

The Qualities That Make Up The Successful Tony Petrello

Professional Tony Petrello is unique in every sense of the word. Also, if we look at how incredibly successful his career is, we start to wonder if his uniqueness has played a part in how prosperous he has been throughout the course of his entire career. In addition to this, it is also hard to not look into the qualities that have made him such a prominent businessman. In other words, there is surely a large following of professionals who are constantly studying, observing, and taking notes on how exactly Tony Petrello has earned such a distinguished role in business industry. That being said, Tony Petrello is also learning more an more as the years go by. As evidenced by his consistently profitable years of experience, and most notable is contributions to the drilling company Nabors, Tony Petrello is always looking for new and improved methods of making money. That is not to say that Tony is only thinking of ways to make money but, put in other words, Tony is always evolving as a renowned expert in business industry. Now that we are more familiar with Tony and his career, here is more of the qualities that make up his success.

Tony & His Unique American Dream

Everyone has their own version of the American dream but, as we have mentioned before, Tony Petrello’s version of the American dream is as unique as him. In an article on Tony and his good successful qualities, we are made known of just what exactly has contributed to his success. First off, we need to once again establish the fact that his qualities are unique to him. Now, as explained in the article, Tony Petrello’s success has been the direct result of a drive to incorporate math, law, business, and charity to his everyday life. If those are not considered unique qualities, what are considered unique qualities? Regardless of what have been the leading factors of his successful career, we simply can not deny the fact that they have not worked for him. No matter where we look into his career, we find that Tony has done a great job at using these qualities to motivate his success. Furthermore, it shows us how fascinating the life of Tony. Apart from being one of the best business professionals around, this shows us that Tony is as unique as an everyday average Joe.

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