A Look At Some Of The Tours Clayton Hutson Has Worked On

Clayton Huston is a professional in the music industry. He owns his own company and provides artists with live entertainment solutions. He has worked in various capacities in the industry including as a sound engineer and project manager. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre design.

When Clayton Huston started his professional career he started out in corporate entertainment. This led to his working on Billy Graham’s national tours for a number of years. He was able to make the switch to his true passion, though, which is rock’n’roll. He has handled the details of a large number of live tours over the years with various musicians. He has worked with many of the most well-known people in the industry such as Guns’n’Roses, Pink, Garbage, and Kid Rock among others.

DiGiCo introduced their SD11 console in June 2011. Clayton Hudson was the first person in the industry to get this console and use it on a tour. The concerts were put on by Aaron Lewis, the founder of Staind and its frontman. The concerts were held in casinos, honky-tonks, and churches across the nation. Clayton Hudson also used the SD11 when Aaron Lewis was the opening act at 50,000 seat arenas and festivals.

Clayton Hudson said he had also owned the very first D5 that DiGiCo had released. He said that it was hand-built and he used it when handling a tour for Marilyn Manson. He said that Manson is really volatile so he knew he was taking a big risk using the D5 but the bet paid off because the sound was amazing. He has continued to prefer to use DiGiCo equipment ever since.

Another tour that Clayton Hutson worked on was the 2017 Honda Civic tour put on by OneRepublic. He was the automation operator for this national tour. This tour used Ver’s automated rigging. Automation is used to enhance the safety of the set. Automation was also used on this tour to move trusses at variable speeds depending on what was needed at any particular time during these concerts.

This tour also used a Kenesys Elevation 1+ syste. The best part about this system is that you don’t have to have a big supply of cabling making it what’s called a “clean production”. Clayton Hutson said that the Kenesys system is amazing because it’s so precise and repeatable. He said that he was able to “thread the needle” because the system executed perfectly. Learn more:  https://www.ver.com/featured_work/onerepublic-honda-civic-2017-tour/