Adam Goldenberg The Fashion Entrepreneur

About Adam

Adam Goldenberg is a 36 years old co-founder and co-CEO of the Justfab Inc. In 1997, his interest was on technology where he founded Gamers Alliance Inc. He later sold it to Intermix Media Inc in April 1999. He has had a couple of affiliations with various companies within the years. The companies include; Cross Cut Ventures Management, Brent wood cosmetics, Alena and Intermix Media. He currently serves as a director of Club W. Inc.

Adam and Don Ressler had been working for a tech company for some years. This was until they decided to quit and opted to venture into something else. They founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006. It was a derma store which mainly focused on skin care products and cosmetics. is also one of their products which was a subscription-based service that features monthly showrooms for fashion and design. This company generates $500 million in revenue yearly.

Four years later, they launched Justfab Inc, which became global within a few years of operation. The main reason for founding it was to change how people shop by delivering the on-trend fashion to them at an affordable price. The company substantially transformed into a brand-building platform. Shawn Gold, a marketing officer, came up with the Tech Style Fashion name to replace Justfab. He did this to increase the market sale of the company, which in turn rose considerably.

The new name was meant to reflect the company’s root in digital commerce and technology. It began as a single firm and currently has multiple brands that are; Shoe Dazzle, Fabkids, and Fabletics. The changes that were made in the company gave back a positive feedback. The margins rose significantly, and it’s on track to reach $650 million yearly.

In 2013, Adam and Don launched Fabletics where they worked with Kate Hudson who is an actress, style icon, and a mother. This idea was prompted when they saw an opportunity gap. There were plenty of luxury brands, but neither offered high-quality gear that is affordable. Fabletics created clothes that are comfortable, cute, functional and affordable for the modern active women. Within two years, the product goes brick and mortar with six United States retail locations. It became the winning active wear and is currently spreading widely to many other states. These companies are now making millions all around the world and are favored by most people.