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When it comes to our homes, we take pride in them. We were very excited to buy it, the looks on our family’s faces were priceless. Whether we are still enthused about its current designs or looking to upgrade it with a new improved design, we must always properly maintain our homes.

For the sake of curb appeal – keeping you and your family’s dignity alive, while adding to the nice look of the neighborhood; or the sake of energy efficiency – to spend less on heating and cooling cost and spending more on family vacations; or even for the sake of comfort – keeping those outside various weather conditions (winds, cold air, heat, water, etc.) on the outside so that these unwanted conditions don’t spoil the conditions on the inside of the home, an home improvement service on your roof, gutters and/or siding by expert technicians with good reputation can definitely, with sufficiency, work their hard-earned magic to ensure that your needs and wants in such home improvement manners are adequately met, leaving you and your family with smiles!

Aloha Construction is your local Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and surrounding area’s quality family-owned roofing, siding and gutter contractor. With the area’s leading expert technicians with the most advanced training and experience behind them, customers are in for exceptional occurrences with Aloha Construction, as it is repetitively recognized not only through contracts, but through the many positive public 5-star reviews. Roofing, siding and gutter variety are extensively made available for choice to best match your home, style and preference.

Expect roof replacement shingle materials to be available in the following: asphalt, cedar, shake, metal or clay. As it is a duty of the highly reviewed technicians of Aloha Construction, any and all questions that you should have referencing the performances of any one of the listed materials, it would be more than a pleasure to explain each material in full easy to understand details. Siding repairs and replacement materials are available in a variety as well – vinyl, fiber cement, hardee board, face brick, wood and aluminum. If there is for some reason a material that isn’t listed, please ask us about it. We just may have exactly what you are looking for.

Gutter replacements comes in both k-style and omni-style. Customers will be able to choose between oversized and regular sized gutter guards. The gutter system options will sufficiently ensure that water is adequately channeled away from the base of your home to prevent ground erosion, mold, mildew and wet basements. Give us a call today for a quote! Aloha Construction is here to attend to your every roofing, siding and gutter need at your Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and surrounding areas’ home. Please do give us a ring or visit our website, today.

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