Alternive Financing for your Business with Equities First Holdings

Businesses all over the world struggle to get financing. One way or the other there are always solutions to be attained. But in the financial industry what financing can you obtain as a high network individual looking to expand and grow?

Equities First Holdings is focused on doing just that. Providing unconventional methods to help businesses, alternative investment strategies. What they do is provide stock-based loans that are unsecured, that way you aren’t restricted if your business credit doesn’t allow you to get conventional financing from a bank. You can quickly glance over to their website at and take a look at their first class team that expands all over the globe. Click here to know more.

From the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. You can obtain their stock-based loans to fulfill and help your business expand for the challenges it needs to overcome. They will evaluate and provide the loans based on how the stocks, treasuries, and bonds are currently holding in the market. That way if interest rates fall you can be secured that you know how actively the markets are moving based on real world live analysis. They specialize in providing high loan to value solutions at low fixed rates because of their securities based funding.

With Equities First Holding currently celebrating their 15 year anniversary of success no one can deny that their success is to show for with their stellar track record. With over the 700 clients under their portfolio you can be assured that you are being well taken care for.