Amicus Therapeutics the Best Chance against Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a global company, based in New Jersey. It was founded in 2002 to combat and treat rare diseases through therapies and medicines. The company, which is a biopharmaceutical company, went public in 2007, with the trading symbol FOLD, thanks to three venture capital businesses. These corporations are Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, and New Enterprise Associates. They used these funds to get an IPO for public trading in the stock exchange market.

The company has eight board of directors who oversee operations in Amicus Therapeutics Incorporated. The company’s primary objective is to focus on discovery, development and commercialization of orally administered drugs for the treatment of human genetic diseases that are orphaned and rare. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

The Role of Amicus Therapeutics in the Scientific Community

The company has worked on three orphaned diseases successfully, the Fabry, Gaucher and the Pompe diseases. The Fabry and Gaucher disease was a development program that would treat millions worldwide because of the intensity of its symptoms and its chronic nature. Through these programs, Amicus Therapeutics found Amigal and AT2101 products to treat Fabry and Gaucher. They also developed AT2220 for Pompe disease. These products after approval racked up sales of up to 1.3 billion dollars in 2005.


Amicus Therapeutics Incorporated later fell into a financial setback in late 2009, but in 2010 it received financial grants from Michael J. Fox Foundation and Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. These treatments and therapies have helped save lives and have contributed to the success of the company entrepreneurially.

The Success of Amicus Therapeutics

The Amicus Therapeutics Inc. has been working with the rare disease community to bring initiatives that give purpose and empowerment to these members. The company has injected patient input into designs of clinical trials in therapy programs and actively participated in various events to educate, enlighten them of these rare diseases and advocate on behalf of all their patients. Know more about Amicus Therapeutics on