Arthur Becker Blends Art and Real Estate in Fascinating Career

For the past several years there has been a quiet money man behind the scenes working on some of the biggest real estate deals in New York. His name is Arthur Becker and he has worked alongside Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney as well as the crew at Madison Equities. Becker made his fortune as a tech investor and stockbroker in the early 2000’s and now he is making the big move into working his own solo projects in real estate. Arthur Becker recently purchased 465 Washington Street in the Tribecca neighborhood of Manhattan. His goal? Turn the building into a luxury condo with an eye on luxury.

Jumping to the front of the building after working as a silent money man can be a difficult task for even the hardest of businessmen. However, Arthur Becker has a deep and varied history of making risky investments and having them pay off handsomely throughout his career. In fact, we’d say that Becker has one of the more interesting career paths that we’ve ever seen. He’s done just about everything that you can think of and then some, blending his thrill for art with his on-the-nose ability to identify promising projects for future investments.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker’s more notable investments include a custom pair of binoculars called the Bnox. These didn’t quite pan out, Becker hypothesizes that users didn’t like how the focus knob handled. He also invested heavily into ancient currencies from Cameroon and Nigeria. The reason? He spent so much time working with money that it was interesting to go back in time, metaphorically, in order to see the importance of it from another culture’s perspective. Becker’s even created his own artwork out of currency, creating special origami sculptures that he sells to people on Wall Street among other players.

According to The Real Deal, what makes Arthur Becker most interesting from our perspective is his absolute adoration of the arts and how he allows it to infuse his real estate work space. If you went to Arthur Becker’s real estate office in Tribecca then you would see that it is a hybrid area – 1/2 real estate and 1/2 art studio. With that kind of work ethic and innovative thinking, how could he fail?

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