Eric Lefkofsky, the fight against cancer crusader

Health care costs have been on the increase in the U.S. An extra $933 billion in 2013 was spent on health care compared to 1996. This has been attributed to the increase in charges on patients’ care. The growth in the general population, as well as aging, has increased health care spending.

Researchers are now focused on breaking down the spending by disease, and the different factors that lead to an increase in disease prevalence. Diabetes recorded highest increase in annual health care spending. Most of the spending was on pharmaceuticals.

Lower back pains, as well as neck pains, followed second in the list. The amount of money spent on taking care of these ailments increased per annum as much as the prevalence remained the same. An increase of 8.5% was recorded in inpatient care annually.

Annual spending on inpatient services increased from $258 billion to a whopping $697 billion. This was despite the efforts made to reduce that amount by $201 billion. The increase in spending was ironic since patients recorded shorter stays in hospitals. Spending went up even though hospitals provided all the necessary care in fewer days. High drug prices have been justified by having to create savings through prevention of hospitalizations. This has not been convincing enough since health care spending keeps increasing.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. The company’s focus is to come up with technological advancements to fight cancer. Lefkofsky and his wife are renowned philanthropists to causes that are aimed at cancer research. Last year they donated about $3 million to various research institutes that are aimed towards fighting cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This charitable foundation aims at positively impacting the lives of the communities that they serve. He serves at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the World Business Chicago as a Trustee. Lefkofsky also serves as a professor at the University of Chicago. He is also a writer, he authored the book Accelerated Disruption. Lefkofsky studied at the University of Michigan’s school of law and got his Juris Doctor.

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How Omar Yunes is Changing the Outlook in Mexico

After visiting Japan and seeing how they loved their sushi, Omar Yunes wanted to bring the same thing to Mexico. He thought it would be a great idea to have a sushi chain like they had in Japan because it was a way for him to try and help other people. As an entrepreneur Omar Yunes knew things would continue to get better for himself while he was working to make things easier for the people of Mexico. He also knew people wanted different type of food so he did what he could to make sure he was actually giving them what they were looking for.

Since Omar Yunes was an entrepreneur to start with, he knew he would have a chance to actually make a difference in the food scene in Mexico City. It was part of who he was so he chose to commit himself to the process of making the best Sushi Itto franchise possible. The idea that Omar Yunes was going to actually make a big difference for the people who were in Mexico City was also something that motivated him to keep doing what he could on his own with the restaurant.

Now that Sushi Itto is extremely successful, Omar Yunes knows he can keep doing the same thing. He has found a business that he likes so he can stick to it. He also knows things will keep getting better as long as he is working hard on his restaurant. He has tried his best to make things better for the people who are in the same part of Mexico City as him so they will have a chance to try Sushi Itto.

Another thing Omar Yunes did with Sushi Itto was winning an entrepreneur of the year award. This award is given out to the best entrepreneurs in different categories for going above and beyond what a normal entrepreneur would do. It is for franchisers mostly which is what made it easy for Omar Yunes to win the award. Since he was great at owning his own franchise. He knew just what it took.

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Easy To Give Just Not Easy To Have

The Pressures Of A Real Billionaire

You know the popular saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Here’s $18 billion given to the Open Society foundation by George Soros.

As attractive and as desirable as a billion dollars is, having this money may be the wrong thing for you. Maybe, you should have a million dollars to your name. What’s most important is that you know the work of having either in cash.

The ownership of $1 billion is an option for you like it was for George Soros.

First learn about what men like George have done.

George took the same steps we often hear of from our most successful in society. A bit of determination brought George’s financial life to a positive close also. What this young man didn’t account for at the start were the pressures to come.

People will find out that you’re worth more than millions. They’ll soon find out that you have power and prestige. The pressures of having a billion are then heighten as there’s a potential to lose it all. These potential woes can be disturbing if you don’t take the advice of George Soros.

That advice is to first acknowledge the obstacle. Only then will you be fit to deal with them.

The Small Guilt Soros Felt During Success

One of the pressures felt by George Soros was from his own success. This was a sense of guilt. The biggest trade under George Soros’ career was during the 1990s when he betted against the British bank. The gamble George had made earned him over a billion dollars in one day of work.

George didn’t expect what the challenges of being a billionaire were at that time. What he discovered was a sense of guilt and for having beating the Bank of England in the process. The situation is unusual to say the least, but what he later experienced was part of the entire life that wealth enabled.

George Soros would never be discouraged again.

Ambition Greater Than You Can Possible Know

To counteract the unexpected, George Soros tapped into his deeper ambition. A billion dollars in success requires one type of ambition while maintenance requires another. His ambition enabled his mind to adjust to the pressures of wealth and to come out successful when it was done.

This is the legacy of George Soros and a perspective on what we can surely call financial destiny. and Follow him

Omar Yunes Promoting Franchise-Franchisee Relationship

In the recent Best Franchisee of the Word (BFW) contest held in Florence, Italy Omar Yunes of the Sushi Itto franchisee was named the Best Franchisee in the world. The Mexican emerged the winner of the award in the decorated event because of his contributions to the growth and success of the Japanese food chain. The event was graced by businessmen from 34 countries all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Hungary, France, and Italy.

In the event, individual franchisees were evaluated on the basis of their contribution to the network. Some features that were looked into included the influence of a brand on the network, employee motivation, and improvement proposed by members to the model. Omar won the prize because of because of his contributions to the franchise-franchisee relationship. He manages information and executes the control panels properly for proper management of each of his units.

Mr. Yunes interest in the food business emerged while he was young. At the age of 21 years, Omar Yunes signed up and started being a franchisee of the Japanese food chain. He currently owns 13 franchised units situated in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. His 23 units are equal to 10% of the total units owned by the brand which operates more than 90 brands in Mexico. He has employed more than 400 employees in the units. The second position on the contest went to Ivan Tamer of the Prendamex franchisee also from Mexico. Mr. Talmer not only provided but also implemented useful tools for maintaining an appropriate marketing system.

After the wards, Omar Yunes acknowledged that the prize was a clear indication of the hard work and efforts put forward by the executive staff and employees of the Sushi Itto brand. His units offer customers outstanding services and excellent unique hospitality. Omar believes that motivating the employees is key to ensure the business succeeds. He, therefore, awards his employees with gifts, promotions, and sometimes money to motivate them. Omar Yunes is an active entrepreneur in the food industry. His prominence is also owed to the fact that his family members are involved in politics.

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New Data Platform Assisting Care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The time spent searching long hours for critical cancer care information and treatment details has just gotten easier for staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They have access to a combined service clinical information and resource data site to speed this process up dramatically. More time will be available for the actual physical care that these cancer patients desperately need. This amazing clinical platform pathway is one more innovative tool available to CTCA and related cancer care advocates and researchers. Patients can use the informative system to stay informed of their personal cancer treatment. This organization had merged talents with Nanthealth and Allscripts.

Now, this comprehensive compilation of data is breaking new barriers in cancer care. Computers and high technological processes are aiding human cancer specialists to better fight each variety of cancer attacks. Supportive services give families of cancer patients and the patients being treated a safe place to let loose of troubling concerns and questions. Therapists, social workers, nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses and other supportive staff are available to assist the patients and supporting families throughout this tough process. Cancer Treatment Centers of America specialize in true holistic care. Every area within each patient’s unique life is assessed and supported with appropriate services and other aid.

The dedicated organization doesn’t want to have the heartbreaking task of turning away cancer patients. They strive to hasten their care, support research endeavors and organize and participate in cancer care fund raisers. There are staff members responsible for educating patients, family members and even the public about cancer statistics, treatment options and new developments as they arise. Soon, they hope to be beyond the reach of cancer deaths. Survival from many cancers is increasing on a daily basis. Remissions are getting longer too. The caring group remains steadfast and hopeful.

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Talos Energy Breaking New Grounds in Mexico

With so many different things going on in the world, it’s really hard to keep up. From evolutionary advances in technology and science to new developments abroad, something new is happening all of the time. In some cases, a country may be backing up by implementing legislation that leverages the playing field for others abroad. In fact, this may be the case when you consider the leeway that has just be given to Talos Energy. Though a private entity, this energy company in Mexico has just been given the right to drill a new well in Mexico waters. While these rights were previously given to government agencies within the country only to accommodate their interest, these laws have now changed to bring foreign competitors back into this industry.

The results of these changes are being watched near and far since Talos Energy can make a load of money. Talos Energy is not going in alone, however, since it is a joint venture that includes Mexico Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil Plc (presently a London based company). One of the top reasons why this venture is so notable is because this launch is currently breaking up a long stretch of state-run monopolies that were taken over by Petroleos Mexicanos. This time can be traced back to 1938, which is linked to the countries nationalized oil industry.

To get started with these oil wells, the rights were given to these 3 companies as a solid venture in the year 2015. Therefore, this is the timing in which these companies are following through. One of the main reasons why these companies are the first after a long stretch of state controlled wells is that they won the bidding.

This is also the ideal time for private companies to take these opportunities because this venture is a significant part of the nation’s reform. As an added point of interest for anyone who is following this venture from start to end, it is important to note that the 3 companies have a certain stake in interest that ranges from 25% to 40%. With the highest percentage going to Sierra (40%) and the lowest interest in this venture going to the Premier (25%).

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Cassio Audi Develops His Career After Early Hard Rock Success

The success of the Brazilian heavy metal scene has been one of the longest lasting in the world where the success of homegrown and international bands has continued across decades while the genre has ebbed and flowed in popularity across much of the planet. The history of Brazilian heavy metal began in earnest in the middle of the 1980s as the boom in creativity seen in Brazil following the end of the military junta in the nation in the late 1970s hit teenagers including Cassio Audi as a new way of expressing themselves in a musical sense. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

Cassio Audi embraced the heavy metal genre in the 1980s when he took his hobby of drumming into a musical career with the heavy metal band, Viper. Joining Viper meant Audi had been the drummer with three different heavy metal bands in his short life and allowed the teenager to hone his musical skills which would be unleashed on the public in 1985 when Viper made their stage and home recording debut; Audi first came to the attention of a Brazilian public hungry for the best in heavy metal with the release of two demo recordings known as “The Killera Sword”. Read this article at

The short career of Cassio Audi in terms of his heavy metal drumming came to an end in 1989 when he decided to leave his role with Viper and instead explore the financial markets. Before leaving Viper the drumming skills of Cassio Audi were praised by both fans and critics who were amazed to discover Cassio Audi and his bandmates were all teenagers at the time of the recording of “Theatre of Fate”. The influence of British heavy metal is clear to see on the album and shows the hard work and abilities Cassio Audi later took to his role as an investment specialist.



Anthony Petrello’s Philanthropic Acts

The name Anthony Petrello is common in most American households even though he doesn’t feature in televisions as politicians do. He is among the most selfless CEOs and full of generous acts. Anthony was not born rich neither were his parents wealthy. Struggle and hard work characterized his early life as he tried to make it to the top. Anthony grew up in Newark in a neighborhood where hard work was appreciated by all; this environment instilled the culture of respect to employment in Anthony.

Anthony believes that life is a miracle and his eight years old daughter, Carena is a miracle to him and his wife, Cynthia. Carena was born prematurely at 24 weeks, and the story got worse when the doctor diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia. Anthony is the CEO of the largest oil company and gas drilling company in the US, and again he is among the well-paid CEOs in the country.

Carena’s condition has made Anthony extend a helping hand to Texas children hospital which is just in his neighborhood. In 2007 Mr. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia contributed $50 million to facilitate the creation of Jan Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute in Texas children hospital. The couple had earlier in 2006 donated $7 million to enable research on the cause of the neurological disorder. They hope that children with periventricular leukomalacia will be able to live a good life just like any other child.

The challenge of finding treatment for Carena gave Anthony and Cynthia the ability to face challenges with a winning mentality. Anthony has also used lots of his dollars in charitable organizations across America.

Anthony Petrello was a keen student; he got his first degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Yale University, he went ahead and graduated with Masters of Science in Mathematics from the same university. His other degree in Juris Doctor is from Harvard University.

Anthony Petrello started career at Baker and McKenzie a law firm that its focus was on taxation, general corporate laws, and international arbitration. He worked for the company for 12 seven years and left when he was the managing partner in 1991. When he resigned from that group, he moved to Nabors Industries where he has worked up to date. Anthony went up the ladder in Nabors Industries since 1991 and became the CEO.

Anthony Petrello believes that his success is not entirely his effort but a combination of hard work and support from his wife Cynthia and colleagues.

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Amicus Therapeutics the Best Chance against Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a global company, based in New Jersey. It was founded in 2002 to combat and treat rare diseases through therapies and medicines. The company, which is a biopharmaceutical company, went public in 2007, with the trading symbol FOLD, thanks to three venture capital businesses. These corporations are Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, and New Enterprise Associates. They used these funds to get an IPO for public trading in the stock exchange market.

The company has eight board of directors who oversee operations in Amicus Therapeutics Incorporated. The company’s primary objective is to focus on discovery, development and commercialization of orally administered drugs for the treatment of human genetic diseases that are orphaned and rare. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

The Role of Amicus Therapeutics in the Scientific Community

The company has worked on three orphaned diseases successfully, the Fabry, Gaucher and the Pompe diseases. The Fabry and Gaucher disease was a development program that would treat millions worldwide because of the intensity of its symptoms and its chronic nature. Through these programs, Amicus Therapeutics found Amigal and AT2101 products to treat Fabry and Gaucher. They also developed AT2220 for Pompe disease. These products after approval racked up sales of up to 1.3 billion dollars in 2005.


Amicus Therapeutics Incorporated later fell into a financial setback in late 2009, but in 2010 it received financial grants from Michael J. Fox Foundation and Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. These treatments and therapies have helped save lives and have contributed to the success of the company entrepreneurially.

The Success of Amicus Therapeutics

The Amicus Therapeutics Inc. has been working with the rare disease community to bring initiatives that give purpose and empowerment to these members. The company has injected patient input into designs of clinical trials in therapy programs and actively participated in various events to educate, enlighten them of these rare diseases and advocate on behalf of all their patients. Know more about Amicus Therapeutics on

Dallas Women Foundation gets a Sponsor for the 2017 Annual Luncheon

NexBank, a popular financial institution headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently announced that they are sponsoring the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women Foundation. The sponsorship deal is worth $100,000, and it confirms the bank’s commitment to advancing economic security for women. Dallas Women’s Foundation organizes this luncheon on a yearly basis, and thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs often attend the event.

The foundation is one of the most prominent women’s funds in the globe and has achieved great success. Dallas Women’s Foundation is a committed leader in fostering positive economic advancements for women and even girls.

The 2017 edition of the annual event took place on the 20th of October at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Hope Jahren, a renowned scientist, and celebrated author delivered the keynote address. Dr. Jahren is among the top 100 Influential personalities in the world according to TIME Magazine. Schools across North Texas got a chance to listen to the keynote address by live streaming. More than 20 schools participated and watched the speech with an estimated ten thousand students also taking part.

NexBank is a top-rated financial institution in Texas. Its charter dates back to 1922. It is the 8th largest bank in Texas and 179th in the United States. It has three branches and 87 employees. The bank has earned its place as a leader in the industry offering institutional services, commercial banking, mortgage banking and other financial services. Part of NexBank’s clientele includes institutional clients, other financial institutions, real estate developers and even large corporations. NexBank’s asset value as at June 2017 was $6.4 billion. The bank is part of NexBank Capital, Inc., which is a firm that majors in financial services. NexBank’s money market rates are triple the national average.

The bank has a robust workforce with the experience and expertise needed to provide financial services. James Dondero serves as the chairman of NexBank’s board of directors and has guided the bank to success because he understands the commercial market and also boasts a wealth of experience. He is also co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management.