Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman born in the year 1969. His entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated Southfield Lathrup High School in the year 1987. He went ahead and joined the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in the year 1991. He was passionate about education and learning that he receive the juris doctor in the year 1993. In college, he demonstrated a great deal of his ambition for entrepreneurship by selling carpets in the university. In 1993, Eric together with his friend bought a company called the Brandon Apparel.

Eric Lefkofsky ambition did not end there. In 1999, when internet was not as hyped as it is now, he started a company called the Starbelly. The company was mainly focused on promoting products on the internet. He later on started Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics and MediaBank. Moreover, some more of the companies that he has He has been the chief executive officer and founder include: Groupon, Lightbank and also Uptake. With the experiences, Lefkofsky continued to demonstrate his ambitions and skills.

Currently, Lefkofsky is the cofounder and the chief executive officer at Tempus, Inc. tempus was established with the aim of fighting off cancer and helping cancer patients towards their treatment and restoration of their health back. The company provides the physicians with genomic sequencing services which are crucial for understanding cancer and for coming up with excellent diagnosis and prognosis for their patients.

With the increasing number on cancer patients every day in the world, Lefkofsky realized the need for to bring up an organization that would help physicians in dealing with this deadly disease. Tempus therefore provides medics with information necessary for patients with cancer. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and information which helps physicians in treating their patients given that they already have adequate information on the disease.

Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. He, together with his wife Elizabeth established the Lefkofsky Foundation a charity organization in the year 2006. The organization has its focus mainly on children and funds organizations that are keen in supporting scientific and charity. This charity organization is meant to help children and other individuals struggling in different parts of the world.

Additionally, having in the business for a long time, Lefkofsky is passionate about education and the sharing of knowledge from one person to another. He has since taken up a career in teaching business schools, passing his knowledge to students. he has taught at DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business where he teaches applied technology. His passion for education has been seen through his book Accelerated Disruption. In the book he teaches how technology plays a major role in business and how entrepreneurs can use it to their advantage.

Lefkofsky is a passionate entrepreneur whose experiences and ambitions continue being seen in all his endeavors.

A Glimpse into Class Dojo


When you are looking into giving your child the best education possible, it is very important that you remain aware and abreast of the different types of technology available. Classrooms all over are being revolutionized, due to the fact that technology has increased the level of interaction and engagement between parents, teachers and students. Class Dojo is an example of this, and a lot of schools, school systems and classrooms are taking it upon themselves to create a different type of culture in educational settings all over.

With this in mind, read below to learn a little bit more about Class Dojo and what they have to offer.

What exactly is Class Dojo?

This is a software and app based platform that increases the amount of communication throughout a classroom setting. Because this software package is used in 90% of United States classrooms ranging through kindergarten and eighth grade, chances are high that your youngster will be using it sooner than later. This software increases communication, supplements lessons with additional training, photos and videos and keeps parents abreast of classroom happenings and development.

It also doubles as a small social media platform of sorts, as all of the students are able to leave comments on the platform and develop friendships and working relationships with each other throughout the course of the school year. This software allows classes to develop memories and moments throughout the school year that can last a lifetime.

A lot of schools are beginning to embrace Class Dojo, due to the fact that it provide students a voice to express themselves and keeps parents aware of what their student does every day when they go to school. This enhances a positive culture of learning that will carry a student far as they progress through their educational career.


Equities First Holdings: The Global Leader In Securities-Based Lending

Equities First Holdings, LLC has shown a continued commitment to customers by relocating their Melbourne offices to a new, more accessible location in the heart of Melbourne. According to Mitchell Hopwood, the Managing Director for Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, the US-based business has continued to experience growth in the Australian market, and relocating the Melbourne office provides space not only for current clients and staff, but also allows the firm room to grow in the future.

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a private equity company that specializes in lending non-purpose, stock-based capital for both businesses and high net-worth individuals. Lending is based on an assessment of the risk and potential future performance of securities. Since their inception in 2002, EFH has completed over 700 transactions totaling well over $1 billion.

One of the advantages of security-based lending is that most loans are non-recourse, providing a solid option for qualified investors looking for capital to help achieve personal or business-related goals. Loans are secured with shares traded on public exchanges around the world. The loans are also unrestricted, so the capital can be used for any purposes the investor deems fit, allowing for far greater flexibility than many other loan options. Due to the nature of this type of lending, clients are able to run each operation on a deal-by-deal basis. Loans are straightforward and can be tailored to meet the unique and varied needs of both individuals and businesses. By leveraging their securities and shares, clients can receive funds at a much lower cost than more traditional loans, making capital borrowed from Equities First Holdings an appealing option for both the savvy individual and businessman.

Getting to Know about Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Allscripts, NantHealth as well as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have come together to implement a solution that allows the Nantealth clinical decision support solution known as eviti to gain access to the workflow in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The amalgamation is expected to help the clinical pathways program to inform about the cancer treatment process without having to interrupt the physical clinical workflow. The clinical operating system was established with the participation of many oncologists from all over the country. It is composed of a collection of the evolving cancer care data.

The Clinical Pathway is designed with the patients in mind. It has the most recent cancer research, treatment regimens as well as complementary therapies. All this are integrated into the Allscripts Sunrise, therefore, giving the oncologists the ability to come up with a list of care protocols at the point of care. The planning of the project began in the year 2016. It has since had a lot of achievements among them improving the chemotherapy regimen selection and also bettering the quality of care that patients at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) receive.

The head office of CTCA is Boca Raton, Florida. CTCA is composed of five hospitals all of which serve the cancer patients throughout the US. It uses conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation as well as immunotherapy to treat cancer. CTCA is also committed to offering remedies to the side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, anxiety, and fatigue among others.

The very first hospital under Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started in the year 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. The inspiration for starting the hospital was drawn from his mother’s death. She died of cancer and Richard did not feel satisfied with the treatment that she received. The hospital was opened in Zion, Illinois. The four other hospitals were opened between the year 2005 and 2012.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Life Line Screenings is Looking Out for You

There are many ways that men can prevent medical conditions. Just by exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating well, many symptoms and problems can be avoided, but even then sometimes symptoms can arise. Many symptoms are often ignored or are somewhat unnoticeable. That is why screenings are so important and more information click here.

Getting plenty of exercise can boost the amount of dopamine levels in the brain, stimulate the thyroid gland, and can lessen blood pressure as well as reduce cholesterol in the blood. It will also promote the formation of new memories and can even improve social bonding.

Getting enough sleep such as seven hours a night, can be beneficial but getting too much sleep such as over ten hors can actually cause fatigue and affect the brain’s ability to function properly and learn more about Life Line Screening.

It’s important to mention symptoms to your doctor when you go, in order to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Even if it may seem like a minor thing, be sure to mention it anyway and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Life line Screenings can screen for many things and can even detect things such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and can help to evaluate the condition of the prostate gland. It’s important to get screened sooner than later because it is always easier to deal with ailments in their early stages rather than later on. Life Line Screenings are ideal for many things such as detecting vitamin D levels, finding your level of testosterone, examining the cholesterol level in the blood, and many other important things.

Life line Screenings are quick, simple, and non-invasive. The testing is conducted by capable, trained, and professional staff and the results are always kept confidential and Life Line Screening on Facebook.

Line Screenings are intended for getting their patients on the track to a healthy life and for finding anything, if it exists, before it worsens.

Yanni Hufnagel: America’s top-tier collegiate basketball coach

Yanni Hufnagel is a Jewish born New Yorker. Throughout his life, he has been obsessed with coaching basketball. As a little kid, he read every coaching book out there. He would then act out the plays he read about in the book, with basketball action figures. Hufnagel entered to sports world, by calling games in his hometown for the local public television station.

Yanni Hufnagel attended and graduated from Cornell University. He got his feet wet in basketball by becoming their basketball manager. He then received an opportunity to intern with the NBA’s New Jersey Nets. Upon graduation, the staff at the New Jersey Nets, put him in touch with Oklahoma’s basketball coach Jeff Capel. Coach Jeff Capel was hunting for a graduate assistant coach. Capel invited Yanni Hufnagel to Oklahoma for an interview and immediately offered him the position.

Yanni Hufnagel wrapped up his time with Oklahoma in 2009 and Coach Capel recommended Yanni for Harvard’s head coaching position. However, Harvard University appointed Yanni Hufnagel as the volunteer assistant coach and gave him an unpaid intern’s salary. Immediately, he took to the road to recruit the top players across the country.

America has become focused on Yanni Hufnagel’s success as a coach on basketball’s collegiate level. Many expect him to soon be able to pick his own job, whether it be as a head coach or an assistant coach. Yanni Hufnagel attended Oklahoma where he earned his Master’s Degree in Adult Higher Education.

Yanni Hufnagel has a long resume when it comes to coaching. He has worked with several top-notch schools across the country including: Cornell, Oklahoma, Harvard, Vanderbilt, California Berkeley and was just recently hired by Nevada. People applaud him for his skills as a recruiter. He manages to successfully sell his school’s program to the recruits he meets with.

Life Line Screening and the Significance of a Proactive Approach to Health Care

As per the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.6 million people perish every year within the United States. Almost seven out of ten of such deaths are caused by chronic diseases and most of them can be prevented. Even though death and disease are normally not avoided in life, modern medicine has provided us a wealth of knowledge and tools with which to resist the larger part of health issues experienced. Particularly, preventive healthcare entails blood tests, vascular tests, ultrasounds and proper treatment earliest possible.
Preventive care has its benefits. The proactive approach assists in avoiding more advance and costly issues later.

Life Line Screening thus provides preventive care services to inspect your body, evaluate your main body systems and closely monitor the signs of trouble. Taking a proactive duty in managing of health provides various benefits as illnesses and diseases can be identified early enough, usually, before you start showing symptoms. In some conditions, diseases can also be identified and stopped before they develop. Preventive screening likewise identifies numerous health risk issues, permitting you to make simple lifestyle alterations that may prevent or slow the development of particular health conditions. The proactive approach could also have a financial advantage which potentially saves dollars in medical expenses.

Life Line Screening is the biggest health service organization in the nation committed to screening patients for vascular associated illnesses. The company has presently screened more than eight million individuals and retains an array of certified board experts who check each ultrasound to come up with precise readings and results.

Life Line Screening provides services that go deeper than standard physical. They apply a unique algorithm that takes all patients suitability for screening into consideration. The facility also checks individuals who may not detect any symptoms but with various risk issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, family history and high cholesterol.

Life Line Screening provides a broad range of non-invasive testing methods to evaluate risk factors of every patient and their possibility of developing different cardiovascular methods. Such tests entail painless ultrasounds of the abdominal aorta and carotid arteries. The other is measuring of ankle brachial index enabling the specialist to verify whether a patient is suffering from the peripheral vascular disease.

Life Line Screening Social Media:

Omar Yunes: Successful Mexican Franchisee

Omar Yunes was awarded with the prestigious Best Franchisee of the World award. He managed to receive it in a competition held last December 5 in Florence, Italy. He is a franchisee of Sushi Itto and he has been given the award because of his contribution to his represented brand. He started franchising Sushi Itto at the age of 21, and the Japanese food chain has since grown into 13 different franchises scattered in three Mexican cities – in Ciudad de Mexico, in Puebla, and in Vera Cruz. The franchise that Omar Yunes owns represents 10% of the total units of the brand. Omar Yunes stated how happy he is about being recognized, but he said that the recognition should have been given to his 400 strong employees instead because they are the ones who helped made the franchise successful.


The event was attended by 34 different countries, and each competitor goes under the strict evaluation of the judges on how the franchises they own are affecting the whole brand network itself. The categories include the influence, knowledge contribution, savings, motivation towards the employees and the business model. The organizer of the even has explained how Omar Yunes won the award. According to the organizer, Omar Yunes acts as the most important factor in his franchise business. He managed to improve the relationship between franchisers, and has contributed a lot to the industry itself. His better understanding of how these franchises should be managed has also contributed to the success of his Japanese fast food franchise. It has shown how his franchises are performing positively, bagging him the award. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, has also thanked Omar Yunes for transforming their brand into a successful one, with multiple franchises across Mexico. He stated that the award was just a testament on how their company focuses on providing quality food, hospitality and excellent customer service.


The food industry of Mexico would also benefit from the recognition that was given to Omar Yunes. It would open the global market for local franchisers, and it would boost the economy of the country. More food companies coming into Mexico would also mean jobs for the local population.

JHFS: The Real Estate Company Headed By Jos AuriemoNeto

Jos AuriemoNeto is one of the people leading JHFS, one of the biggest real estate firms in all of Brazil. The company is known for providing some of the highest quality of properties to clients all over the country. The company was founded by Jos AuriemoNeto’s grandfather in 1970 and since then has remained within the Neto family. Jos AuriemoNeto is an incredible leader to JHFS and has been behind some of the company’s biggest projects till date. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the field of real estate. Learning from the older members of his family, Jos AuriemoNeto has real estate running through his blood, which is why he was perfect for the job. He leads the company from his position of chief executive officer and also serves on the board of members for the company.

Jos AuriemoNeto has a huge family legacy to uphold, which is why he has been trying to take the company in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development. Ever since the company started out in the field of real estate all those years ago, it has had to continuously innovate and adapt to meet the growing needs and demands of the people who are looking to buy properties. Adapting to this was the only way which the company could maintain its position at the top of the real estate field in Brazil. JHFS is looked up to as an extremely prominent company in the field. It provides some real estate solutions to its clients, which range from individual home buyers to large businesses looking for office spaces. By providing a healthy mix of commercial and residential properties, the company has managed to stem its position in the industry.

One of the reasons why the company has managed to stay at the top is owing to the services that JHFS provide. The company goes out of their way to ensure that all their clients are treated extremely well, and can find the property that is just right for them.

Securus Technologies Helping Catch Wanted Criminals

I work for a fugitive task force that is responsible for catching the worst of the worst as quickly as possible so that innocent civilians are not put in harm’s way. This is a very high-pressure job that requires me and my team to utilize a combination of skills, resources, and intuition to bring the bad guys back to the jail. This month we had a very trying case handed to us, one that involved a top gang member who was out for blood with a rival gang.


This fugitive was not only going after the other gang, he was assaulting anyone who git in between or happened to be in a location where his violent outbursts would occur. If his target was in a mall, he had little concern for the families who were simply spending a day shopping together. When he began shooting up a rival gang leaders car and managed to hit several dozen other cars packed with people, we knew this had to stop today.


We headed to the local prison, not to speak to the inmates about our suspect, to listen to the inmates talk about their hero. Securus Technologies installed their call monitoring system in that jail, and it would allow us to listen to other gang members talking about their leader without us even raising suspicion we are gathering information. One common thread with criminals, they simply can not keep their big mouths shut.


It didn’t take long to pick up conversations about gang members talking about who was helping and hiding our suspect. This fugitive moved fast, but we collected enough data to be able to set up surveillance in those locations and bring him down in the middle of the night after another violent crime he was involved in that day.