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Do you need help with a financing situation in your life? If you do, Equities First is a great company to work with. They have a track record of success in helping other people in this area of their life. Borrowing money is not just for people who are broke. In fact, Equities First focuses on people who have a high net worth to help. They are excited about the future and what is going to be offered. If you are ready to work with a company that is growing and investing in the local community, this is a great choice for you.

Equities First

From the time the company was started, a lot of people thought that Equities First could have high levels of success. There is a huge need in this customer base for short term financing. The problem is that few companies concentrate on financing in this area, and it can lead to a lot of issues down the road. Not just that, but this is a company that wants to add value to people in a variety of areas. If you are ready to build wealth for the future, working with a company like this can be one of the best things that you can do. Over the long term, Equities First will help you get in a better financial position for building wealth.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your life to the next level, this is a company to work with. A lot of people are excited click here about the changes that are starting to take place, and they are ready and willing to change with the times. If you need short term financing help, a company like this is one of the best things that you can invest in because they care about customers.

Greg Secker Journey to Success

Greg Secker is an English Master trader, an entrepreneur, an international speaker, and a philanthropist. He was born in Norfolk England in 1985. He studied Agricultural and Food Science at the University of Nottingham in 1997. He is an expert in foreign trade and has been involved in international education for financial trading. Greg is an author. He has written books on Forex trading and success. He is a founder of numerous companies that include Learn to Trade, FX Capital, Capital Index, Smart Charts Software, and a non-profit organization called The Greg Secker Foundation.


Greg Secker began his career at Thomas Cook Financial services during the mid-90s where he developed the forex exchange trading system. He got into the foreign exchange business in 1998. Greg ran a business known as the Virtual Trading Desk. It received the British Telecom Award for innovation in E-commerce. Greg became a vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25 years. This is a major Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. Greg associated with the best traders from the entire world and could exclusively access high powered Forex traders daily. Greg left the company in 2003 to become a full-time Forex trader by creating a trading floor in his living room. He founded the Knowledge to Action group by mentoring people on the trading strategies. The company became a global sensation in 2008. It began hosting financial trading seminars in Australia, Ghana, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The initiative received a national business award in growth and innovation. Greg was a keynote speaker at the National Achievers Congress at the Excel London Exhibition Centre in 2011. He founded the Global Success Summit in South Africa in 2013.


Mr. Secker has supported several charity initiatives. The Greg Secker Foundation was established in 2010 to create a positive impact on people around the world. The organization partners with youth programs to improve education, leadership, and life skills in communities. Mr. Secker began ‘Build a House, Build a Home’ project with the aim of building 100 permanent homes in Lemery after the Yolanda Typhoon in the Philippines. He has been recognized by the national CSR for his outstanding corporate leadership in Learn to Trade. He is on the list of the 200 most influential Philanthropist and social entrepreneurs for 2017.

Timothy Armour – Chairman of the Press- Shy Investment Group

Timothy K. Armour commonly known as Tim is currently the sole Director at Janus Capital Group, and at the same time the Independent Chairman at AQR Funds. Tim has dedicated his whole career to Capital Group. Having earned a bachelor degree in economics from Middlebury College and a master’s degree from Columbia University, he got accepted into the Capital Group associates program and his career commenced almost immediately.

He initially worked as an Equity investment analyst where he trained to become Capital Group’s Management committee chairman. Tim is also a member of the board of directors at Janus Capital Group. Prior to being the director at Janus Capital Group, he was managing director at Morningstar and the president of mutual Funds Division and read full article.

Tim Armour came up with a certain reasoning that investors should “find active managers who earn their keep”. He is convinced that many financial managers have become indolent, and dependent on index funds and not researching companies. He adds that, index funds are not capable of making a difference on business trends..This can only be achieved by a firm financial manager capable of catching these trends.

After this, he was quick to make some really bold moves after getting appointed Chairman of Janus Capital Group. One of which includes the partnership with Samsung involving Asset Management. The deal entails both Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management working together to co-develop retirement resolutions and asset allocation products. Tim believes the greater plan is to co-design investment solutions to meet retirement needs of Korean investors and learn more about Tim.

The unexpected election victory of Donald Trump in November sparked dramatic changes in asset prices. Tim says that the recent change is profound and his guess is that they’ve hit the bottom this time round and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Investing Expert Paul Mampilly Achieves Research Service Milestone

Paul Mampilly is an investing expert in the financial industry who retired as a hedge fund manager. One of his biggest achievements as a hedge fund manager took place in 2009 when he was a participant in an investment challenge held by the Templeton Foundation. At the start of the competition, each investor had $50 million to invest and whoever made the most money by the end of the competition was declared the winner. With a final value of $88 million, Mampilly earned the top result and won the competition.

Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter and research service that Paul Mampilly issues on a weekly basis. Profits Unlimited recently achieved a milestone, surpassing 60,000 subscribers which made it one of the top financial newsletters in the business. Each issue features a new stock that Paul Mampilly recommends his subscribers investing in. Afterward, he updates the performance of each stock showing how it has fared in the market. Readers, who invest in these stocks through their own portfolios which are not managed by Mampilly, have reported fantastic results with some earning as much as a 38% return. Of the 13 stocks he has recommended so far, 11 have been profitable.

After leaving Wall Street, Paul Mampilly set out to help average American’s invest. He focuses on small-cap stocks, growth investing, companies in the technology industry, and other investment opportunities for building wealth. Profits Unlimited issued its first edition in 2016 and has a history now of 11 months of being published.

As he has achieved financial success, Paul Mampilly believes in philanthropy. He has volunteered his time as a teacher, including at the Working In Support of Education organization. He has also volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the city of New York, serving as a Big Brother for a young boy.

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USHealth Group Inc. and Versatile Insurance Coverage

As a leader in insurance and health care, USHealth Group Inc. works to provide the most cost-effective insurance solutions to their valued clients. But, the dedication of this outstanding company does not end there. They have worked to provide more innovative options and versatile coverage to fit the needs of a diverse and unique population here in the United States and abroad.


It boggles the mind to consider how much time, research and cautious planning takes place to produce the precise insurance solution to a wide range of needs. Every possible life event from the advent of disease or critical health conditions to the day-to-day medical assistance that keeps the human body functioning at optimal capacity has bespoke coverage product.


One of their most impressive policy options is their Premiere Choice option. This product has received much acclaim as the most innovative insurance product available. Its precision design for ultimate customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the insurance world.


To produce such a bespoke solution, USHealth Group took the needs of the customer and then produced a solution that not only met the needs in every way, but exceeds these needs as well. This ensures that the coverage suits the needs of the customer as their personal needs dictate.


This is made possible by allowing the customer to take control of their insurance options. The specially designed coverage allows the client to supplement their plan and take advantage of the services they need. There is no loss of benefits due to coverage rollover. In the medical realm, this type of coverage is solid gold.


The actions of their rising leader in insurance coverage has raised the standards for the insurance community as a whole. With each coming year, their level of service, comprehensive coverage and standards for customer attention and focus rise higher and higher.


In 2016, USHealth Group was honored with over ten prestigious awards, among them was the prestigious Stevie Award given to the most innovative ”company” each year. The Stevie Award is an international celebration of business achievements and positive efforts for their clients and the world.


About USHealth Group


At the helm of the USHealth Group Enterprise is Troy Mcquagge, the visionary leader who has guided the company to providing healthcare and insurance to over 15 million individuals across the planet. He personally accepted the Stevie Award in 2016 saying he was proud and honored to be recognized for their quality effort year after year. “These types of rewards prove that true excellence is not some stroke of luck, but a consistent effort”, says Troy Mcquagge.


USHealth Group has been located in Ft. worth Texas for the last 50 years. They have also had a shining history of supporting military and veterans among the many other clients they help out each year.

Anthony Petrello Is Remembered By An Old Friend

For some people, knowing someone famous could be the greatest thrill in the world, or it could be something that makes everything you’ve done dwarf by comparison. For columnist Lloyd Grove at the Daily Beast, he recalls knowing Nabors Industries Chairman and CEO Anthony Petrello long before he became a business magnate. Petrello once reeled in $27 million in total compensation to be the highest-paid CEO in the nation at Nabors, but his journey to becoming an oil drilling technology business leader started back in New Jersey.

Petrello’s first loves growing up were math and science, two subjects he mastered and spent even his spare time studying at school. Petrello earned acceptance to Yale University and there studied under mathematician Serge Lange while also rooming with Grove. Petrello graduated with high honors in Advanced Mathematics and while most people thought he would become a professor himself, he opted to go into law. After completing his J.D., he joined Baker & McKenzie in New York and specialized in corporate law for 13 years. He joined the Nabors Industries executive board in 1991.

Anthony Petrello also is married to Cynthia Petrello and has a young daughter named Carena. Carena has periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) and is confined to a wheel chair most of the time. The Petrellos struggled with the news that there was no current cure for their daughter, but they went to the Texas Children’s Hospital where they partnered with Jan and Dan Duncan who had given the founding contribution to the Neurological Research Institute there. Anthony Petrello decided to join the effort and thus far has given $7 million of his own money to fund research there.

Arthur Becker Blends Art and Real Estate in Fascinating Career

For the past several years there has been a quiet money man behind the scenes working on some of the biggest real estate deals in New York. His name is Arthur Becker and he has worked alongside Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney as well as the crew at Madison Equities. Becker made his fortune as a tech investor and stockbroker in the early 2000’s and now he is making the big move into working his own solo projects in real estate. Arthur Becker recently purchased 465 Washington Street in the Tribecca neighborhood of Manhattan. His goal? Turn the building into a luxury condo with an eye on luxury.

Jumping to the front of the building after working as a silent money man can be a difficult task for even the hardest of businessmen. However, Arthur Becker has a deep and varied history of making risky investments and having them pay off handsomely throughout his career. In fact, we’d say that Becker has one of the more interesting career paths that we’ve ever seen. He’s done just about everything that you can think of and then some, blending his thrill for art with his on-the-nose ability to identify promising projects for future investments.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker’s more notable investments include a custom pair of binoculars called the Bnox. These didn’t quite pan out, Becker hypothesizes that users didn’t like how the focus knob handled. He also invested heavily into ancient currencies from Cameroon and Nigeria. The reason? He spent so much time working with money that it was interesting to go back in time, metaphorically, in order to see the importance of it from another culture’s perspective. Becker’s even created his own artwork out of currency, creating special origami sculptures that he sells to people on Wall Street among other players.

According to The Real Deal, what makes Arthur Becker most interesting from our perspective is his absolute adoration of the arts and how he allows it to infuse his real estate work space. If you went to Arthur Becker’s real estate office in Tribecca then you would see that it is a hybrid area – 1/2 real estate and 1/2 art studio. With that kind of work ethic and innovative thinking, how could he fail?

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Kabbalah Center’s Effort to Spread Kabbalistic Teachings Worldwide

The Kabbalah is considered as an ancient foundation of knowledge. This is because it focuses on how life on earth is related to the entire universe. The word “Kabbalah” is a derivative of the Hebrew language and it means, “To receive.” Kabbalah students grow spiritually as they learn the Kabbalistic teachings. Most people lack spiritual direction in their lives because of personal and earthly reasons. Most of them try hard to grow spiritually but fail due to earthly delights.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is greater than happiness. It empowers people to have faith irrespective of what they are experiencing. Over the years, Kabbalistic Teachings have focused on spiritual growth through the knowledge of how life forms affect people. Kabbalah educates people on social issues such as health, career, and relationships. It focuses on how these issues are interrelated. When you learn the Kabbalah, you will have a different perspective on how to handle such social issues.

Why You Should Study Kabbalah

Kabbalistic teachings target everyone irrespective of faith and ethnicity. When you study Kabbalah, you also acquire critical thinking skills. The teachers emancipate students on knowledge that apply to their lives. Those who follow these teachings learn how to grow spiritually as well as interacting with people from different backgrounds. The teachings allow them to understand the real meaning of life and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda is one of the founders of the Kabbalah Center. Since 1922, the center has spread its teachings to more than 40 geographical locations across the globe. Students who are passionate about the Kabbalah can benefit from scholarships offered at the center. Michael Berg and Karen Berg currently head the Kabbalah Center. Students can find support from the teachers by visiting You can also register on the website and learn more about the Kabbalah.

One advantage of studying at the Kabbalah Center is that you receive support from the teachers. This support will help you in spiritual growth and personal development. Books based on Kabbalistic teachings can also be bought online. Highly trained Kabbalists who have studied Kabbalah for several decades are responsible for authoring these books and what Kabbalah Center knows.

Fabletics Focuses on Fitness and Wins the Hearts of Customers

Kate Hudson, in her attempt to compete successfully with Amazon, is pulling out all the stops. She has been able to transition from the entertainment world into retail clothing easily, but she knew that she could not do it alone. She has narrowed her one a specific group to help her build a company that can compete against Amazon.


It is possible to Amazon may be the biggest competitor for Fabletics. In the grand scheme of things this is the company that sells just about everything that consumers can ask for. This means that there is a higher level of convenience that comes with shopping through the Amazon site. Shoppers don’t have to go anywhere else because they can buy everything from toilet tissue to beverages and snacks. They can also get their clothes through this website so that makes it easy for people to shop here. The downside, however, is that this site has so many items for sale that it becomes cumbersome and rather tiring to search the site. People can find themselves wasting a lot of time on Amazon. It is almost like the YouTube of e-commerce. Busy shoppers may come to Amazon, but they will find themselves spending more time than they would like checking out other things.


What Kate Hudson has managed to do is narrow her focus and only work on acquiring customers that are interested in athletic clothing for females. This is going to be the thing that captivates an audience and helps anyone that is into athletic clothing and nothing more.


In order to drive this point home Kate Hudson has allowed herself to become immersed in the website and present this brand through various marketing techniques. It is always going to be the company that highlights athletic clothing in a way that encourages people to consider working out. This is the overarching theme for this website. People look at this website right away they think about fitness. When someone goes into one of the Fabletics stores fitness is what comes to mind. Kate Hudson wanted to make sure that she was building a brand that would present a great way for people to stay in style while they decided to work out.


Kate has been able to lure lots of customers, and this is just the beginning of her reign. She has a lot more in store for athletic consumers.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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A Review Of Vincent Parascandola’s Career

“CNN Money” named AXA Advisors, a financial investment firm, among the group of companies that are augmenting their parental and family leave policies. AXA announced that employees working full-time and on hourly basis would be allowed a leave of up to 16 consecutive weeks at full pay. This opportunity is available to the primary parent who has been in service for at least one year. The current leave period is 10 weeks. For non-primary parents, AXA will allow them a leave of up to 4 weeks. The company launched a new infant transition program that provides new parents with back-up care of up to 30 days during the infant’s first year.

Vincent Parascandola, AXA Advisors’ senior executive vice president, is the force behind the company’s innovative products and growth. He is in charge of talent management, talent acquisition, as well as retention and sales management. With over two decades experience in the financial industry, Vincent has provided the company with transformative leadership. He is an alumnus of Pace University where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree. His career in the industry started in 1987 when he was recruited by Prudential Company to serve as an agent. During his first year of service, Vincent was named the National Rookie of the Year. Later, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he held several management positions between 1990 and 2004. When he was first employed by AXA Advisors, he served as a divisional president before working as the chairperson of Advantage Group, a subsidiary of the AXA Equitable.

Over the years, Parascandola has exhibited visionary leadership, which has enabled AXA to enhance its profitability margins. AXA offers innovative financial services such as investment management and global assurance. The firm is credited for being the first insurance firm to attain a growth rate of 14 percent. The company has active presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, the Middle East and North America. AXA strives to offer families and businesses with financial security to protect their future. Philanthropy is ingrained in their corporate culture. The corporation has been supporting different community initiatives, including artistic projects that research on how to improve human life. AXA has been supporting these causes through AXA Research Fund, which was created in 2008.