Perry Mandera’s Contribution To Chicago

A transportation trade executive having over 3 decades of expertise, Perry Mandera established Custom Companies of Northlake, Illinois. Besides his professional pursuits, Perry Mandera helps Illinois State Crimes Commission, an establishment which in 2010 awarded him the Bishop Sheill Award and in 2011 the Award for Citizens of the Year.

A nonprofit company working along with Police Athletics League, ISCC promotes initiatives which reduce juvenile delinquency and crime while encouraging positive communication between the public and law enforcement. The businesses operations in Chicago include giving hands-on instruction to law enforcement (Phillypurge).

Since starting, the ISCC hosts free seminars all the time covering a wide range of topics like gang violence, a huge problem plaguing lots of communities in Chicago. The organization also offers seminars for tactical training with hand combat, firearms, event management and security and martial arts.

In an extension of their mission to constantly improve and enhance the skills and knowledge of police officers of the Chicago area, ISCC pushes legislation which strengthens existing regulation and reduces crime in the city. The group’s developments in this field have centered on juvenile alcohol and drug possession, sex offenders, impaired driving, and underage violence.

Custom Cares recently got more attention from the news when it gave money to underprivileged families in the winter season. the custom cares organization is a subsidiary of Custom Companies incorporated, founded by Mandera. They are a transportation company in Chicago. Thousands were donated to local families helping buy gifts for the holidays and make winter enchanting for their kids. Perry Mandera is active in other charitable organizations as well, he arranged for tons of clothes to be donated to needy residents across Chicago. Perry Mandera started the Custom Cares Charity as his company philanthropic outlet that causes giving back an essential part of culture in the company.


What Makes PSI Pay A Leading Financial Transaction Firm?

For a business to achieve success, it must model its business around solving problems for its customers. This guarantees the firm of an existing client base. The business then converts the sales into profound profits.

Advancement in technology has led to the need for electronic modes of payment. PSI-Pay is a global financial solutions provider. The company prides itself on being a leader in providing their partners with a reliable, secure, and convenient way of managing payments.


For over a decade, the firm has been working with financial firms to assist them to manage online payment accounts, issue both virtual and physical payment cards, and facilitate contactless payments. The company is an allowed issuer of debit and credit cards, which are based on the MasterCard platform.

Other than providing payment solutions, PSI Pay strives to strengthen the business models of its business partners. It relies on its deep-seated philosophy to assist their partners in sales, promotion, and distribution of their payment card programs.

The firm also strives to provide innovative solutions for its partners. As is seen in the recent partnership with Kerv, a company involved in the provision of alternative payment services.

The two worked on the design, production and eventual release of the contactless payment ring. A first of its kind, the ring’s design resembles that of an ordinary ring but has wireless, contactless payment capabilities.

The PSI-Pay ring does not require the user to charge it or pair it with their phone. Users top up their account balances using existing platforms such as credit cards, PayPal, which enables them to transact in over 30 million points across the globe.

PSI Pay’s managing director, Phil Davies expressed his pleasure in having worked with Kerv towards the launch of the revolutionary product. He lauded Kerv’s contactless payment ring as an innovative, exciting, and useful solution. The product received an award in recognition of its trendsetting payment technology.

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Fortress Investment Group Historically Capitalizing On The Industry

Fortress Investment Group is an asset management company that looks to pioneer different techniques in regards to numerous types of assets that are managed by 216 investment professionals on a day to day basis at their headquarters in New York and around the globe. This corporate goal to achieve a large structured foundation of profiting assets was set in stone when Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and professionally driven to the present time where they manage over $43.6 billion in assets.

The goal of managing this level of assets was not reached through easy success. It took a team of investment professionals that had a very immersed knowledge of different industries and each of the directions that an industry specific asset needs to take to not only make sure that it does not lose money but that the asset is profitable to its max potential. Largely this is the key to a asset managing companies success in this market. Individual characteristics of distinct assets require a very specific and broad knowledge base in order to accurately manage the asset. The investment team at Fortress Investment Group has to maintain an up to date insight of each individual market within a customers portfolio and then make sure to manage it proficiently.

This tactic is not only mastered within the states but it also practiced on a world-wide basis which is an accomplishment on its own. Leadership is a pertinent factor on how the portfolios are managed within this company. Fortress Investment Group has proven leaders that are well recognized in their respective fields and can project the expertise and adept comprehension of the ever changing market on to their multitude of investment professionals. This allows the average institution or individual the ability to tap into this expertise and let Fortress Investment Group expertly handle the assets with no reluctance to how the asset is being managed.

As stated before Fortress Investment Group is well versed in different industries and has created and launched numerous funds that offer value at every given chance. This company has been noted for its accomplishments with its biggest being the successful IPO in 2007 which propelled Fortress Investment Group into the market and let very motivated investors actually take a look at the achievements that this company has and will continue to have.

Fortress Investment Group can not be run without content employees, this statement can be said for every company that wants to be successful and efficient with its product. The employees at Fortress are ecstatic about their jobs and being able to see the magnitude of how much influence they can have in their customers lives. After looking at the employees notes on Fortress Investment Group one can immediately tell that it is not only a pleasant place to work but also provides a level of challenging day to day goals that keep the work place invigorating while strengthening a constantly developing knowledge base that changes when the market changes. From the reviews it looks as though Fortress Investment Group heavily focuses on employee well being which allows the employees to focus on delivering expert level management with their customers assets.

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Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Craft Successful Retirements

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have the expertise to help their clients with every phase of their financial lives as their knowledge of investing have helped many to achieve secure retirements. The comprehensive range of credentials that Blair displays indicate that he is well prepared for every contingency in the economic realm and his customers are the beneficiaries. He has crafted a three-pillar approach that serves his clients very well.

The first pillar is to construct a financial roadmap for each client that is unique to their particular circumstances. Developing a lasting relationship is begun in this phase as he ascertains their financial situation and takes into consideration their goals, tolerance for risk and main concerns. Together they can have a clear understanding of the expectations of the plan that is put forth.

The second pillar is to fashion a long-term plan for investing that takes into account the client’s financial situation. This crucial pillar forms the backbone of any long-range personal finance goals. Learning to harness the power of the markets is a strong suit for Richard Dwayne Blair and he is adept at actively managing the accounts of his clients. He is able to maximize gains when market conditions are good and minimize risk when conditions aren’t so good. Performance tracking is a part of this pillar and it is checked against the broader market and expectations.

Insurance is the third and final pillar of the program and Richard Dwayne Blair will help his clients determine their exact needs and plan for every contingency as life often throws curve balls. He’s well-versed in the various types of insurance and can be of great assistance in helping his clients in light of their overall financial picture.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been inspired by the teachers in his family and enjoys helping others learn how they can have a secure retirement. Making a positive difference in the lives of families and small-business owners is a driving force for him. Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and they are committed to providing personalized, professional advice to their clients.


There is nothing as gratifying as getting the money you need to accomplish your personal and professional goals. This is the wish of most customers in the financial world. Customers are usually frustrated when seeking capital financing to complete a project. The normal banking institutions put so many hurdles and in the end the customers are rejected. Equities first Holdings is a company established in Indianapolis Indiana in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr. Christy thought of a way to provide customers with the funds they needed, securing the funds against their shares and stocks. Equities was Able to give these customers less than stringent terms of qualification to make it possible to qualify. They also offered low interest rates for easy repayment.

The company is run by five financially savy experts that have up to 25 years industry experience each. They have business in five countries.

OSI Paves the Way for A Sustainable and Successful Future

The food service industry is struggling worldwide to meet consumer demands and OSI Food Solutions is positioning itself to help. From a simple start in 1909 as a family-owned American meat shop, OSI has grown into a leader in global food solutions by consistently innovating and offering businesses the market-responsive products they need to compete. Now, with more than 65 processing facilities in every corner of the globe, OSI gives its clients an unprecedented level of one-stop service from custom concept development to direct marketplace delivery.

Having earned a spot as one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies for its customer-centered practices and efforts to promote food sustainability, OSI stands alone with a custom approach to product development. Recognizing that each client has a unique vision for its success, OSI forgoes a one-size-fits-all catalog to sell its products; instead, turning to creative food professionals including chefs and quality experts to work directly with clients to develop the custom, safe, and sustainable products they envision.

OSI’s environmental awareness was rewarded in 2016 with the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council for its comprehensive management of environmental risks. Its adoption of best practices with regard to resource management helps meet consumer desire for environmentally-friendly products while allowing OSI to contain production costs with investments in energy-saving technology.

In 2017, OSI doubled its capacity to process chicken to meet the growing demand in Spain and Portugal, investing 17 million euros in its Toledo plant – in part to deploy systems to reduce electricity consumption. High-efficiency refrigeration was added as well as systems that recycle heat produced by production equipment to heat water, resulting in a 20 percent decrease in the plant’s energy consumption.

OSI further supports its clients with food safety innovations that give consumers confidence in the products they eat. As part of the plant expansion in Spain and in other plants, new video surveillance systems were installed to monitor implementation of food safety practices, earning it an FSSC22000 certification for stringent food safety systems that meet current ISO standards.

According to Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for OSI, a development strategy based on food safety and environmental stewardship isn’t just a program, it’s a “holistic” way to ensure OSI Food Solutions can continue to meet its responsibility toward clients and their end –consumers, while ensuring future success in the marketplace.

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How Todd Lubar Became A Mentor To Other Entrepreneurs

Over the years Potomac, Maryland-based Todd Lubar has created and developed businesses in a variety of industries. Most of his career has been in the real estate field but he has also branched out to other areas such as scrap metal. He once owned a real estate development company but the majority of his experience has been in the areas of mortgages and financing. He says that his greatest professional pleasure comes from helping people get a great mortgage on their first home.

He says that he was practically born an entrepreneur which was very much encouraged by his parents. He lived in Washington D.C. while growing up and he says that beginning at age seven he would sell hot chocolate or lemonade on a busy street corner. When it snowed in the winter he would approach people to be hired to shovel their sidewalks clear of snow. Check out Yelp to see more.

Building something from nothing is what motivates Todd Lubar. He says that he has always been fully willing to work hard to find success in the things he does. From early on in life he saw that you get out of things what you’re willing to put into them. He feels a sense of pride when he succeeds with either a task or providing a service to one of his clients.

Todd Lubar now owns and operates a business called TDL Global Ventures LLC. Todd shares his business skills with his clients who are building their own new business ventures. Under his tutelage they learn vital skills like how to streamline their processes for efficiency and how to reach new customers.

When he graduated from college, Syracuse University, he learned the mortgage and finance industries at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Later on he became a leader at Legacy Financial when he played a major role in upping their loan volume to over several hundred million a year. He later went on to join another financial firm, Charter Funding, as their senior vice president. It was after this that he decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and start founding and developing his own companies. You can visit his Instagram page.

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Malcolm CasSelle is Establishing an Online Marketplace for Virtual Traders to Thrive

Malcolm CasSelle the President of World Asset Exchange is establishing cutting-edge technologies in the digital virtual asset industry that is allowing virtual traders to thrive and produce tremendous financial success. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He also received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle has established himself as a true innovator in the technology and digital industry. He has held successful leadership positions within various companies in the social media industry including Facebook. As president of WAX, Mr. CasSelle is establishing the necessary technology to revolutionize the online marketplace in the trade of virtual assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By providing a platform for the successful transfer of assets over the newly-formed blockchain World Asset Exchange is establishing a platform for traders to produce profitable sales opportunities with little or no regulation from centralized banking institutions. With the advent of gaming tokens utilized by WAX, Malcolm CasSelle’s leadership is providing the blueprint that other crypto companies will follow by leveraging a streamlined approach for asset transfer online. The online virtual marketplaces are free from outside regulation from government and other institutions influenced by central banking organizations. By decentralizing the transfer of virtual assets, World Asset Exchange is separating itself from other platforms in the blockchain by creating uniformity and simplicity of asset transfers. WAX is utilizing smart contracts that are established by both parties for safety and security of the transfer of the virtual assets. Virtual traders are using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to propel them into millionaire status seemingly overnight. Also, the new headlines referencing the growth of Bitcoin as an instrument of value the blockchain are establishing a new frontier for future wealth transfer. Malcolm CasSelle has shown himself to be a true innovator and intellectual pioneer in World Asset Exchange and is creating a streamlined online marketplace for virtual traders to thrive and succeed over the blockchain.

Chainsmokers And Their New Song “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers have released a new song called “Sick Boy”. This song represents a darker side of the Chainsmokers, where they will be bringing their fans in the future. The song represents the anger and frustration that Andre Taggart and Alex Pall have, since they are now famous and have critics that insult their music and their lifestyle, without even fully knowing them. The song is also a new beginning, and a new chapter of the story of the Chainsmokers as electronic dance music artists.

The Chainsmokers met when and have only been in the mainstream music spotlight for two years know, although it seems that they have been around for decades to some fans of EDM, also known as Electronic Dance Music. The first time that the Chainsmokers broke into the top ten list was in 2015, when they released “Roses”, and since then, they have been on the top ten lists for years, rather than months, which is a difficult accomplishment to achieve. The pressure to continue to succeed as an artist duo is the other piece of the motivation for Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

The duo had not put out a song in nine months, which is a relatively long time for them, as they like to stay current with the music that they create by releasing one new song every month. Certainly the duo could simply put out more variations of the same songs, and over half a dozen new compositions would not be too difficult for them to create. But the motivation was to give the fans something new, and to begin a new chapter in the life of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The style of the duo has been a mix of Electronic Dance Music and Top 40 Pop, but going with a darker twist to the music has allowed the duo to access a new market share with their songs.

Make A Great Residual Income From O2Pur E-Cigarettes

Many e-cigarette users love the sophistication of the aroma. Major brands like O2Pur offering hard to find flavors including the classics. You have the option of a variety of flavors that will also let you conveniently blend e-liquids to create your own custom flavor. They also feature the industries top accessories including cartridges and e-juices. Best of all, their superior website portal has a detailed listing of a collection of wholesale products that aren’t available with their competitors. You can also make a great residual income from one of your favorite past-time hobbies by marketing e-cigarettes.

How To Begin A Start-Up With E-Cigarettes

Think of all the reasons you decided to start using e-cigarettes, the flavor the convenience, right? These are all the reasons for you to promote your own products in a start-up with O2Pur to back you every step of the way with all of your marketing tools and affiliate support. Websites like Spotify will let you start a e-commerce store and begin taking payments in under a week as a partner. For a small fee from a percentage from the sale of your merchandise, many online websites will do all the technical work for you to easily sell your e-cigarettes.

The best way to promote your products is by letting your customers know you carry the flavors that ate hard to find with other retailers. Ironically, the savings they pass down to you options retailer, creates savings options for your customers. Pass down the benefits of saving on e-juices, e-liquids, vaporizers, and more with a partnership with the leading e-cigarette retailers. In fact, you don’t have to use e-cigarettes to discover it’s a great opportunity to make a residual income to save money or take a well deserved vacation.

You can have fun with an e-cigarette partnership because they offer great customer support features 24 hours a day to support your starter business. E-cigarettes was among the top 10 business ideas for 2017 as a part of a $135 million dollar industry. Become a partner with the popular O2Pur e-cigarette affiliate program today