OSI Group Replaces Its Rizal Plant With A New Laguna Facility In The Philippines

Since 1990, the growth of GenOSI, in Cainta, Rizal, has received continuous growth of its restaurant clients, food service customers, and workforce. World food giant holding company, OSI Group and one of their partners, Fred Uytengsu recently cut the ribbon at a grand opening ceremony of the new facility, in the Philippines. The old Rizal plant is replaced with a new one, in Calamba, Laguna, approximately 35 miles (56 km) from Cainta.

OSI is celebrating its 27th year providing quality food solutions in the country to Philippian food retailers and servicers. The new GenOSI facility is large enough now to meet the demands of its employees and growth in various regions of the Philippines.

The ceremony for the grand opening was held, on May 19th, 2017, at the Canlubang Industrial Estate. Mr. Uytengsu was among the attendees in celebrating the new GenOSI Calamba plant. The facility is being used to process its meat products, including poultry, ground beef, fish, and other items. It features sophisticated equipment with the latest technology and a yearly capacity of 23,000 tons of food. OSI Group made the announcement on OSI News that 95 percent of its employees from the old plant are working for GenOSI.

In 2016, OSI Group is named by Forbes as one of largest companies in America. The private meat processing company is ranked as number 58 on Forbe’s List of Large American Companies. Its revenue the end of last year is estimated at $6 billion. The holding company is probably one of the most historical meat processing establishments in the world. Its history dates back to the 1920’s when the company was just a small family-owned meat market.

Currently, OSI Group has expanded further in the United States, and to other countries including the Philippines, Europe, and Brazil, to name a few. The company is meeting their prior goals of global growth by building and renovating facilities to meet the demands of increased productivity in specific regions. The new plant is the latest accomplishment of OSI Group.

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Alternive Financing for your Business with Equities First Holdings

Businesses all over the world struggle to get financing. One way or the other there are always solutions to be attained. But in the financial industry what financing can you obtain as a high network individual looking to expand and grow?

Equities First Holdings is focused on doing just that. Providing unconventional methods to help businesses, alternative investment strategies. What they do is provide stock-based loans that are unsecured, that way you aren’t restricted if your business credit doesn’t allow you to get conventional financing from a bank. You can quickly glance over to their website at http://www.equitiesfirst.com/ and take a look at their first class team that expands all over the globe. Click here to know more.

From the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. You can obtain their stock-based loans to fulfill and help your business expand for the challenges it needs to overcome. They will evaluate and provide the loans based on how the stocks, treasuries, and bonds are currently holding in the market. That way if interest rates fall you can be secured that you know how actively the markets are moving based on real world live analysis. They specialize in providing high loan to value solutions at low fixed rates because of their securities based funding.

With Equities First Holding currently celebrating their 15 year anniversary of success no one can deny that their success is to show for with their stellar track record. With over the 700 clients under their portfolio you can be assured that you are being well taken care for.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Success Academy: Pushing the Boundaries in Education


Success Academy, the largest and highest-performing charter school network in New York City, is pushing the envelope when it comes to the education of the city’s disadvantaged children.


Success Academy has shown they are willing to take a firm stance against what they see as lowering of their high standards of education. They recently won an uphill battle, in the appellate court, against the city regarding their pre-K program. By doing this, they show us that a high-quality education even from a young age must be demanded. Winning this battle to educate in a manner that Success Academy feels is the most beneficial for its students is one reason that makes them an example for schools across America.


All this care for students can only translate into the students’ success, and it has. The majority of students at Success Academy are either from low-income families or are children of color. These two groups, in general, are said to perform at a lower academic level than their white, or well-off peers. However, in the case of Success Academy’s elementary and middle schools, they have outscored their peers in math, science, and English, and rank in the top ten percentile.


Success Academy shows us a model in which, when given equal opportunity for success, there is no difference between one child and the next. Education is the great equalizer, and this is especially true in America. We are told to work hard, and everything you ever wanted can be yours if you just put your all into it. Unfortunately, there are still places in the inner cities of America where this is still a myth, because of societal norms. For that reason, Success Academy will release a digital platform showcasing its design for learning, so that every child across America can have an equal opportunity for the success they deserve.

Vincent Parascandola agent to VP

Vincent Parascandola has just over twenty five years of professional experience within the financial consulting industry. His work history includes employment with Prudential as an agent, various management positions with MONY Life Insurance Company. Mr. Parascandola was the President of Advantage Groups. Advantage Groups is a division of AXA. Vincent then co-managed the New York Metro Branch of AXA. In 2004 Vincent Parascandola joined AXA Advisors. AXA Advisors, LLC is a broker dealer that currently has over six thousand representatives nationally. AXA is a leading financial protection agency. They provide equitable life insurance policies in New York. He held the position of divisional president in 2004 for AXA Advisors. He advanced to executive vice president during his time with AXA.

Mr. Parascandola has maintained a industry securities registration as a broker-dealer for seventeen years. He is subject to oversite by FINRA and SEC. Over the course of Vincent’s career he has been awarded the Master Agency Award as well as the GAMA’s Career Developement Award.

Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University in New York. He obtained a Bachelors degree of Science. Pace University’s Joseph Lubin School of Business, where Mr. Parascandola attended, was established in 1906. Pace University has two campus locations for their business school, one is in New York City and the other in Westchester County, New York. Recently Vincent Parascandola returned to Pace University to give a commencement speech. He is an eloquent speaker and and in addition to his commencement speach, he has been recruited to speak at many AXA company conferences.

Troy McQuagge is Recognized for his Exceptional Service to USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is like no other chief executive officer in the health insurance industry. Among the things that distinguish him from the rest is his love for ingenuity and attention to detail. These two factors saw him named as the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group in the year 2014 and has held this position since then. With the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge main responsibility is to ensure that the company remains profitable. He is, therefore, responsible for strategic growth of the institution. During his first year as the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, the company recorded a significant profit, one that had never been recorded before. Among the skills that make Troy McQuagge an important asset for the USHEALTH Group are leadership skills, problem-solving ability as well as dynamism. Troy McQuagge is also very experienced in the field of health insurance.

The insurance industry is a very competitive industry in the United States. This means that Troy McQuagge has tried very much to transform the firm in a period of just four years. When he joined the company four years ago, he set his first goal as transforming the USHEALTH Group Advisors and he succeeded. Since then, the redistributive agency of the USHEALTH Group records significant profits every year. Due to his achievements with the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge was recently recognized by the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards revealed that they had recognized Troy McQuagge as the chief executive officer of the year for his outstanding professional excellence in healthcare insurance. Troy McQuagge emerged the winner in a category that had seen thousands of executives nominated. These executives came from all over the world and different industries. They came from startups, public institutions and private institutions. The One Planet Awards recognizes people depending on their professional excellence and not their backgrounds. During the presentation of this award, Troy McQuagge acted with professionalism by recognizing the role that his peers had played in the award. He noted that the award was an award to every employee of USHEALTH Group. He took this opportunity to remind the world that his company was committed to offering affordable insurance needs to people of all walks of life. On Facebook.

To apply for the One Planet Awards, all you need is to check at their website and select the category that well fits the person you are nominating. USHEALTH Group is an American healthcare insurance company that operates from Dallas, Texas. The firm focuses its services on small sole proprietors and individuals. USHEALTH Group has adopted a tactic of hiring the most talented individuals in the market to sell their products and services to their clients. USHEALTH Group also focuses on clients who are below the age of 65 years.

Learn more about Troy McQuagge: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/troy-mcquagge#/entity

Kabbalah Centre in LA

The Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

Whenever you want to be certain that your life has meaning and that you are always seeking answers, be sure that you do all you can to learn. There is ancient wisdom that has been passed down for many years and you will be able to benefit from this. To this end, always give yourself the opportunity to identify with a spiritual teaching that will serve you well. In this regard, the Kabbalah Centre is a great company to turn to. Read on to learn a little bit more about what they teach, so that you can decide whether it is for you.

The very first thing that you need to know about the teachings of the Kabbalah is that it is rooted in the Old Testament of the Bible. This is a spiritual teaching that takes the stores of the Old Testament and teaches it from an esoteric point of view. At places like the Kabbalah Centre, also seeking grounding in their lives. People go to the Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles in droves due to these sorts of teachings.

This form of teaching also says that human beings, earth and the universe as a whole are all connected. We all hold the universe within us, so this form of spiritual teaching focuses on this as a means to live a fulfilling life and to give to others.

If you are thinking about visiting the Kabbalah Centre, start by researching the site. Learn a little bit about the spiritual teachings to see if it is for you are not. From here, you can stop by in order to speak to someone who can assist you.

By taking advantage of a visit to the Kabbalah Centre, you will be in a good position to take classes and learn more information.

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NuoDB is a revolutionary company with its Cloud technology

NuoDB is a database technology company that was founded by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey in 2008. Barry S. Morris is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. From the start it was called NimbusDB, but the company changed its name to NuoDB in 2011. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications. Jim Starkey invented their “elastically scalable database” and the patent was approved on July 17, 2012. In the same year NuoDB received 12 million dollars in venture capital.

NuoDB has received a lot of praise from different companies and organizations. Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal named NuoDB one of their Innovation All Stars in 2014. Gartner also named NuoDB as a niche player in 2013 and listed them as a visionary in 2015. Morris, went from Chief Executive Officer to Executive Chairman, and Bob Walmsley was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2015.

Bruce Bent II: The Asset Management Mogul with a High Liking for Innovative Ideas

Bruce Bent II is a highly respected New York City’s entrepreneur. Many know him as the president of Double Rock Corporation, one of the biggest financial services companies in America. The firm tops in embracing technology in its services within its head office and across its six subsidiary companies. Bruce also acts as the vice chair of the company’s board as well as a senior executive in all the subsidiaries. He is a product of Northeastern University, having studied and graduated with a BS from the institution. He has been with Double Rock Foundation for the last 26 years.

Over the years, Bruce has managed to establish himself as a key figure in the field of asset management. His innovative approach to issues, a trait he attributes to his father’s teachings, has impacted greatly and positively on FDIC-Insured cash management programs. He was instrumental in expanding operations and incorporating technology in the program, consequently growing it to over a trillion dollar industry.

The Reserve CEO

Bruce’s entrepreneurial and management muscle has been felt not just at Double Rock Corporation but also at The Reserve, a firm he served as president and CEO for 17 good years. The company was trading in the money market mutual fund and relied heavily on Bruce’s genius mind to propel it up the ladder. The company was also involved in FDIC cash management. Under the leadership of Bent, The Reserve grew to become one of the top two money market funds globally. At the time Bruce was rising to the leadership of the firm, its asset under management was valued at $4 billion. At the time he was exiting the stage, the assets had grown to over $130 billion. Its revenue rose to $155 million during that period.

Bruce as an Entrepreneur

A proud holder of privately-held patents that are in excess of 60, Bent qualifies to be referred to as a guru in both asset management and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he founded the B2 Consulting LLC in 2013. Through the firm, he assists investors with banking and financial advisory services. The firm also invests in various startups within financial technology, healthcare, and digital currency among other industries. B2 Consulting has major offices in New York.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on LinkedIn

Why Advertising is Essential in Business

Advertising is a very important part of any business. It brings your product to the people and allows you to tailor your message for the customer base you are targeting. With today’s firm competition in the market and oversaturation of products, advertising plays a critical role in reaching outward to both potential and existing customers. Without an effective advertising operation, customers are not aware of the new products and a business or corporation will suffer losses due to poor or stagnating sales. Jose Borghi and Mullen Lowe ad agency are experts in increasing product sales and creating ad campaigns that increase the overall value of a business.

Done successfully, advertising increases the sales of a business or corporation and boosts their profits and equity. Additionally, effective advertisement assists in creating stable ground for launching new products successfully into the market. Jose Henrique Borghi worked at a number of firms prior to forming Mullen Lowe Brasil. He has a wide-breadth of experience at internationally known ad agencies. This experience helped him open Mullen Lowe and turn it into one of the world’s leading ad agencies. Borghi built it from the ground up with his partners and is well known as an extremely competent advertisement expert.

Every business can benefit from the expertise of an accomplished advertising company. Pitching your product to the right customer base can be the difference between success and failure. A creative campaign can evoke emotion, nostalgia, and create a connection from your product to your customer. Ad campaigns that do this guarantee the success of the product. It is essential that consumers know your product and feel positively about it. Advertising is the most effective way to accomplish both and to promote your company. Mullen Lowe, with Jose Borghi at the helm, has done this and more for companies around the world.

Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu: Charity Without Strings

If there is one thing that Andrew Rolfe has realized since a young age it would be the old adage, “You get out what you put in.” In every business endeavor he has been engaged in, he has carried that mantle. He continues to carry that mantle with his work with the Ubuntu Fund as well.

Andrew Rolfe and his associate Jacob Lief have always been impressed with the work that the Ubuntu Fund has accomplished. However, they recently noticed a rather disturbing trend: Even though they were receiving a large amount of donations, they weren’t changing people’s lives. Rolf and Lief quickly discovered what was causing the problem.

Lief and Rolfe soon realized that receiving funds from high net-worth individuals was valueless because it usually involved strings regarding how the money could be spent. They now focus on finding wealthy donors who are simply committed to them helping poor African families in whatever means necessary.

The ways that some individuals specify how they want their donations used can literally run the gauntlet. Some insist that their money is spent on a particular program, while others want some input on how the overall program is run.

Many individuals really throw their weight around!

According to Andrew Rolfe and his associates, one individual who was particularly hard to appease was the late Peter Lewis. Lewis made millions selling car insurance in Cleveland and once caused a 12-month boycott to happen simply because he did not like how the funds he donated were being managed. He had a long feud with Case Western Reserve University in particular, claiming they corrupted funds he sent in order to build a Frank Gehry-designed building.

Rolfe and Lief both agree that chasing dollars is not a wise move for charities. Many organizations are continuing to shy away from individuals who are simply attempting to buy influence with a given charity.

Luckily, many individuals are now saying “thanks but no thanks” and they are seeking other sources for funding. Andrew Rolfe will continue to work to be a pioneer in charity management as long as he is able.