Blast Off

Living in the Rocket City otherwise known as Huntsville, Alabama home of Space Camp, Barbara Stokes lives a life of determination. As a mother of three growing boys she lives a very busy life. On top of motherhood, Barbara is also the CEO of Green Structure Homes! Known for its safe creative modern modular homes, this company is not only fast growing but rewarding as well. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Founded in 2008 by Barbara and her husband the company is a big part of Barbara Stokes everyday life. In October of 2017 Fema awarded Green Structure Homes 28.5 million dollars to assist communities in need such as those hit by Hurricane Harvey, Katrina, and other disasters. Blasting off, the company immediately began plans to create jobs and homes in eight different states. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara a graduate of Mercer University’s engineering department and is not only well versed in government contracts but in real estate as well. She uses this knowledge to keep the company creating clean single family developments with in-ground utilities, amenities, and paved roads. Her philosophy when it comes to development is all about family. Her own family, including her sister Ann Mix and her husband Scott, work closely with her to accomplish her goals. She wants to provide homes and communities where families can spend quality time together. Barbara insures that her company uses only clean, high quality materials that will last a lifetime. Barbara often volunteers in her local community giving her excellent ideas how to better her company in assisting other communities. Improving the land and using an area’s natural beauty is an important factor in the companies development plans. Armed with over 30 years of combined disaster relief experience and big hearts Barbara and her husband plan to lead the company in making peoples lives better all over the United States.