Bruno Fagali And The Fight Against The Corruption Embedded In The Country’s Financial Systems

The need to change and improve our lives is an arresting thought that keeps annoying the mind of a genius. The genius wants to change things, offers ideas for the society and takes risks that no other people seem to make. In the case of Bruno Fagali, the chance that he doesn’t mind taking is the risk of putting his ideas out there for the benefit of his clients.

His expertise in the legal industry is what’s making him one of the most renowned legal experts today, and his real experience with clients is a strong indication of why he’s the leading choice.


The Government Pays For You Doing Good

There are many records of what Bruno Fagali has been sharing to the world regarding legal expertise, but the latest of them would be the article Mr. Bruno wrote about the most recent rewards given by the government to anyone who can call out on those who cause corruption in the government’s banking industry. Right now, one of these reports indicates that there ‘s now about $3 million in government budget that’s been allocated to whistleblowers that live overseas and who will try to help correct the malicious people in the banking industry in the United States.

This new policy to track down corporate criminals is what is called the Cleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act, and it is right now one of the most effective and challenging corruption programs today that would help uproot the money launderers in the country and other malicious criminals. This reward is hopefully big enough that can encourage those who know something to call them out without the fear of retaliation. It should be said that the government would also offer identity protection to make sure that no one’s life is compromised when reporting.

About Bruno Fagali

There’s a lot of things we can write about Bruno Fagali, but some of the most prominent news these days would be about the fact that he’s one of the rising lawyers today in Brazil that have shown great promise in civil service. He seems to be one of the most outstanding and virtuous people who understand that while laws come and go, ethics stays. And ethics is what’s driving the culture, power, and growth of a country. The problem with the country’s poverty and people being often impecunious and without the opportunities is the fact that corruption plagues the country’s ethics. With Bruno Fagali in place, this problem would soon find its fix.

Fagali graduated at University of Sao Paolo. He specializes in different forms of law. He works as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. He founded Fagali Advocacy Firm.

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