Cassio Audi- The Famous Drummer of Hard Rock Music

Cassio Audi is a former music instrumentalist who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is well-known for his exceptional skills as an instrumentalist in the Viper Rock Band that he co-founded in 1985. He established the band together with four of his highly talented friends. Audi’s role was drumming which helped the group gain an unprecedented attention due to his expertise in the skill. What’s more, he played a key role in steering the band into the limelight due to his outstanding performance with the drum- set.

How Cassio Audi Rose to Fame in His Music Career

Cassio Audi drumming brought out a whole new sub-genre of rock music. The Brazilian drummer was responsible for innovating loud, resounding, and disrupting heavy beats that ushered in the hard rock music genre. Further, the band’s success was due to integrating the British heavy metal rock music in the 70s and incorporating it with that of the 80s. The group was inspired by Iron Maiden’s music that was a band in England.

Viper band’s big breakthrough came to the spotlight when they recorded a demo album ‘Killera Sword’. Following the innovation heavy rock music, the band released its’ first album in 1987 entitled ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. The album had one of the songs from the demo entitled as ‘Killera’ while the others were ‘Prince of Hell’ and ‘Nightmare’. Viper rock band was successful with Audi gaining fame for his prowess with the drums that led them to progress with another album.

Moreover, Cassio Audi was not only a drummer but also a songwriter as well who even wrote one of the songs on the first album. However, after releasing the two albums, Cassio Audi abandoned his music career in 1989 when he joined college but remains a legend drummer in the rock music history.

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