Wengie Recap: Edible Christmas DIY Pranks

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie shows viewers DIY projects that they can use to prank their friends. All of the projects are edible but look like regular Christmas objects.


To make edible wrapping paper, paint wafer paper with edible paint. Then wrap it around your gift and tie with ribbon to make it look more real. Be careful when wrapping because the paper is brittle and may break. To make a ring with an edible jewel, cover a fruit snack with edible glitter, then thread it onto an adjustable ring. To make an edible snowman, mold balls out of cake icing or fondant, then add a face, nose, and arms made out of edible ingredients of your choice.


Use shredded coconut in place of fake snow on any decoration to make it edible and surprise your family or friends. Make edible Christmas ornaments by pouring flavored gelatin into a spherical mold. Put fishing line into the mold first so you have a string to hang the ball by. When it is set, push an ornament top into the ball to make it look even more realistic.


According to Wengie, make edible Christmas tree decorations by decorating ice cream cones with icing and sprinkles. Roll cherries in edible glitter, then add them to Christmas foliage to prank your loved ones. To make an edible Santa Claus beard, mold some white cotton candy into a beard shape and shape a hole for the mouth. Then attach it to your face with sugar glue or melted hard candy.