Malcolm CasSelle is Establishing an Online Marketplace for Virtual Traders to Thrive

Malcolm CasSelle the President of World Asset Exchange is establishing cutting-edge technologies in the digital virtual asset industry that is allowing virtual traders to thrive and produce tremendous financial success. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He also received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle has established himself as a true innovator in the technology and digital industry. He has held successful leadership positions within various companies in the social media industry including Facebook. As president of WAX, Mr. CasSelle is establishing the necessary technology to revolutionize the online marketplace in the trade of virtual assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By providing a platform for the successful transfer of assets over the newly-formed blockchain World Asset Exchange is establishing a platform for traders to produce profitable sales opportunities with little or no regulation from centralized banking institutions. With the advent of gaming tokens utilized by WAX, Malcolm CasSelle’s leadership is providing the blueprint that other crypto companies will follow by leveraging a streamlined approach for asset transfer online. The online virtual marketplaces are free from outside regulation from government and other institutions influenced by central banking organizations. By decentralizing the transfer of virtual assets, World Asset Exchange is separating itself from other platforms in the blockchain by creating uniformity and simplicity of asset transfers. WAX is utilizing smart contracts that are established by both parties for safety and security of the transfer of the virtual assets. Virtual traders are using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to propel them into millionaire status seemingly overnight. Also, the new headlines referencing the growth of Bitcoin as an instrument of value the blockchain are establishing a new frontier for future wealth transfer. Malcolm CasSelle has shown himself to be a true innovator and intellectual pioneer in World Asset Exchange and is creating a streamlined online marketplace for virtual traders to thrive and succeed over the blockchain.

Malcom Casselle Builds WAX

Through the use of blockchain, the consumer good industry and overall economy has changed a lot over the past few years. This change is bound to continue in the future as well as more and more companies and transactions will take advantage of blockchain. Today, many new companies are starting to take advantage of this trend. One organization that is looking to grow is WAX. WAX is a person to person exchange that will allow people to buy products and other assets from each other while using blockchain technology, which will provide more security and anonymity.

The WAX company was founded by a businessman, Malcom CasSelle, who has a long history of success in similar industries. Through the course of his career, CasSelle has had a lot of success working for a variety of organizations while helping to build the technology. Through the use of WAX and other companies, CasSelle Malcolm believes that one industry that will be transformed is the video game industry.

Over the past decade, the amount of transactions that have take place in video games has increased significantly. Today, millions of people play online games on a daily basis and many of these people are willing to make in-game purchases to help improve their gameplay. For those that are looking to continue to compete when playing games online, completing transactions with other players will likely only be a very natural next step.

When you are looking to complete a transaction with another player, it will give players the chance to accumulate assets and then sell them on the market. This will give someone the chance to turn video game success into an actual source of income. It will also give another player the chance to purchase an asset that can make them a better and more competitive player in a certain game.

Players that are able to use WAX and other systems will also be able to develop new networks that can be used to help grow an organization and social network. This will provide even more value to a player and network of individuals looking to play the game.