Glen Wakeman and his Ability to Help Others Succeed

Glen Wakeman is a businessman, blogger, investor, and entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania in 1981 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. As well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago in 1991. Through both his bachelors and master’s degrees Wakeman discovered his passion for business. Using his MBA Wakeman was able to land a job at General Electric(GE), which offered him the opportunity to explore and hold multiple positions throughout the company. By the end of his time at GE Glen Wakeman become the CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he helped the company achieve over $100 million in revenue and $12 billion in assets in a year. Help also helped GE grow to have over 17,000 employees at over 1000 branches.

Through Glen Wakeman’s passion for business, he was able to create a successful company called LaunchPad Holdings. Wakeman started this company because people would come to him for advice on great business ideas but was not sure of to successfully execute them. Glen Wakeman would spend 30 minutes with clients for a $100 fee would help them turn their idea into a successful plan (

Wakeman goes by this motto “Demand Excellence and you get it” and he believes that is what makes his company successful. At the beginning when Wakeman first started LaunchPad Holdings he would get clients through is writing because he offered great insight on what it takes to own and build a successful business. Glen Waken has a tactic that he uses called the Five Elements which he believes will help any business become successful. These Five elements are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Governance, and place. By following these steps Wakeman can see any business becoming successful. Although these elements play a crucial part in how a businessperson should build their business Wakeman knows that in order to truly be a successful businessperson it requires that first entrepreneurs believe in their ability to succeed. Through this thought process entrepreneur will start of their business with a great backbone. Glen Wakeman has a love for all things business and he uses that passion to not only build great successful businesses of his own but also to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals too.