Eric Lefkofsky: Positioning Tempus Labs For Positive Health Impact

For a longtime disease like Alzheimer’s and cancer have troubled the healthcare industry. At Tempus laboratories, Eric Lefkofsky is playing his part to come up with a possible solution. Tempus Labs was founded in the year 2015 with a mission to consolidate, merge, digitize, as well as clean up all cancer patient’s health records. At the same time, it would enable all physicians to learn from such data and have a better strategy to help patients in future. The company has a well-established data setup for collecting, cleansing, and analyzing molecular and clinical data to incorporate precision medicine.

The main goal for Tempus Labs is to have molecular clinical data for every cancer patient put in one place. As a result, the physicians will have an easy time making real-time and data-driven informed decisions. The integration of this data is a source of a learning platform for the physicians in understanding various patients who have cancer in a year. The data gives a clue on how patients were treated followed by their response towards the treatment. This facilitates informed decision making among the physicians towards the lives of the patients.

Tempus is among the top ten-health technologists in Chicago under Eric Lefkofsky. It is also known for unicorn funding status in the world. Over the years, Tempus has cultivated various partnerships with other health-based organizations, academic institutions, and National Cancer Institute-based Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Many oncologists from those organizations and institutions send patients to Tempus for services such as genomic sequencing. That is when the physicians begin pairing the clinical and molecular data to generate a report that is sent back to those offices.

Alzheimer is the other disease that is predicted to be solved through the big data technology. The disease has received a new approach in naming based on the biological markers like the brain changes. This unique method is not similar to the currently used one. This approach suggests that the patient is absorbed in studies. There are massive diagnosis and treatment going around the disease, which is done as early as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential entrepreneur in Chicago. He is the co-founder of Tempus and Chief Executive Officer for Groupon.

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Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Labs Pave The Way For Molecular Cancer Research

A leading based research company, Tempus Labs, in Chicago Il, is attempting to simplify the tough decisions that doctors must make when deciding what treatment is best for new cancer and Alzheimer’ patients. By collecting molecular DNA/RNA data in one secure location. Doctors all across the nation would be able to tap into this diverse collection of data and be able to make more informed and precise decisions when constructing treatments for new patients. Having this vast array of data at a doctor’s fingers within seconds, would allow him or her to develop a more personalized treatment that is better designed to save the life of the patient.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky, a successful businessman and entrepreneur had the realization that there was better research on product deliver than there was on cancer research. In 2015 Eric Co-founded Tempus Labs. Eric had the insight of what was needed in order to successfully aid doctors across the nation in cancer treatment.

Co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, along with a professional staff that is dedicated to developing molecular data base that will have a global impact on combatting cancer and saving lives. Eric and his amazing staff of doctors, mathematicians, and computational biologist believe that doctors should be provided with the latest and greatest data that can be collected in aiding them in their tough decisions that they must make daily to save the lives of their patients. Eric and his staff or aware that the mortality rates in cancer are still quiet high but are working tirelessly to compile as much molecular data as they can to aid doctors on a global scale. The professionally trained staff of Tempus is hoping that through their collection of molecular data they can help reduce the mortality rates by providing doctors with real time data.

Tempus has partnered with some of the leading academic institutions across the nation and is striving to increase its partnership with all National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive Cancer centers. Having these comprehensive centers send their patients to Tempus for genomic sequencing could possible provide the data and research necessary to help reduce or eliminate cancer.

Realizing the desperate need for more research and data, Tempus Labs and its staff have become a leader in the world of fighting cancer.

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Eric Lefkofsky Initiates Battle With Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a CEO and Co-Founder of Tempus, a company that is engaged in data technology use for the treatment of cancer. Tempus started operating in 2015 and has garnered $130 million funds in support for its operation. It is a system that provides an analytical and interactive platform of information that assists physicians to create a more personal treatment for cancer patients.

By exploring the therapeutic and molecular data along with the incorporation of DNA/RNA genetic classification, physicians are able to derive adequate knowledge and information to administer quick and valid resolutions for patients. The principal objective of the company is to be able to successfully treat current cancer patients from effective treatments that were given before to patients who have the same ailment.

Tempus maintains a close partnerships with numerous academic organizations as well top cancer institutes to have a continuous stream of data for the benefit of individuals with cancer.

Besides being the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is the establishing partner of Lightbank a venture that invests in technologies that will alter the economy, businesses, and life. Lefkofsky is likewise the Co-Founder and Chairman of Groupon an international e-commerce trade place. Moreover, he is the Co-Founder of Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings.

To be able to give back to the less fortunate, Lefkofsky and his wife – Liz, founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the aim to enhance education, the fundamental human rights, art, medicine, and culture that assist in the improvement of people’s lives within the communities beings sponsored by the foundation.

According to Lefkofsky, when he was younger what drove him to succeed was because he wanted to earn a lot of money, however, now that he is already financially stable his focus is centered more on how he will be able to help others through the companies he co-established.

Eric Lefkofsky was raised in the outskirts of Detroit, and took his undergraduate degree at Michigan University is an auxiliary professor with the Chicago’s Booth School of Business University, and he finished his Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree in the University of Michigan Law School.

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CTCA Sharing Valuable Cancer News With WebMD

CTCA is currently sharing some of their valuable cancer news with WebMD to spread the information out to more people. More individuals today are pursuing their health questions with an online Internet search. Since anyone could potentially post misguided and wrong healthcare information on their website, CTCA and WebMD have determined to create a safe site that Internet users can trust for credible healthcare and cancer informative articles. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now a household name for individuals desiring to learn more about cancer. They serve adult cancer patients, and their holistic method of delivering cutting edge treatments has earned respect from many around the globe.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long ago started cancer educational formats on their own well researched website and now on WebMD. CTCA decided to partner with this online site so that their complex and hard to understand at times cancer details could be rewritten so that everyday Internet users can more easily understand the important concepts in the articles. As individuals gain more understanding on healthcare topics like cancer news, it is dearly hoped that these individuals that now recognize suspicious symptoms will call their family physicians for an appointment. A faster diagnosis time almost always favorably gives patients more options in their treatment.

The ability of WebMD to reach a broader and bigger audience has educators at CTCA very encouraged and excited. These shortened articles still provide a wealth of up-to-date cancer treatment news and research details that have just been announced. This type of cancer educational material can not only educate people on the severity of a cancer diagnosis, the information can offer hope too as more patients are seeing a remission or even a cure following some of the latest cancer treatment options available out there.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides phenomenal cancer care and supportive services in their now 5 national hospitals. Patients can get a combined and coordinated cancer treatment plan right under the same roof to make the whole ordeal of fighting cancer just a bit more easier for patients and their families. Those desiring to read up the new cancer technologies and better treatments can now look to WebMD to find some answers. More cancer details and information regarding the latest treatment methods, drug combination therapies and successful side effect of cancer treatment remedies will most likely be printed online very soon.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helps Cancer Patients Navigate Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis for Cancer is a very scary prospect, but it doesn’t need to be so intimidating. Fortunately, there are plenty of different treatment options available to you if you are diagnosed with cancer. Diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship along with caregiver support are designed to help loved ones treat their cancer with effectiveness and compassion. State of the art therapies are designed to directly attack the source of cancer, and ensure that patients are able to survive. An integrative approach featuring the assistance of physicians can eliminate your cancer.

The first thing to remember is that it’s wise to seek a second opinion from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The aim is to help loved ones and patients navigate cancer experience and ensure that caregivers are well-supported. Cancer can and should be fought on multiple levels, in order to maximize the chance of a patient’s survival. All of these factors combine to allow patients the opportunity to maintain the best quality of life possible following a cancer diagnosis.

Some types of cancers are more common than others. Lung cancer affects about 13% of people whom are diagnosed, with over 116,000 men and 105,000 women diagnosed in a year. Cancer commonly affects  prostate, colon, breast, and skin. A second opinion is designed to allow you to have the chance to have another specialist look at your condition to determine the best course of treatment. These second opinions can be very beneficial if you need someone who has an expert opinion to provide assurance and expertise.

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One More Reason to Try Cancer Treatment Centers of America

A Florida based healthcare system is exploding onto the nation’s medical stage. Many patients have heard of the success rates at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. As with any medical care, the right knowledge is key to treating an illness. This healthcare team has paired their talents with those of Nanthealth and Allscripts to plot a new oncology platform within their network. This computerized collection of a myriad of cancer care facts, statistics, various treatment options and recommendations, intensive patient cancer studies, test results interpretations, drug therapies, side effect treatments and factual based cancer care details are all proving to be miraculous in the time saved.

It is much faster to read neat lists that a high tech computer program has already compiled. The doctor still has the final decision, but the time that would have been wasted waiting for tiresome search results can be put to better use elsewhere. There is always something better that a healthcare provider can be doing if they had extra time. Another bonus to this far reaching medical library is the impartiality of the computer. While specialists input various data, the computer does the calculations without regard to prejudiced views. For example, many hospitals favor a certain test that is available there. It is more likely that that test will be ordered as the facility has an interest in utilizing their purchase.

Unbiased opinions with regards to determining the best cancer care route is important. This new detective program takes the guesswork that doctors have always had to use in the past. Now the computer uses real information to decipher which available treatment plans to try and in which order. Even detailed cost expectations can be accessed to allow full transparency of any care going forward. This all leads to better diagnoses and treatments.

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Raised By The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Men aged over 40 are the latest target in the ongoing fight to raise awareness about different forms of cancer being fought by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the Florida based healthcare provider. In a bid to reach as many men as possible with its educational and screening program the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined forces with the National Football League Alumni organization and LabCorp to educate men and provide discounted screening opportunities for eligible males.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting men with an annual number of newly diagnosed cases topping 160,000. The likelihood of a diagnosis is increased within some social groups such as African-American males who are 70 percent more likely to be diagnosed with this form of cancer than white males. The involvement of the NFL will take many different forms over the course of September into October and include a number of former head coaches taking part in public service announcements. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September will see the start of a six-month program offering 2,000 men Prostate Specific Antigen screening for free and those meeting eligibility requirements provided with screenings for just $25.

Headquartered in Florida, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has expanded its reach over recent years with the opening of a number of new facilities after its first facility opened in 1988. First opening its doors in Zion, Illinois before also opening facilities in a number of different states including Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

One of the reasons for the success of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the dedication to bringing non-traditional treatments to cancer patients across the U.S. Traditional surgeries, chemotherapy, and medication-based treatments complemented by nutritional and other alternative therapies.

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Eric Lefkofsky, the fight against cancer crusader

Health care costs have been on the increase in the U.S. An extra $933 billion in 2013 was spent on health care compared to 1996. This has been attributed to the increase in charges on patients’ care. The growth in the general population, as well as aging, has increased health care spending.

Researchers are now focused on breaking down the spending by disease, and the different factors that lead to an increase in disease prevalence. Diabetes recorded highest increase in annual health care spending. Most of the spending was on pharmaceuticals.

Lower back pains, as well as neck pains, followed second in the list. The amount of money spent on taking care of these ailments increased per annum as much as the prevalence remained the same. An increase of 8.5% was recorded in inpatient care annually.

Annual spending on inpatient services increased from $258 billion to a whopping $697 billion. This was despite the efforts made to reduce that amount by $201 billion. The increase in spending was ironic since patients recorded shorter stays in hospitals. Spending went up even though hospitals provided all the necessary care in fewer days. High drug prices have been justified by having to create savings through prevention of hospitalizations. This has not been convincing enough since health care spending keeps increasing.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. The company’s focus is to come up with technological advancements to fight cancer. Lefkofsky and his wife are renowned philanthropists to causes that are aimed at cancer research. Last year they donated about $3 million to various research institutes that are aimed towards fighting cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This charitable foundation aims at positively impacting the lives of the communities that they serve. He serves at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the World Business Chicago as a Trustee. Lefkofsky also serves as a professor at the University of Chicago. He is also a writer, he authored the book Accelerated Disruption. Lefkofsky studied at the University of Michigan’s school of law and got his Juris Doctor.

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New Data Platform Assisting Care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The time spent searching long hours for critical cancer care information and treatment details has just gotten easier for staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They have access to a combined service clinical information and resource data site to speed this process up dramatically. More time will be available for the actual physical care that these cancer patients desperately need. This amazing clinical platform pathway is one more innovative tool available to CTCA and related cancer care advocates and researchers. Patients can use the informative system to stay informed of their personal cancer treatment. This organization had merged talents with Nanthealth and Allscripts.

Now, this comprehensive compilation of data is breaking new barriers in cancer care. Computers and high technological processes are aiding human cancer specialists to better fight each variety of cancer attacks. Supportive services give families of cancer patients and the patients being treated a safe place to let loose of troubling concerns and questions. Therapists, social workers, nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses and other supportive staff are available to assist the patients and supporting families throughout this tough process. Cancer Treatment Centers of America specialize in true holistic care. Every area within each patient’s unique life is assessed and supported with appropriate services and other aid.

The dedicated organization doesn’t want to have the heartbreaking task of turning away cancer patients. They strive to hasten their care, support research endeavors and organize and participate in cancer care fund raisers. There are staff members responsible for educating patients, family members and even the public about cancer statistics, treatment options and new developments as they arise. Soon, they hope to be beyond the reach of cancer deaths. Survival from many cancers is increasing on a daily basis. Remissions are getting longer too. The caring group remains steadfast and hopeful.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman born in the year 1969. His entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated Southfield Lathrup High School in the year 1987. He went ahead and joined the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in the year 1991. He was passionate about education and learning that he receive the juris doctor in the year 1993. In college, he demonstrated a great deal of his ambition for entrepreneurship by selling carpets in the university. In 1993, Eric together with his friend bought a company called the Brandon Apparel.

Eric Lefkofsky ambition did not end there. In 1999, when internet was not as hyped as it is now, he started a company called the Starbelly. The company was mainly focused on promoting products on the internet. He later on started Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics and MediaBank. Moreover, some more of the companies that he has He has been the chief executive officer and founder include: Groupon, Lightbank and also Uptake. With the experiences, Lefkofsky continued to demonstrate his ambitions and skills.

Currently, Lefkofsky is the cofounder and the chief executive officer at Tempus, Inc. tempus was established with the aim of fighting off cancer and helping cancer patients towards their treatment and restoration of their health back. The company provides the physicians with genomic sequencing services which are crucial for understanding cancer and for coming up with excellent diagnosis and prognosis for their patients.

With the increasing number on cancer patients every day in the world, Lefkofsky realized the need for to bring up an organization that would help physicians in dealing with this deadly disease. Tempus therefore provides medics with information necessary for patients with cancer. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and information which helps physicians in treating their patients given that they already have adequate information on the disease.

Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. He, together with his wife Elizabeth established the Lefkofsky Foundation a charity organization in the year 2006. The organization has its focus mainly on children and funds organizations that are keen in supporting scientific and charity. This charity organization is meant to help children and other individuals struggling in different parts of the world.

Additionally, having in the business for a long time, Lefkofsky is passionate about education and the sharing of knowledge from one person to another. He has since taken up a career in teaching business schools, passing his knowledge to students. he has taught at DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business where he teaches applied technology. His passion for education has been seen through his book Accelerated Disruption. In the book he teaches how technology plays a major role in business and how entrepreneurs can use it to their advantage.

Lefkofsky is a passionate entrepreneur whose experiences and ambitions continue being seen in all his endeavors.