Perry Mandera’s Contribution To Chicago

A transportation trade executive having over 3 decades of expertise, Perry Mandera established Custom Companies of Northlake, Illinois. Besides his professional pursuits, Perry Mandera helps Illinois State Crimes Commission, an establishment which in 2010 awarded him the Bishop Sheill Award and in 2011 the Award for Citizens of the Year.

A nonprofit company working along with Police Athletics League, ISCC promotes initiatives which reduce juvenile delinquency and crime while encouraging positive communication between the public and law enforcement. The businesses operations in Chicago include giving hands-on instruction to law enforcement (Phillypurge).

Since starting, the ISCC hosts free seminars all the time covering a wide range of topics like gang violence, a huge problem plaguing lots of communities in Chicago. The organization also offers seminars for tactical training with hand combat, firearms, event management and security and martial arts.

In an extension of their mission to constantly improve and enhance the skills and knowledge of police officers of the Chicago area, ISCC pushes legislation which strengthens existing regulation and reduces crime in the city. The group’s developments in this field have centered on juvenile alcohol and drug possession, sex offenders, impaired driving, and underage violence.

Custom Cares recently got more attention from the news when it gave money to underprivileged families in the winter season. the custom cares organization is a subsidiary of Custom Companies incorporated, founded by Mandera. They are a transportation company in Chicago. Thousands were donated to local families helping buy gifts for the holidays and make winter enchanting for their kids. Perry Mandera is active in other charitable organizations as well, he arranged for tons of clothes to be donated to needy residents across Chicago. Perry Mandera started the Custom Cares Charity as his company philanthropic outlet that causes giving back an essential part of culture in the company.