How To Look Flawless This Fall With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Autumn is approaching, which means quite a number of things: new beginnings, such as new school friends, new weather-inspired wardrobes, new goals to achieve and in some cases, a completely new look.

However, if you are already a unicorn — which is a name given to loyal customers of Lime Crime — then you obviously do not want to change your original and mystical look. If you have never worn Lime Crime makeup before, then this season is the perfect time to begin.

Regardless of whether or not you are a unicorn or a newbie, fall is the ideal time to try out some of the unprecedented brand’s new cosmetic items.

First on the list of new items are the new lip topper diamond crushers. These lip toppers are astoundingly innovative and there are five brand new colors that have been added to the cosmetic line. For the fall, we recommend Gemini, which is a maroon and blue duochrome lip topper. Since fall is a time of deeper and richer colors, we feel that Gemini is the perfect shade from the new diamond crushers selection. However, you can’t go wrong with Heirloom, either. This is such a beautiful shade of ruby pink that will be sure to attract a new romantic partner due to its romantic essence. Besides, it fits the color scheme of fall.

Of course, hair color can change before starting a new school year or even a career. Since autumn is symbolic of new beginnings, we definitely suggest using the unicorn hair dye. There have been eight new shades released to their collection and quite a few fit the bill for fall-inspired hair. First is Aesthetic, which is a gorgeous maroon that is rich like an autumn landscape.

Valentine is a great shade of red, which resembles a fallen leaf from a tree branch. It’s not too much and does just the trick for that new autumn style.

Mint Ice is also a great option. It is a lighter green, but still would be suitable for the fall.

These new cosmetic items are ideal for your new autumn look. Take a look at these products and see what will work best for your new beginning.


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