Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging With A Generous Donation To The Sens Foundation

Biotech research is advancing through Aubrey De Grey and the Sens Foundation because of Jason Hope. The one condition inescapable regardless of health, life habits, income or location is aging. This can lead to life threatening conditions and a lesser quality of life. Diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis become more common. The focus of healthcare is the treatment instead of the prevention. Most research finds ways for patients to deal with their symptoms.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope has a different view. He makes generous donations to research ways to reverse or slow the process of aging. He supports the Sens Foundation for their vital work. In December of 2010 he donated $500,000. Sens assists the public in procuring technology to counteract aging. This could counteract numerous diseases. Biotechnology is about studying and using organic systems or living organisms to improve life. Biotech development includes understanding medicine, healthier food production and agricultural methods.

The Sens Foundation was founded in 2009 for research involving programs to learn and combat aging. The Sens approach repairs living cells in the body to prevent effects caused by aging. The focus is on the causes of the diseases and ailments. They selectively fund organizations at the University of Arizona, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. Their conferences and events reach volunteers, influencers, politicians and donors.

The leader of this nonprofit group is Aubrey de Grey. He has an extensive background in anti-aging. Jason Hope has talked about the Sens Foundation, their work and strategies. He believes they will redefine healthcare and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. He appreciates the fact Sens focuses on finding and repairing damage caused by aging before it leads to diseases and death. His donation enabled the agency to move against illnesses affecting the elderly much faster. He wants to see the population of the world rejuvenated through biotechnology.

The $500,000 donated by Jason Hope is funding the prevention of artery and cell proteins from bonding. This could prevent the hardening of arteries responsible for high blood pressure. The identification of the cause at the cellular level may prevent diseases and conditions often leading to death. Numerous scientists and researchers believe people can live for 1,000 years. This would be possible if the effects of aging were eliminated. The human body would remain healthy for an incredibly long period. The process has a long way to go but thanks to the donation of Jason Hope the Sens Foundation is one step closer.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Market America Presents People With a Plan for Financial Independence

Many people are faced with different dilemmas when it comes to their finances. For one thing, a lot of people are faced with some kind of debt. Often times, it is debt that is going to take years to pay off. While it is possible to pay these debts off, it is the length of time that makes it hard. To make things even harder, some people might lose their source of income. This can send them scrambling to find another main source of income. This can take a long time for people as it depends on many factors. However, there is an alternative to the type of plan that people usually go for.

This plan is Market America. Market America has a plan that can help people cut down on the time it may take for them to pay off their debts and become financially independent. For one thing, they are a business that helps people come up with a plan that is going to bring them unlimited earning potential. Market America is one of the companies that will make sure that it helps people get on their feet. They have a plan that people can get on board that is going to get them making a fortune within a couple of years.

One thing that Market America has that is very effective for unfranchise business owners is a business building program. This program is thorough in all of the steps it goes through for the partner. Therefore, business owners are going to be enjoying some of the greatest successes. For one thing, they will learn about marketing. This means they will learn how to use the different platforms for marketing so that they will maximize the type of success that they can get. As a result, they will gain financial independence.


Make A Great Residual Income From O2Pur E-Cigarettes

Many e-cigarette users love the sophistication of the aroma. Major brands like O2Pur offering hard to find flavors including the classics. You have the option of a variety of flavors that will also let you conveniently blend e-liquids to create your own custom flavor. They also feature the industries top accessories including cartridges and e-juices. Best of all, their superior website portal has a detailed listing of a collection of wholesale products that aren’t available with their competitors. You can also make a great residual income from one of your favorite past-time hobbies by marketing e-cigarettes.

How To Begin A Start-Up With E-Cigarettes

Think of all the reasons you decided to start using e-cigarettes, the flavor the convenience, right? These are all the reasons for you to promote your own products in a start-up with O2Pur to back you every step of the way with all of your marketing tools and affiliate support. Websites like Spotify will let you start a e-commerce store and begin taking payments in under a week as a partner. For a small fee from a percentage from the sale of your merchandise, many online websites will do all the technical work for you to easily sell your e-cigarettes.

The best way to promote your products is by letting your customers know you carry the flavors that ate hard to find with other retailers. Ironically, the savings they pass down to you options retailer, creates savings options for your customers. Pass down the benefits of saving on e-juices, e-liquids, vaporizers, and more with a partnership with the leading e-cigarette retailers. In fact, you don’t have to use e-cigarettes to discover it’s a great opportunity to make a residual income to save money or take a well deserved vacation.

You can have fun with an e-cigarette partnership because they offer great customer support features 24 hours a day to support your starter business. E-cigarettes was among the top 10 business ideas for 2017 as a part of a $135 million dollar industry. Become a partner with the popular O2Pur e-cigarette affiliate program today

Anthony Petrello Is A Grounded Businessman

Anthony Petrello grew up in a small town in New Jersey and today is a super successful entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer. He works for a drilling company called Nabors Drilling as their Chairman of the Board, President, Executive Committee, and Chief Executive Officer. They just so happen to be the world’s biggest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor with plants in the Middle East, Far East, United States, and Africa.

In 2014 Anthony Petrello was called the best paid CEO in the United States making close to $70 million dollars. He wasn’t always that rich though growing up in a small town called Newmark in the state of New Jersey. His parents were not made of money and had a hard time making ends meet. This meant Tony would have to work hard to make better life for himself and that is what he did. The great thing about Newmark is that it is a working class town that instilled ethic and honor into the young Petrello. He also learned to work hard, have good values, and integrity. Anthony was also a very intelligent child and mastered calculus at a young age. He would study textbooks hours on end each day. Mathematics seemed to be his thing and he received full scholarship to Yale University where he got a Bachelor and Master of Science in Mathematics.

With a talent for math Anthony Petrello attracted the likes of Serge Lang, mathematical theorist who said the Tony was a brilliant young mind. They ended up working together on math problems and theories. The gifted student had a change of heart and went into a completely different direction. He changed majors, but continued on his educational pursuits at Harvard Law School where he received a Juris Doctor. After his schooling ended he married his college sweetheart and they are still together decades later.

Anthony worked for a number of companies and corporations but made the hugest impact at Nabors Drilling company. Working for the company 30 Mr. Petrello climbed the ranks of the top positions at the company including CEO. Even though he is a top dog and makes lots of money in the process, Anthony is still down to earth and often gives back to the community. Petrello and his wife have given away millions of dollars to charities every year, one in particular being the Texas Children’s Hospital.

How Omar Yunes is Changing the Outlook in Mexico

After visiting Japan and seeing how they loved their sushi, Omar Yunes wanted to bring the same thing to Mexico. He thought it would be a great idea to have a sushi chain like they had in Japan because it was a way for him to try and help other people. As an entrepreneur Omar Yunes knew things would continue to get better for himself while he was working to make things easier for the people of Mexico. He also knew people wanted different type of food so he did what he could to make sure he was actually giving them what they were looking for.

Since Omar Yunes was an entrepreneur to start with, he knew he would have a chance to actually make a difference in the food scene in Mexico City. It was part of who he was so he chose to commit himself to the process of making the best Sushi Itto franchise possible. The idea that Omar Yunes was going to actually make a big difference for the people who were in Mexico City was also something that motivated him to keep doing what he could on his own with the restaurant.

Now that Sushi Itto is extremely successful, Omar Yunes knows he can keep doing the same thing. He has found a business that he likes so he can stick to it. He also knows things will keep getting better as long as he is working hard on his restaurant. He has tried his best to make things better for the people who are in the same part of Mexico City as him so they will have a chance to try Sushi Itto.

Another thing Omar Yunes did with Sushi Itto was winning an entrepreneur of the year award. This award is given out to the best entrepreneurs in different categories for going above and beyond what a normal entrepreneur would do. It is for franchisers mostly which is what made it easy for Omar Yunes to win the award. Since he was great at owning his own franchise. He knew just what it took.

To Learn More : https://angel.co/omar-yunes

Omar Yunes Promoting Franchise-Franchisee Relationship

In the recent Best Franchisee of the Word (BFW) contest held in Florence, Italy Omar Yunes of the Sushi Itto franchisee was named the Best Franchisee in the world. The Mexican emerged the winner of the award in the decorated event because of his contributions to the growth and success of the Japanese food chain. The event was graced by businessmen from 34 countries all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Hungary, France, and Italy.

In the event, individual franchisees were evaluated on the basis of their contribution to the network. Some features that were looked into included the influence of a brand on the network, employee motivation, and improvement proposed by members to the model. Omar won the prize because of because of his contributions to the franchise-franchisee relationship. He manages information and executes the control panels properly for proper management of each of his units.

Mr. Yunes interest in the food business emerged while he was young. At the age of 21 years, Omar Yunes signed up and started being a franchisee of the Japanese food chain. He currently owns 13 franchised units situated in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. His 23 units are equal to 10% of the total units owned by the brand which operates more than 90 brands in Mexico. He has employed more than 400 employees in the units. The second position on the contest went to Ivan Tamer of the Prendamex franchisee also from Mexico. Mr. Talmer not only provided but also implemented useful tools for maintaining an appropriate marketing system.

After the wards, Omar Yunes acknowledged that the prize was a clear indication of the hard work and efforts put forward by the executive staff and employees of the Sushi Itto brand. His units offer customers outstanding services and excellent unique hospitality. Omar believes that motivating the employees is key to ensure the business succeeds. He, therefore, awards his employees with gifts, promotions, and sometimes money to motivate them. Omar Yunes is an active entrepreneur in the food industry. His prominence is also owed to the fact that his family members are involved in politics.

To Read More : about.me/omar.yunes.marquez

Anthony Petrello’s Philanthropic Acts

The name Anthony Petrello is common in most American households even though he doesn’t feature in televisions as politicians do. He is among the most selfless CEOs and full of generous acts. Anthony was not born rich neither were his parents wealthy. Struggle and hard work characterized his early life as he tried to make it to the top. Anthony grew up in Newark in a neighborhood where hard work was appreciated by all; this environment instilled the culture of respect to employment in Anthony.

Anthony believes that life is a miracle and his eight years old daughter, Carena is a miracle to him and his wife, Cynthia. Carena was born prematurely at 24 weeks, and the story got worse when the doctor diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia. Anthony is the CEO of the largest oil company and gas drilling company in the US, and again he is among the well-paid CEOs in the country.

Carena’s condition has made Anthony extend a helping hand to Texas children hospital which is just in his neighborhood. In 2007 Mr. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia contributed $50 million to facilitate the creation of Jan Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute in Texas children hospital. The couple had earlier in 2006 donated $7 million to enable research on the cause of the neurological disorder. They hope that children with periventricular leukomalacia will be able to live a good life just like any other child.

The challenge of finding treatment for Carena gave Anthony and Cynthia the ability to face challenges with a winning mentality. Anthony has also used lots of his dollars in charitable organizations across America.

Anthony Petrello was a keen student; he got his first degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Yale University, he went ahead and graduated with Masters of Science in Mathematics from the same university. His other degree in Juris Doctor is from Harvard University.

Anthony Petrello started career at Baker and McKenzie a law firm that its focus was on taxation, general corporate laws, and international arbitration. He worked for the company for 12 seven years and left when he was the managing partner in 1991. When he resigned from that group, he moved to Nabors Industries where he has worked up to date. Anthony went up the ladder in Nabors Industries since 1991 and became the CEO.

Anthony Petrello believes that his success is not entirely his effort but a combination of hard work and support from his wife Cynthia and colleagues.

For details: www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324392804578358772612205556

The Launch Of Fabletics And Its Subsequent Success

When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler realized that women preferred athletic wear due to its availability and affordability, they saw a business venture that had not been perturbed before. By recognizing the demand that was portrayed by the women, they embarked on a partnership business mission that saw them co-found the Fabletics business empire. Their primary purpose was to create a clothing line that was affordable, functional, and fashionable to all genres of women.

The co-founders focused more on the demand that was portrayed by the women rather than the state of the market. Though the quality of the clothes was abysmal, the founders embarked on a searching process that would allow them to find someone fit to design an outfit that looked exceptionally good without necessarily spending a fortune on designing the clothes. The company settled on actress Kate Hudson. The decision reached was based on the appealing nature of Kate and her ability to communicate effectively with different people. This allowed her to create a robust working relationship with the clients.

Just like any other business venture, the Fabletics business was not an easy job to start and manage. As a matter of fact, Don Ressler encountered financial woes in his desire to design a complex yet affordable and desired clothing line. Thanks to his focus, experience in the fashion industry, and his determination to grow, he was able to improve his clothing line, and more people who were using the clothes were quite happy with the outcome. One thing that enabled Don Ressler and his Fabletics company to succeed and the rest to fail was the fact that Don was more versed in online marketing and promotion. This enabled him to reach out to a large number of clients regardless of their location.

Apart from this, new clients were allowed to purchase new Fabletics at a flat rate price of $50 a month. This, was however only possible if the client joined the VIP Club. This marketing plan allowed the company to get its own set of new clients as well as retain the previous clients.

The initial success strategy of the company and the desire to have a different set of clothing enabled it to grow accordingly. The success allowed the company to consider the development of clothes that were meant for plus-sized women. The Fabletics company believes that it has what it takes to provide the plus-sized women with the type of clothes that they deserve. Apart from this, if the client might be looking to lose weight, the company has put in place incentives to oversee the weight loss process.

Sheldon Lavin Knows the Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent figure in the business realm. He works as the proud CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of Chicago, Illinois’ OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is a famed meat processing business that accommodates food and retail service clients alike. It was established in 1909 in the Windy City and is currently headquartered in nearby Aurora.

Lavin is an alumnus of both Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He studied finance and accounting while a student. He also attended Chicago’s Roosevelt University. He earned a business B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from the private institution.

This respected executive certainly has many duties as the head of OSI Group. He keeps busy with numerous other efforts, too. He’s been at the helm of a financial consulting company for more than 15 productive years now. This firm is known as “Sheldon Lavin and Associates.” It has a convenient and easily accessible location in bustling downtown Chicago.

Lavin is a professional who has a commitment to expanding OSI Group and making it stronger and stronger by the day. He helps the company expand in other parts of the planet, notably Asia and Europe. Lavin focuses heavily on innovation and advancements of all kinds.

People know that Lavin is an individual who is fully devoted to his career and to the food processing universe as a whole. He’s also someone who believes in the wonders of charity. He’s helped Ronald McDonald House Charities for over a quarter of a century so far. He gives his attention to seemingly countless other charitable organizations as well. Lavin is the Sheba Foundation’s Director and President. This foundation concentrates on helping families. Lavin is also associated with groups such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Rush University Medical Center.

Lavin used to work in investment banking. He’s been a meat professional for many decades now, however. This showcases his well-rounded personality and abilities. Lavin is an example of an individual who has plenty of determination on his side. OSI Group used to be a tiny hamburger business. His guidance and expertise, though, transformed it into the international presence it is today. OSI Group has a staff that consists of more than 20,000 individuals. Lavin has the temperament necessary to motivate large numbers of people. He inspires them by setting a positive example and by being a good role model day in and day out.

Sheldon Lavin’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin


Contributions of Jim Tananbaum to Neuropsychiatric Treatment

Mindstrong Health is a competitive organization founded by Jim Tananbaum. The core objective of Mindstrong Health is to use Smartphone technology to diagnose and help in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. CEO, Jim Tananbaum recently secured $14 million in Series A round of financing to boost its services of treating neuropsychiatric patients. Investors in this project include Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures, Berggruen Holdings, and One Mind Brain Health. Speaking in an interview, Jim Tananbaum expressed his confidence that Mindstrong Health is determined to provide the most powerful technique of improving mental care.

Mindstrong’s technology stands out because of its consistent feature of bringing to the surface the critical challenges experienced by patients suffering from cognitive health disorders. Also, Jim Tananbaum relied on the collective experience and technical vision of experts such as Paul, Rick, and Tom collaborating to develop a platform that will offer an improved means of providing care to patients suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the chief executive founder of Foresite Capital. He is an outstanding leader with 25 years of healthcare entrepreneurial and investing experience. Before he became the executive founder of Foresite Capital, he used to be a CEO of high profile firms such as Prospect Venture Partners II and III as well as Theravance with a current market capital of $3.5 billion. Additionally, Tananbaum has previously managed other investments like Amira Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Bristol Myers-Squibb), Amerigroup (IPO), Healtheon, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals (IPO). Not to forget, Jim Tananbaum was recently recognized by Forbes Midas for the third consecutive year for his efforts in tech investments. Visit Bloomberg for more details.

Tananbaum holds BS and BSEE degrees from Yale School of Engineering. Jim is a graduate of Harvard University where he earned his M.D and M.B.A. Also, he obtained his M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Besides his studies, Jim served on various advisory boards and visiting committees such as Harvard-MIT’s HST program and is the was once president of Yale’s Advisory Council. Lastly, he is determined to promote elements of all aspects of his career to advance unique investment platforms in the globe. You can search him on Google for more details.

Click here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/foresite-capital-b9b972139/