Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Successful Career as one of America’s Top Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden has earned a sterling reputation as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the United Stated. Cosmetic surgery has always been a field that is heavily dominated by male surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of just eight hundred board-certified plastic surgeons in all of the country. This number is staggeringly low. She has been published speaking about this fact. She states that since plastic surgery takes several years longer before you can practice, many women weight the options of putting off having kids and chose a simpler specialty.

Dr. Walden says that although she consistently has to prove herself, she has no problem with that as she is aware of her skills. After establishing a highly successful practice in Manhattan where her research on implants was published and nationally recognized, she decided to relocate her practice to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She has two sons and wanted them to be closer to family.

However, a little bit of research will show that she is now one of the top cosmetic surgeons in all of Texas. At first, she worried that the market for cosmetic surgery wasn’t as large as Dallas or Houston. Yet, women now drive from those cities just to see her because of her sterling reputation.

She has received hundreds of reviews from past patients regarding not only her surgical skillset, but her patient bedside manner. It is clear that she goes above and beyond for her patients. I personally believe that reviews are the best way to judge a doctor. Not only does the patient have to go out of their way to write the review, but it is honesty from people who have been through a similar experience that you are looking for. This makes the reviews more valuable than any type of marketing. His facebook page

CTCA Sharing Valuable Cancer News With WebMD

CTCA is currently sharing some of their valuable cancer news with WebMD to spread the information out to more people. More individuals today are pursuing their health questions with an online Internet search. Since anyone could potentially post misguided and wrong healthcare information on their website, CTCA and WebMD have determined to create a safe site that Internet users can trust for credible healthcare and cancer informative articles. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now a household name for individuals desiring to learn more about cancer. They serve adult cancer patients, and their holistic method of delivering cutting edge treatments has earned respect from many around the globe.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long ago started cancer educational formats on their own well researched website and now on WebMD. CTCA decided to partner with this online site so that their complex and hard to understand at times cancer details could be rewritten so that everyday Internet users can more easily understand the important concepts in the articles. As individuals gain more understanding on healthcare topics like cancer news, it is dearly hoped that these individuals that now recognize suspicious symptoms will call their family physicians for an appointment. A faster diagnosis time almost always favorably gives patients more options in their treatment.

The ability of WebMD to reach a broader and bigger audience has educators at CTCA very encouraged and excited. These shortened articles still provide a wealth of up-to-date cancer treatment news and research details that have just been announced. This type of cancer educational material can not only educate people on the severity of a cancer diagnosis, the information can offer hope too as more patients are seeing a remission or even a cure following some of the latest cancer treatment options available out there.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides phenomenal cancer care and supportive services in their now 5 national hospitals. Patients can get a combined and coordinated cancer treatment plan right under the same roof to make the whole ordeal of fighting cancer just a bit more easier for patients and their families. Those desiring to read up the new cancer technologies and better treatments can now look to WebMD to find some answers. More cancer details and information regarding the latest treatment methods, drug combination therapies and successful side effect of cancer treatment remedies will most likely be printed online very soon.

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Sussex Healthcare – Senior Living Home Is Exceptional

If you are a senior living in the UK, you might be feeling that it is time to move to a different environment in case you need care. This happens to a lot of people because they can’t do the things that they used to do. It is usually do to aging or and injury, and you should be aware of the places that you can choose from to help you.

One of the best places that you can turn to is Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is known for its exceptional ability to help those that are aging to get the medical attention that they need and feel safe. At Sussex Healthcare you will receive both and a lot more.

Sussex Healthcare has the best medical care that is available. They also have physical therapy for those that might need it. Another great way that Sussex Healthcare helps seniors is to give them the ability to meet other people by joining groups that they are interested in. With other friends that are their own age, they will be able to feel like they are part of a group again. Many people feel like they are separated from the rest of the people because they can’t do the same things as they used to. At Sussex Healthcare, they will be able to still join in on all the fun and make friends again.

If you are interested in learning more about Sussex Healthcare, you will be able to get all the answers that you need from the staff that they have. They are trained professionals that can give you all of the answers to the questions that you might have, including those about finances. You will be able to feel comfortable with them.

Having the best care is hugely important, and with Sussex Healthcare, you will receive that. You will find that the people that live and work there are wonderful, and they will assist you in anything that you might need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/

Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA is a licensed doctor of medicine and surgery. At Tulane university medical school, he pursued his career of being a doctor, and upon completion, he joined his father where he familiarized himself with medicine. After practicing for a short while, Mark launched McKenna venture investment, a firm that deals with real estate planning and financing. As time passed by, he acquired universal mortgage lending and uptown title.

On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans and most of the McKenna businesses, despite an aggravating loss, he still dared to rebuild of New Orleans by redeveloping of low-moderate income housing ideal for people affected by the hurricane. In November 2007, he relocated to Atlanta, GA and launched Shape Med, a wellness, and aesthetic based medical practice.

Being from New Orleans, Mark McKenna spent most of his time working for the community and lobbying for better conditions of the patient. Due to his passion for community service, he scaled up the heights of success both in his career and business. After completing his bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery, Mark had a chance to work with his father in the field of medicine for a short while. At that time, he was running his real estate development company, McKenna Venture Investment. It is blatant from his interview that he is dedicated to his career and family.

He started OVME due to the motivation from challenges that affected the medical aesthetics industry. Even though some people attribute his success to finishing school earlier, he believes that speed of finishing up schooling is not always the road to success. Throughout the interview, any individual would not help but notice how humble and focused he is. His words resound with those of successful people; surrounding oneself with smart folks and setting goals in life.

Besides liking his job, it is evident from his responses that he is a voracious leader. Some populaces might see him as an icon of success; however, he too has some figures of success he looks up to. Definitely, such individuals are a flicker of hope in the midst of bleak economic times especially when it comes to housing and dropping household income.

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Jennifer Walden Is The Face Of Plastic Surgery In Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden has based his medical practice in Austin, Texas. The plastic surgeon received her education at the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston. Jennifer did her internship at the Manhattan ENT Hospital. After completing her academics, Jennifer Walden began her journey in the career of cosmetic surgery in the city of New York. Later, Jennifer had to relocate to Austin, Texas to open her clinic and be close to her children.

Besides handling customers with plastic surgery needs every day, Jennifer Walden is also involved in publishing. She has co-authored a book that shares insights in the field of cosmetic surgery.
For close to a decade, Jennifer Walden has been providing aesthetic medicine solutions in Texas. She specializes in cosmetic procedures such as breast implants (augmentations), eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, and facelifts. She also offers weight management solutions such as liposuctions which are performed on one’s abdomen, hands or thighs to remove extra fat from the tissues. Jennifer Walden has also specialized in non-invasive surgical procedures such as Botox injections and soft tissue fillers.

Several reasons make Jennifer Walden stand out, one of them being that she is the woman who chose to venture into a male-dominated industry. Many women shy away from medical professions because they require one to be in class for a long time. In the case of cosmetic surgery, a woman has to shelve plans such as marriage and childbearing to concentrate on their education. In as much as Jennifer Walden found herself in an industry that has few female professionals, she feels like she is best suited to provide efficient solutions. Most of her customers are women and who else can understand women better if it’s not another woman. Dr. Jennifer Walden has received recognition from the various organization for her impressive performance in plastic surgery.

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Lifeline Screening Prepare Yourself For Screening With These Tips

Many people do go about their lives without getting too concerned about their health. Even if they feel there are few things about their health that might need some medical advice, they tend to keep it for later. It is how the problem continues to develop into a much bigger one until the problem becomes irreversible. One should always be careful with their health and ensure that they go for regular health screening. It would help in finding out any health concerns that might be underlying for many days or months, and in some cases even years. It is always suggested that you keep in contact with your physician and inform them about any symptoms health issues that you might be facing.

Going for health screening at regular intervals has many benefits, and one of the biggest benefits is that it would help in detecting the presence of any deadly disease. In many cases, it has been seen that the patient could have been saved if he or she would have consulted with the doctor earlier on. Starting the treatment as soon as the presence of disease is identified can be very helpful. The doctors these days prescribe comprehensive health check-up at least once a year, and it may vary from person to person. Lifeline Screening is one of the biggest names in the world of screening services providers and provides testing for many different diseases, health conditions, and body parts. It is one of the most trusted service providers in the United States and has carried out over eight million screenings so far since its inception in 1993.

If you are going for health screening at Lifeline Screening, make sure that you haven’t eaten anything four hours before screening. Also, the meal you have before four hours of testing should be light and healthy and must not be too gassy or oily. The clothes you wear the screening at Lifeline Screening must be mild and comfortable, and avoid wearing multi-layered clothing. Women must avoid wearing pantyhose and men must avoid wearing Hoodies and turtlenecks. If you are an athlete, make sure that you do not take any protein shake, health supplement or metabolism boosting medicine or supplement before the screening. If you are under medication for any health concerns, you can continue to have it. Also, make sure that you do not put on any oil or lotion on your body before the screening.

For details: www.naifa.org/practice-resources/prp/lifeline-screening

Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman born in the year 1969. His entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated Southfield Lathrup High School in the year 1987. He went ahead and joined the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in the year 1991. He was passionate about education and learning that he receive the juris doctor in the year 1993. In college, he demonstrated a great deal of his ambition for entrepreneurship by selling carpets in the university. In 1993, Eric together with his friend bought a company called the Brandon Apparel.

Eric Lefkofsky ambition did not end there. In 1999, when internet was not as hyped as it is now, he started a company called the Starbelly. The company was mainly focused on promoting products on the internet. He later on started Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics and MediaBank. Moreover, some more of the companies that he has He has been the chief executive officer and founder include: Groupon, Lightbank and also Uptake. With the experiences, Lefkofsky continued to demonstrate his ambitions and skills.

Currently, Lefkofsky is the cofounder and the chief executive officer at Tempus, Inc. tempus was established with the aim of fighting off cancer and helping cancer patients towards their treatment and restoration of their health back. The company provides the physicians with genomic sequencing services which are crucial for understanding cancer and for coming up with excellent diagnosis and prognosis for their patients.

With the increasing number on cancer patients every day in the world, Lefkofsky realized the need for to bring up an organization that would help physicians in dealing with this deadly disease. Tempus therefore provides medics with information necessary for patients with cancer. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and information which helps physicians in treating their patients given that they already have adequate information on the disease.

Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. He, together with his wife Elizabeth established the Lefkofsky Foundation a charity organization in the year 2006. The organization has its focus mainly on children and funds organizations that are keen in supporting scientific and charity. This charity organization is meant to help children and other individuals struggling in different parts of the world.

Additionally, having in the business for a long time, Lefkofsky is passionate about education and the sharing of knowledge from one person to another. He has since taken up a career in teaching business schools, passing his knowledge to students. he has taught at DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business where he teaches applied technology. His passion for education has been seen through his book Accelerated Disruption. In the book he teaches how technology plays a major role in business and how entrepreneurs can use it to their advantage.

Lefkofsky is a passionate entrepreneur whose experiences and ambitions continue being seen in all his endeavors.

Life Line Screenings is Looking Out for You

There are many ways that men can prevent medical conditions. Just by exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating well, many symptoms and problems can be avoided, but even then sometimes symptoms can arise. Many symptoms are often ignored or are somewhat unnoticeable. That is why screenings are so important and more information click here.

Getting plenty of exercise can boost the amount of dopamine levels in the brain, stimulate the thyroid gland, and can lessen blood pressure as well as reduce cholesterol in the blood. It will also promote the formation of new memories and can even improve social bonding.

Getting enough sleep such as seven hours a night, can be beneficial but getting too much sleep such as over ten hors can actually cause fatigue and affect the brain’s ability to function properly and learn more about Life Line Screening.

It’s important to mention symptoms to your doctor when you go, in order to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Even if it may seem like a minor thing, be sure to mention it anyway and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Life line Screenings can screen for many things and can even detect things such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and can help to evaluate the condition of the prostate gland. It’s important to get screened sooner than later because it is always easier to deal with ailments in their early stages rather than later on. Life Line Screenings are ideal for many things such as detecting vitamin D levels, finding your level of testosterone, examining the cholesterol level in the blood, and many other important things.

Life line Screenings are quick, simple, and non-invasive. The testing is conducted by capable, trained, and professional staff and the results are always kept confidential and Life Line Screening on Facebook.

Line Screenings are intended for getting their patients on the track to a healthy life and for finding anything, if it exists, before it worsens.

Life Line Screening and the Significance of a Proactive Approach to Health Care

As per the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.6 million people perish every year within the United States. Almost seven out of ten of such deaths are caused by chronic diseases and most of them can be prevented. Even though death and disease are normally not avoided in life, modern medicine has provided us a wealth of knowledge and tools with which to resist the larger part of health issues experienced. Particularly, preventive healthcare entails blood tests, vascular tests, ultrasounds and proper treatment earliest possible.
Preventive care has its benefits. The proactive approach assists in avoiding more advance and costly issues later.

Life Line Screening thus provides preventive care services to inspect your body, evaluate your main body systems and closely monitor the signs of trouble. Taking a proactive duty in managing of health provides various benefits as illnesses and diseases can be identified early enough, usually, before you start showing symptoms. In some conditions, diseases can also be identified and stopped before they develop. Preventive screening likewise identifies numerous health risk issues, permitting you to make simple lifestyle alterations that may prevent or slow the development of particular health conditions. The proactive approach could also have a financial advantage which potentially saves dollars in medical expenses.

Life Line Screening is the biggest health service organization in the nation committed to screening patients for vascular associated illnesses. The company has presently screened more than eight million individuals and retains an array of certified board experts who check each ultrasound to come up with precise readings and results.

Life Line Screening provides services that go deeper than standard physical. They apply a unique algorithm that takes all patients suitability for screening into consideration. The facility also checks individuals who may not detect any symptoms but with various risk issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, family history and high cholesterol.

Life Line Screening provides a broad range of non-invasive testing methods to evaluate risk factors of every patient and their possibility of developing different cardiovascular methods. Such tests entail painless ultrasounds of the abdominal aorta and carotid arteries. The other is measuring of ankle brachial index enabling the specialist to verify whether a patient is suffering from the peripheral vascular disease.

Life Line Screening Social Media: www.linkedin.com/company/life-line-screening

USHEALTH Group: Insurance that is Available to Everyone

Assurance in everything is what most people needed. No one could possibly tell us what will happen tomorrow, so preparedness is always a key element to survive. In our world today, people are taking a lot of risks just to go to their schools, workplaces, or any other places, and there are also risks that are being taken in any given circumstances. That is why a lot of people are turning their eyes and investing in health insurances. Today, especially in the developed world, health insurances are considered to be a necessity and every employee and employer is encouraged to own at least one plan. Competition is alive and well among health insurance companies, as they battle on who should lead the market with the best health insurance plans.

USHEALTH Group is one of the leaders of the health insurance industry, and they owe their success to a large number of clients who have put their trust on them, because of how complete, affordable and beneficial their health insurance plans are. Established in Fort Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group have grown tremendously from the previous years. With its 15 million strong customers, the company managed to develop some other subsidiaries, which are the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, and another one which bears the name National Foundation Life Insurance – both offering great plans that caters to what their clients really need. What is good about USHEALTH Group is that they have available plans to everyone – whether you’re an employee, the boss, a businessman, or a simple family member – they have the best, the most complete and the most affordable health plan that you can consider.

First timers or those who are unfamiliar with how health insurance works do not need to worry, as USHEALTH Group also has trained, professional agents who are willing to educate and inform those who are still unsure of what packages they should take. USHEALTH Group cares about what their customers think about them, and first impression lasts, so they are doing the best that they can to assure that their potential clients would be presented with the plans that they need the most, along with complete explanation as to why they should take these particular packages. They think of every new customer as an established one, thus, creating this connection full of trust, which is a vital element in this rising industry. Click here to know more.

The kind of approach that USHEALTH Group is showing only proves that they would come a very long way from where they are now. The combination of company leadership, customer care and innovative products goes well that it managed to make USHEALTH Group one of the most trusted health insurance companies in the US.

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