Drew Madden Founds a New Company, Evergreen

Drew Madden went to the University of Iowa where he graduated with BSE in Industrial Engineering. Drew Madden has a lot of interest in Electronic Medical Records. The IT entrepreneur has collaborated with the best in the industry to offer solutions to the challenges faced by the companies through troubleshooting and implementation.

Drew is the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare. He also worked as the vice president of Nordic Consulting Partners for seven months before he became the president and worked in the same position for four years.

Drew Madden also worked as the Regional Sales Director of Ingenix Consulting and was responsible for the sales and business development of the company. He helped to build a good brand for the Nordic while at work, and consequently, the company has a high profile in the market. It has grown its workforce capacity to eight hundred employees from the initial ten. It is recognized as one of the best employers for job seekers and the leading consultants for those who are in need of their services.

Today, Nordic is one of the leading consulting companies in the world, and it has received several KLAS awards for its excellence. The company has been ranked as position one for its epic service implementation in 2014 and 2012. The annual revenue of Nordic also grew from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annually. The impact of Drew Madden’s excellent leadership skills has seen the company grow steadily over the years and even in his absence, the company continues to sustain itself because of the good foundation that he laid before his departure.

Drew Madden has partnered with other entrepreneurs to form Evergreen. This is a healthcare consulting firm that adopts digital record systems and epic systems. More information can be found on the company’s website which indicates that it is an advisory firm for specialized healthcare. Its main focus is health records, but it also seeks to provide broader healthcare technology.

Drew Madden is dedicated to creating a unique company culture and promoting teamwork among staff. His priority is the formation of client partnerships and fostering trust.