Goettl Medium Helps to Keep People Safe and Comfortable in Their Homes

People are usually quick to take note when a building doesn’t have climate control during harsher weather. At the same time, few really give much thought to the fact that there’s people suffering from lack of climate control in far harsher environments. It’s rough living most places without some form of climate control. But it’s especially difficult in severe environments such as Las Vegas.

Nobody understands that better than people in the climate control industry. Which is why Goettl Air Conditioning has stepped in to help out a family in Las Vegas. The Stephenson family had been living without air conditioning, heat or even toilet facilities for about a decade. They’d been forced to essentially locate themselves in their home depending on the season. When Michael Gamst, the manager at Goettl Air Conditioning heard about that he knew that something needed to be done. So he quickly installed an AC and heating system into the family’s home free of charge. What’s most impressive about the change is that it’s expected to cut the family’s electricity costs by half. It’s an altruistic gesture that’s also proof of an important concept. People often think that comfort comes with cost. But extra care for a more permanent solution often ends up being a surprisingly efficient cost cutting measure when it’s done by experts.

And experts are exactly what one finds when looking at Goettl Air Conditioning. The company’s track record dates almost as far back as the existence of HVAC systems. HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning services can be a challenge in almost any environment. HVAC is especially difficult in harsh environments which offer both extremes of temperature. And given that the company began in Arizona it’s easy to see why they have a lot of experience dealing with those extremes. Arizona has a combination of harsh highs and freezing lows that one will often find in the desert.

The company now has multiple locations to best serve the needs of their clients. And all of this continues to be run under the banner of a family business. The grandsons of Adam Goettl continue to run the company in a manner which would make their grandfather proud. Whether it’s taking care of high temperatures or low they’ve been able to demonstrate that they’re up to any challenge the local weather has to offer.