USHealth Group Inc. and Versatile Insurance Coverage

As a leader in insurance and health care, USHealth Group Inc. works to provide the most cost-effective insurance solutions to their valued clients. But, the dedication of this outstanding company does not end there. They have worked to provide more innovative options and versatile coverage to fit the needs of a diverse and unique population here in the United States and abroad.


It boggles the mind to consider how much time, research and cautious planning takes place to produce the precise insurance solution to a wide range of needs. Every possible life event from the advent of disease or critical health conditions to the day-to-day medical assistance that keeps the human body functioning at optimal capacity has bespoke coverage product.


One of their most impressive policy options is their Premiere Choice option. This product has received much acclaim as the most innovative insurance product available. Its precision design for ultimate customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the insurance world.


To produce such a bespoke solution, USHealth Group took the needs of the customer and then produced a solution that not only met the needs in every way, but exceeds these needs as well. This ensures that the coverage suits the needs of the customer as their personal needs dictate.


This is made possible by allowing the customer to take control of their insurance options. The specially designed coverage allows the client to supplement their plan and take advantage of the services they need. There is no loss of benefits due to coverage rollover. In the medical realm, this type of coverage is solid gold.


The actions of their rising leader in insurance coverage has raised the standards for the insurance community as a whole. With each coming year, their level of service, comprehensive coverage and standards for customer attention and focus rise higher and higher.


In 2016, USHealth Group was honored with over ten prestigious awards, among them was the prestigious Stevie Award given to the most innovative ”company” each year. The Stevie Award is an international celebration of business achievements and positive efforts for their clients and the world.


About USHealth Group


At the helm of the USHealth Group Enterprise is Troy Mcquagge, the visionary leader who has guided the company to providing healthcare and insurance to over 15 million individuals across the planet. He personally accepted the Stevie Award in 2016 saying he was proud and honored to be recognized for their quality effort year after year. “These types of rewards prove that true excellence is not some stroke of luck, but a consistent effort”, says Troy Mcquagge.


USHealth Group has been located in Ft. worth Texas for the last 50 years. They have also had a shining history of supporting military and veterans among the many other clients they help out each year.