Investing Expert Paul Mampilly Achieves Research Service Milestone

Paul Mampilly is an investing expert in the financial industry who retired as a hedge fund manager. One of his biggest achievements as a hedge fund manager took place in 2009 when he was a participant in an investment challenge held by the Templeton Foundation. At the start of the competition, each investor had $50 million to invest and whoever made the most money by the end of the competition was declared the winner. With a final value of $88 million, Mampilly earned the top result and won the competition.

Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter and research service that Paul Mampilly issues on a weekly basis. Profits Unlimited recently achieved a milestone, surpassing 60,000 subscribers which made it one of the top financial newsletters in the business. Each issue features a new stock that Paul Mampilly recommends his subscribers investing in. Afterward, he updates the performance of each stock showing how it has fared in the market. Readers, who invest in these stocks through their own portfolios which are not managed by Mampilly, have reported fantastic results with some earning as much as a 38% return. Of the 13 stocks he has recommended so far, 11 have been profitable.

After leaving Wall Street, Paul Mampilly set out to help average American’s invest. He focuses on small-cap stocks, growth investing, companies in the technology industry, and other investment opportunities for building wealth. Profits Unlimited issued its first edition in 2016 and has a history now of 11 months of being published.

As he has achieved financial success, Paul Mampilly believes in philanthropy. He has volunteered his time as a teacher, including at the Working In Support of Education organization. He has also volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the city of New York, serving as a Big Brother for a young boy.

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David Giertz Keeps Providing People With a Higher Class of Financial Advice

Many people in business today are looking for ways to expand their market share in the field. David Giertz is the type of person who is ready and willing to help others in these areas. Not only that, but he is excited about the future that is ahead for his company. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people who he is working with in business. Not only that, but he is ready to prove that he has the ability to help other people get to the next level. Nationwide Financial is a growing business, and taking lessons from him is one of the best things that you can do. Read more on

David Giertz

From the time he was young, David Giertz has always wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of others. He is working diligently on finding a way to invest with other people on their issues. Not only that, but he wants to have a company where the culture is the best in the industry. He strongly believes that companies can have a positive impact on the lives of other people in the local community on If you are ready to work on a plan for the future, David Giertz is the person to work with. He is excited about a lot of the changes that are going on in his life and his career.

Future Changes

In the coming years, David Giertz wants to continue to innovate and drive positive change in his industry. A lot of people already look up to the hard work that he is doing, and he is excited about what is next. If you are someone who wants to make an impact in the business world, he is a great person to go to for a variety of reasons.

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