Jet Setting Philanthropic Celebrity Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a hard working coast to coast jet setter. It is nothing for him to be hosting an awards show on the West Coast and then catching a red eye flight to make it to New York in time to host a talk show or radio show. He is constantly on the go and enjoys his very public life. He has worked in the radio and broadcasting industry for quite some time and has made an impressive name for himself. Many people may immediately think of American Idol when they think of Ryan Seacrest. He brings a bit of humor and charisma to the screen every time he introduces a new performer or has a friendly humorous banter with one of the judges. He also is known for his popular radio show “On Air with Ryan“.

What many people may not know is that he has also founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation has opened just under a dozen radio broadcasting centers within pediatric hospitals. Ryan also sits on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Recently Ryan launched a distinguished men’s’ clothing line. This brings the runway and upscale fashion to department stores where every day men can access these stylish and affordable wardrobes. He features jackets, pants, shirts, belts and other clothing items that offer a bit of style and personality to any professional wardrobe. This popular menswear line is sold exclusively at Macy’s department stores coast to coast. It is easy to say that Ryan literally has his hands in everything. From his clothing line to his skincare line, from radio shows to hosting awards shows and a popular morning talk show it is very impressive that he has time to even focus on his charities. He makes sure to prioritize his day and give back whenever he has time. He is a truly inspirational leading celebrity. Get in touch with Seacrest thru Facebook.

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Jacob Gottlieb

The Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb rose to fame when he built Visium which he founded into a health care hedge fund worth $8 billion. His passion for healthcare and economics did not begin at a later stage in his life but rather in his early years of life. Born to immigrant parents from Poland in the 1960s, he followed in the footsteps of his parents’ careers. His passion stemmed from his father who was a professor in economics and his mother who was a pediatrician.

Gottlieb began showing excellent trading skills in a 7th grade contest for picking stocks. He came out victorious when he selected all the winning stocks. Shocked and equally impressed by this, his father decided to open an investment trading account for him. After high school he further pursued his passion for economics and attained a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Brown University. For his passion for medicine he attained a Doctor of Medicine from New York University Medical School.

Jacob Gottlieb decided to work as an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital and upon completion of the internship; he set aside his passion for medicine and decided to focus on building a career in finance in Wall Street. His intention was to become a Chartered Financial Analyst which was realized when he was awarded the title by the Association for Investment Management in 2001.

Before Gottlieb ended up at Visium, he began working in 1998 as a buy-side analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. dealing with global healthcare. He transitioned into a healthcare portfolio manager for Merlin Biomed Group. He later became a top earner at the Balyasny Asset Management firm. He then left with a team from Balyasny and founded Visium in 2005.

Non-profit charities are close to his heart and he supports Math for America which supports and facilitates the recruitment and reservation of excellent STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) teachers for the schools in New York. This is due to the inability of the United States education system to produce skilled graduates. The organization pays teachers higher salaries and offers them fellowship training.


Equities First Holdings Settles In Austrailia

They have maintained their hold on the stock-based loan market for years. Equities First Holdings (EFH) which started in 2002 provides shareholders with the option to borrow against their stocks when seeking extra capital for their companies or personal use. EFH has since expanded their offices to Melborne, Perth and Sydney, Australia giving clients even more access to their global services. Managing Director, Mitchell Hopwood explains that the space allows them to keep with customer needs when seeking their type of specific loans. EFH looks to expand their offices as well and the Australian location is a good example of that.

Clients have opportunities to use their capital from the loans EFH provides for any purpose they choose. Some may simply need an extra ounce in cash flow to leverage out investments or put it back into their organizations. The other locations for EFH include Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and even Switzerland. However, the main headquarters for Equities First Holdings is actually based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The direct address for Equities First Holdings in Melbourne is level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. The telephone number for contact is +61 3 8688 7191, if you want to reach some one at this new location.

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Peter Briger Career At Fortress Investment Group

Mr. Briger is an American investor who wears many hats. Peter Briger has accomplished so much in his career in the finance department, and he has also been able to impact the lives of so many people in the world. Currently, the hedge fund manager holds the position of principal and co-chairman in a global firm called Fortress Investment Group. As one of the people who founded the company which stands as one of the largest alternative asset management companies in the world, Peter Briger commands so much respect in the American society. Peter has lived a reputable life because of the wise decisions he has been making when working as an investor in the competitive market. Young people have been told his story so that they can learn how to work with consistency and patience in the tough times. Briger is also a very wealthy American investor who has invested in so many departments apart from finance.

Peter Briger was always interested in a career in finance even when he was growing up as a young man. His passion for the subject could easily be identified, judging from the good grades he was getting. Fortunately, the executive was from one family that gave education top priority, and they decided that they were going to focus on offering their intelligent son all the education he needed. Peter went to school and later on graduated at the university with very good grades. Thanks to his great performance at the university, Peter Briger did not have tough time when getting employment opportunities in the American market.

Peter worked for several companies in the market before he could join the Fortress Investment Group. The businessman always took his time to learn all the roles he was being offered by the employer, and this gave him a lot of experience in the complicated financial times. His hard work assisted him to climb the corporate ladder and become one of the most influential personalities in the market. The businessman would always strive to make sure that by the time he was leaving his employment opportunity, the company would be highly impressed.

The Fortress Investment Group is one of the few companies that have significantly benefited from the services offered by Peter Briger. When the company was being introduced to investors more than a decade ago, Peter was one of the people who came on board to ensure that the quality of the services was not compromised.

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Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974. He is a famous American-Iran entrepreneur. Pishevar immigrated to the US while he was still a young boy. He was born in Tehran, Iran. He was partly raised in Iran. His parents were Abraham Pishevar, and his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked as a radio and television executive manager in a local media station in Tehran, Iran. However, his stay in Tehran was short-lived as he was forced to migrate to the US. His name was placed on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. This shocked Abraham. Together with his colleagues, they were accused of broadcasting information that assisted Iranians to leave Iran to other foreign nations.

Abraham thought of a plan and relocated to the US. When he got to the States, he worked as a cab driver. He used to operate in Silver Spring, Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham was joined by his family in the United States. You can only imagine his joy when he got to meet his family. Before he relocated to the US, Abraham had already pursued a masters in Mass Communication. Abraham continued to work as a cab driver and managed to join the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

Shervin Pishevar was a genius at a very young age. He got the opportunity to join Montgomery Blair High School. The institution was a math and science magnet school. Shervin Pishevar outshined all other students when he campaigned and won the elections to be a member of the Montgomery Blair high school education board.

While still a board member, Shervin Pishevar proposed a $10 levy that was to be paid by the taxpayers in the county. He proposed that the funds be injected into the school’s mechanics and woodworking classes. He was so smart that he even started scientific research on Megainin peptides. At one time Shervin Pishevar received a Presidential Fellowship so he could further his studies. Shervin Pishevar was awarded an Ellis Island medal of honour in years 2015 and 2016. He was also appointed by former US President Barrack Obama to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship board.

Stream Energy: How To Make A Difference

Stream Energy is a company that is making a positive difference in the United States. Though they are located in Texas, their reach extends among the states through partnerships. Stream Energy has been in business for more than ten years and has earned billions in energy sales. The company is well known for its superb customer service as well as its generosity to the community. Stream is one of the best companies in the state of Texas. In fact, the generosity score of the state has increased because of how much Stream gives back to its communities. Stream Energy created its own philanthropic organization. Stream Cares is the helping hand to the community as well as a partner for other businesses. Natural disasters and homelessness are no match for Stream Energy. The company is in a winning battle against these forces on a daily basis. Homelessness has increased in the state by 24 percent. Stream used that as fuel to create a positive experience for the people dealing with this dire circumstance. That is when they utilized their partnership with the Hope Supply Co. The Hope Supply Co. has been a partner with Stream for more than five years. They co-sponsored an event that gave homeless children the ability to enjoy a full day of fun at the local waterpark. It took pressure off of their parents by letting them know that they have a helping hand that can ensure that their children don’t miss out on an experience just because of their circumstance. Stream paid for over 1,000 homeless children to have this once in a lifetime experience. Stream has also been part of the front line response to natural disaster. Hurricanes and tornadoes can wreak havoc on a neighborhood. Having a company like Stream to support the recovery efforts changes the perspective that individuals have to depend on themselves all the time. For example, in 2016, on the day after Christmas, a number or tornadoes ruined parts of North Texas. Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to raise money to rebuild the businesses and homes that were lost. It was a godsend at the right time.

Peter Briger Investing Professional

Peter Briger is an investment professional with a distinguished career related to helping customers. He firmly believes that he is changing the world through his investment advice. Peter Briger wants to help people invest in alternative asset classes. He thinks that investing in alternative asset classes is a proven strategy for generating high returns. Anyone who wants to get investment advice from him should work with Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading investment firms in the country. The investment firm has a track record of beating the stock market averages over an extended period.

Early Life

Peter Briger never thought that he would become an investment advisor. Instead, he wanted to focus on other aspects of his life. He enjoyed writing music and traveling when he was young. When he attended college, he decided to earn a degree in business. He started working at a financial planning firm and enjoyed the work.When Peter Briger received an opportunity to start a company, he was worried about the financial risks associated with the decision. He worked with Wes Edens to found Fortress Investment Group. Both founders wanted Fortress Investment Group to be a different kind of investment company. Instead of selling customers products with high commissions, Peter Briger wanted to offer valuable investment advice.

Personal Investments

Although Peter Briger does have some investments in the stock market, he invests mostly in other asset classes. He owns both gold and real estate to protect against economic collapse. He made a fortune when he invested in bitcoin before most other people. He enjoys using his capital to make a positive impact on the world. He believes that other business leaders should invest their additional income in the local community.Although Peter Briger has had a successful career, he feels like his biggest successes are in front of him. He is passionate about taking his company to a new level in the coming years.

Fortress Investment Group Has Launched Brightline Passenger Rail Service

Fortress Investment Group has launched the Brightline Passenger Rail Service that provides world-class hospitality for its customers as they travel by railroad from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment firm that invests in various asset categories including real estate, infrastructure, credit, and private equity investments. The company has a strong track record of investing in income producing assets that are undervalued, distressed, and illiquid credit instruments. They have a reputation as one of the more respected alternative asset investment firms in the world and have become a major player within the investment arena by providing strategic opportunities for it’s more than 1750 institutional and individual clients to obtain enormous returns on investment. With the construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service Construction, Fortress Investment Group is establishing another opportunity to generate a very lucrative long-term income streams from this investment opportunity.

Brightline provides world-class hospitality within its cabins that provide its customers with an experience that exceeds the normal train ride established on the Tri-Rail systems. The railroad system Brightline constructed has a total cost of $3.1 billion and has amenities that are top-of-the-line and include leather seats, bike racks, free Wi-Fi internet, two power outlets, two USB ports per seat and wide aisles so passengers can travel comfortably on this 40-minute ride from Miami to Orlando. This investment is one of the first of many investments in the railway infrastructure within various geographical locations around the country. In fact, Chief Investment Officer, Wes Edens states that there are plans to provide trains to Jacksonville or Tampa and are actively seeking other geographic locations to provide similar services.

The criteria used to establish which states receive the next investments in infrastructure from Fortress Investment Groups’ Railway Portfolio will be based on trips that are from large metropolitan areas that are too far to drive and to close to fly. With the investments in the railway systems, Fortress Investment Group has provided another strong opportunity to build upon their reputation of creating stable long-term investment opportunities for lucrative returns for his clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the more respectable and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. With a global perspective on investing that is propelled by intellectual skilled talent from a very vast and knowledgeable executive staff creates a blueprint for continued expansion of their business model into various alternative asset categories.

On December 27, 2017, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank Group a global technology investment company that specializes in cutting-edge internet services, advanced telecommunications, AI, smart robots and various other trendsetting and technologically innovative areas of investment. With the foundation of strong leadership and analytical analysis and evaluation of various alternative asset categories, Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more advanced investors in infrastructure in the country. The establishment and construction of the Brightline Passenger Rail Service, Fortress Investment Group has once again provided an opportunity to reap tremendous returns on investments with this capital asset.

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Fortress Investment Group Historically Capitalizing On The Industry

Fortress Investment Group is an asset management company that looks to pioneer different techniques in regards to numerous types of assets that are managed by 216 investment professionals on a day to day basis at their headquarters in New York and around the globe. This corporate goal to achieve a large structured foundation of profiting assets was set in stone when Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and professionally driven to the present time where they manage over $43.6 billion in assets.

The goal of managing this level of assets was not reached through easy success. It took a team of investment professionals that had a very immersed knowledge of different industries and each of the directions that an industry specific asset needs to take to not only make sure that it does not lose money but that the asset is profitable to its max potential. Largely this is the key to a asset managing companies success in this market. Individual characteristics of distinct assets require a very specific and broad knowledge base in order to accurately manage the asset. The investment team at Fortress Investment Group has to maintain an up to date insight of each individual market within a customers portfolio and then make sure to manage it proficiently.

This tactic is not only mastered within the states but it also practiced on a world-wide basis which is an accomplishment on its own. Leadership is a pertinent factor on how the portfolios are managed within this company. Fortress Investment Group has proven leaders that are well recognized in their respective fields and can project the expertise and adept comprehension of the ever changing market on to their multitude of investment professionals. This allows the average institution or individual the ability to tap into this expertise and let Fortress Investment Group expertly handle the assets with no reluctance to how the asset is being managed.

As stated before Fortress Investment Group is well versed in different industries and has created and launched numerous funds that offer value at every given chance. This company has been noted for its accomplishments with its biggest being the successful IPO in 2007 which propelled Fortress Investment Group into the market and let very motivated investors actually take a look at the achievements that this company has and will continue to have.

Fortress Investment Group can not be run without content employees, this statement can be said for every company that wants to be successful and efficient with its product. The employees at Fortress are ecstatic about their jobs and being able to see the magnitude of how much influence they can have in their customers lives. After looking at the employees notes on Fortress Investment Group one can immediately tell that it is not only a pleasant place to work but also provides a level of challenging day to day goals that keep the work place invigorating while strengthening a constantly developing knowledge base that changes when the market changes. From the reviews it looks as though Fortress Investment Group heavily focuses on employee well being which allows the employees to focus on delivering expert level management with their customers assets.

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Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Craft Successful Retirements

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have the expertise to help their clients with every phase of their financial lives as their knowledge of investing have helped many to achieve secure retirements. The comprehensive range of credentials that Blair displays indicate that he is well prepared for every contingency in the economic realm and his customers are the beneficiaries. He has crafted a three-pillar approach that serves his clients very well.

The first pillar is to construct a financial roadmap for each client that is unique to their particular circumstances. Developing a lasting relationship is begun in this phase as he ascertains their financial situation and takes into consideration their goals, tolerance for risk and main concerns. Together they can have a clear understanding of the expectations of the plan that is put forth.

The second pillar is to fashion a long-term plan for investing that takes into account the client’s financial situation. This crucial pillar forms the backbone of any long-range personal finance goals. Learning to harness the power of the markets is a strong suit for Richard Dwayne Blair and he is adept at actively managing the accounts of his clients. He is able to maximize gains when market conditions are good and minimize risk when conditions aren’t so good. Performance tracking is a part of this pillar and it is checked against the broader market and expectations.

Insurance is the third and final pillar of the program and Richard Dwayne Blair will help his clients determine their exact needs and plan for every contingency as life often throws curve balls. He’s well-versed in the various types of insurance and can be of great assistance in helping his clients in light of their overall financial picture.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been inspired by the teachers in his family and enjoys helping others learn how they can have a secure retirement. Making a positive difference in the lives of families and small-business owners is a driving force for him. Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and they are committed to providing personalized, professional advice to their clients.