Graham Edwards Investor and Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is a graduate of King’s College. Graham Edwards also read Economics at the University of Cambridge. At one time he worked for Talisman Asset Management and later held positions at Merrill Lynch. His education has allowed him to pursue and become a prominent decision maker in several high profile companies, especially his heading the acquisition and merger of Telereal and Trillium. Graham Edwards has been the chief executive at Telereal and Trillium from its inception and creation in 2001. Graham Edwards was first of all responsible for the transferal of over 6000 properties from British Telecommunications (BT) ( After Telereal purchased BT’s property portfolio, Graham Edwards was appointed Chief Executive of Telereal. Graham Edwards played a significant role in seeing the formation of Telereal Trillium in 1997. Even before this acquisition was in the making, Graham Edwards had set his sites on before Trillium came to market.

Graham Edwards helped establish the company of Telereal Trillium as a leader in property investment and outsourcing. Telereal Trillium manages 1% of the entire UK population and manages over 8,000 properties and a portfolio valued at 6.0 Billion dollars. Graham Edwards was the first person to bring Trillium to market after contacting the CEO Ian Ellis. In other words, Graham Edwards had to business savvy and vision to see the future possibilities in acquiring the property portfolio of Trillium.

After the formation of Telereal Trillium, there was a time for integration. Graham Edwards didn’t rush in and make significant changes but focused on integrating the close to 15,000 staff which were now to be melded into one company with Graham as its Chief Executive.

Graham Edwards has many other business interests, primarily related to mining for natural ore, software development and the acquisition of property and its management. He serves on the board or committees of many philanthropic interests, especially OneVoice Europe, Friends of The Hebrew University. He keeps in touch with two scholarly organizations for Chartered Surveyors and Investment Professionals.