Dr. Cameron Clokie; The Toronto Scientist

Dr. Cameron is a dental surgeon based in Toronto. He graduated in 1985 as a dental surgeon, and then he specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which he was through in two years. Cameron did not stop there; he proceeded to pursue a Ph.D. at McGill University. He does not only do oral and maxillofacial surgery but has also been a professor of the same at the University of Toronto until 2017 when he retired from academics. He is innovative in his career, and many look up to him as a teacher and as a clinical doctor. Clockie holds 25 US and global patents some of which are pending.

He has given lectures both in the US and internationally about his field of work, the future of dentistry, bone regeneration and general factors affecting oral health. Scientific advisory boards in various companies have had him as a member. Apart from surgery, he has published many pieces of work, is a scientist and an entrepreneur. Cameron is also the CEO of Indulge Biologics Inc. It is a regenerative medicine firm that is determined to provide medicinal solutions that will enhance reconstruction and regeneration of dental tissues.

Dr. Cameron Clockie in his career has treated a patient that had lost the right jaw to cancer. Using a technique unknown to many, he induced a Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) that made cells to grow into a jaw that was similar to the initial one just like it happens to a baby. The surgeries gave researchers a glimpse of how to fill gaps without taking tissues from other body parts and a clear indication of what regenerative medicine means. He is innovative and has partnered with many businesses which depend on him for knowledge on how to thrive in their economies and commerce.

BMP is a rare and very expensive growth protein, and Dr. Cameron has the ambition to make it available and affordable. Hence, he is currently working to see if a goat can produce the growth protein (BMP) in milk if it is inserted with human gene while still an embryo. If this technology works, more people will afford bone regenerating procedures