O2Pur Plays in the Big League

O2Pur is one of the emerging eCig companies that are hitting the markets with a bang. The eCig market has a long history. Originally, eCigs tried to imitate traditional cigarettes. However, with time, the products have evolved to serve an almost independent purpose. Companies such as O2Pur have helped the eCig industry to gain its identity. The company offers eCigs with a range of flavors; giving the vaping fan a wide range of choices for their refreshment. One of the reasons that have driven eCigs to maintain their place on the market, despite the onslaught from major companies such as BAT and Philip Morris is because they offer something unique and different. Here are some of the differences and advantages that make eCigs something think about.

The Advantages of eCigs

Studies have shown that since eCigs do not contain nicotine, the addiction causing element in cigarettes, they can actually help to break the addiction. One can vape on an on without being addicted. Furthermore, eCigs come in a wide range of flavors that provide the user with options. It is the kind of freedom that traditional cigarettes hardly afford users. The emerging eCig company offers different eCig flavors. These flavors also evaporate as soon as one is through with vaping. So, one does not have to carry their eCig aroma everywhere they go. eCigs also offer a lot of freedom to vape in most jurisdictions.

According to O2pur, Most Jurisdictions have laws prohibiting where tobacco products can be smoked. Fortunately, for eCig users, few jurisdictions have such laws. So, anyone can vape without the fear of being harassed or arrested by the authorities. In addition, eCigs are discreet. They do not linger in one’s clothes. So everyone does not have to know that their friend or relative takes a vape. It has also been observed that eCIgs tend to be more accepted by nonsmokers, compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. So, one can pull their eCig pack and vape, even while cruising with friends in a car.

O2Pur offers the Vaping Freedom

eCigs from this company come in uniquely designed flavors that are a rare occurrence in the eCig product niche. They are also discreet items one can easily carry along without raising eyebrows. Moreover, the product comes with a fashionable design pack that makes one want to carry it everywhere.