How to Earn Huge Returns from NBA Basketball Betting

Basketball is not only entertaining to watch but also very exciting to bet on. Professional basketball games are played throughout the year. This is a chance to make a handsome profit. However, to be successful in basketball betting, one must understand the game and the various betting options. Basketball differs significantly from other sports. Stars have more impact in basketball perhaps than in any other team sport. The game itself also varies from country to country. For example, home advantage counts more in the NBA than in the Euro league. Money management is a skill that one must have when betting. A beginner should start with simple bets and move to complex bets later on.

Basketball money line markets involve simply placing on a team to win. One needs not to specify by how many points the team will win. Points are considered in the points spread, over-under and the total points markets. In the spread markets, the margin of the win determines the winner of the game. Spreads are expressed as numbers. A negative number indicates the favorites while a positive number indicates the underdog. For example, if the odds are quoted as MIAMI HEAT -12.5, Miami must win by 13 or more points for them to be considered winners. In the over-under market, one predicts if the total points will be more or less than the pre-set baseline points. It is one of the easiest markets to wager. Additional markets are derived from the major markets discussed. Such markets include over-under each half, each quarter money line, among others. There are also future bets that run for an entire season.

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