The Philosophies of Vijay Eswaran in the Business World

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known businessman from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of the Ql Group of companies, which has its main office in Hong Kong. The company is one of the largest in Asia and it deals with a variety of products and services. He has achieved considerable success in his career and has accumulated enormous net worth. Eswaran attended the University of Southern Illinois and he is also an alumna of London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in socio-economics.

Vijay Eswaran has developed to be one of the greatest managers in Asia. As a result, he is the author of some key books in management. He is the author of Two Minutes from the Abyss. The book literally deals with management issues and Eswaran has used his personal stories and the risks that he took in managing distress in his organization. In the book, Vijay Eswaran has accumulated a number of stories in an effort to show how to deal with various crises in any given work setting. Eswaran has also developed some of the key philosophies that used by various entrepreneurs in the business world to run their businesses. According to Vijay, fear is one of the key factors that initiate success. However, it is how one takes and view fear that it may affect his/ her success. One should not let fearfully consume him/her but should use the instinct of fear to recreate the fear of failure and hence strife to success.

The philosophy of Vijay Easwaran has also gone a notch higher in trying to create the motivational framework of the business class. He has written several articles on various techniques in the business environment. Vijay has argued that the main idea behind the success of any individual starts with how one perceives change within oneself. Change has created impact and pays a significant role towards the development of an idea. Vijay has also shared his views on the idea of leadership in a business setting. He has shared his belief in the qualities of good leadership.