OneLogin, The Smarter Way To Login

Ever experienced a scenario where you enter your workplace or the building that you work in, and have to sign in on some sheet with a few rows and columns? Everyone of us has experienced this at some point of time during our lives, be it for some registration, or to be notified about one’s presence, or sometimes for things that are as simple as keeping a record of all the people that walk through a company’s doors. Whatever the purpose of the list is, there is no doubt that these lists have turned out to be extremely inefficient as compared to what they were created to do.

Surely, these lists act as a database of names, phone numbers and time of entry for all the people writing in there. Let’s say you are an employer, and you want to check who entered the office at 5:40 pm on Saturday the 24th of May? It’s simple, you go to the specified time and date and check it. On the other hand, if the name is all you have, finding the time that they came in without having any additional information would be extremely hard, not to mention extremely time-consuming. One would have to rummage through pages of data and content until they stumble upon the information that they need. If you are an employer, this information in front of you should be easily accessible and ready for use at any time.

OneLogin is a company that believes in revamping the way that people log into systems and at their workplaces. OneLogin functions entirely as an app and is functional on the I-Pad. People are given an application that has the rows and columns just like the trusted friend, the paper list. After entering the details of their names, time of entry and all the information that one would need. After that, if the employer wants to gain access to this additional information, they would have to use the search function and voila, they have the information right in front of them. It saves them the time to rummage through stacks of paper and gives them what they need with a few clicks.