Knowledge is Power From Dr. Imran Haque

Not everyone has what it takes to be successful in life but if you put in the work needed and are willing to put forth the effort, you will go a long ways. One person who knows what it takes to put in the effort and time, Dr. Imran Haque. He has put in all the effort he has in order to be successful both in medical field and outside of the medical field.

Going to school at the University of Virginia and then heading to Santo Domingo to finish at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Once he was done with his schooling, he went back to the United States to live in the Asheboro, North Carolina area. This is where he opened his own practice to help those in the area who were in need of a doctor to treat their ailments causing them pain over the course of 15 years.

Dr. Imran Haque has been in the business long enough to know what it takes to be a good doctor. He knows you have to have a bedside manner that makes people comfortable to be around. You have to be willing to understand and care about their needs and their health to be able to treat them properly. You will need to respect their wishes and their own desires before placing your own in order to treat them the way they want to be treated.

Dr. Imran Haque has had his fair shares of failure. He has not always come out on top. He spent his first couple years in business learning from the mistakes he has made. He learned what he should and should not do in business and in medicine. The one thing that he speaks of learning on is his own is to not be so open to others. While you remain respectful and kind, don’t be so open to allowing others in. You have to be willing to keep others at enough of a distance that they are unable to take advantage of your kindness as well as your generosity. This is the one thing that he wishes others knew before starting their own business endeavors. This is the one thing that Dr. Imran Haque wishes he knew from the very beginning.

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Logan Stout achievements in Business

Logan Stout is one of the most famous entrepreneurs. Apart from the entrepreneurial work, Logan also has a passion for games. Logan takes games as a healthy exercise and even a way of uniting people. Due to his love of sports, Logan began the baseball with the aim of assisting the youth in acquiring enough skills. Logan wanted to make baseball accessible to everyone. Logan understood well that child may not get enough emotional guidance from their home and schools. Logan was always concerned about having a healthy body. He, therefore, developed the ID Life.

ID Life is a healthcare where people can get energy supplements, weight management items, and sleep aids. Logan believes that with proper health people can attain their goals. The idea of creating the ID Life come to Logan’s mind after meeting a friend who had created a new vitamin. As an athlete, Logan understood well the need for a good health. ID Life provides proper nutrition to people according to their needs. The organization recognizes that people have different body needs.

One of the significant issues that ID Life handles is the overweight or obese. The organization also provides solutions to getting energy supplements and sleep aids. Although many companies are dealing with health problems, ID Life is somehow unique due to its devotion to its work. ID Life is one of the organizations with the best ingredients. The ingredients were made after careful sourcing and studying of human nutrition. ID Life first took data from different people understood their needs then come up with a solution. The group comes to realize that people have various deficiencies and each needs a particular treatment.

Some years back, ID Life was using the one size fits all approach. This approach failed because each person required special treatment. The company decided to change and started using personalized nutrition based technique. Nowadays many people have shown interest in becoming healthier and also reducing weight.

Logan Stout is the current CEO of the ID Life organization. Logan is a successful entrepreneur, a businessman, and a former athlete. From his childhood, Logan desired to assist people to attain their goals. Logan pursued a degree in business from the Panola college and later earned a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He founded the Dallas Patriots baseball. This platform enhanced him to interact with youths and offer them training mentorship. His background in sports made him start the ID Life for proper nutrition which goes hand in hand with games.

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Easy To Give Just Not Easy To Have

The Pressures Of A Real Billionaire

You know the popular saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Here’s $18 billion given to the Open Society foundation by George Soros.

As attractive and as desirable as a billion dollars is, having this money may be the wrong thing for you. Maybe, you should have a million dollars to your name. What’s most important is that you know the work of having either in cash.

The ownership of $1 billion is an option for you like it was for George Soros.

First learn about what men like George have done.

George took the same steps we often hear of from our most successful in society. A bit of determination brought George’s financial life to a positive close also. What this young man didn’t account for at the start were the pressures to come.

People will find out that you’re worth more than millions. They’ll soon find out that you have power and prestige. The pressures of having a billion are then heighten as there’s a potential to lose it all. These potential woes can be disturbing if you don’t take the advice of George Soros.

That advice is to first acknowledge the obstacle. Only then will you be fit to deal with them.

The Small Guilt Soros Felt During Success

One of the pressures felt by George Soros was from his own success. This was a sense of guilt. The biggest trade under George Soros’ career was during the 1990s when he betted against the British bank. The gamble George had made earned him over a billion dollars in one day of work.

George didn’t expect what the challenges of being a billionaire were at that time. What he discovered was a sense of guilt and for having beating the Bank of England in the process. The situation is unusual to say the least, but what he later experienced was part of the entire life that wealth enabled.

George Soros would never be discouraged again.

Ambition Greater Than You Can Possible Know

To counteract the unexpected, George Soros tapped into his deeper ambition. A billion dollars in success requires one type of ambition while maintenance requires another. His ambition enabled his mind to adjust to the pressures of wealth and to come out successful when it was done.

This is the legacy of George Soros and a perspective on what we can surely call financial destiny. and Follow him

Market America Events- Restoring the right attitude and knowldge

Market America Unfranchise is a popular business platform in the United States. Some people have managed to succeed with the business model applied to this platform while others are yet to make any considerable steps with it. So, what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who do not? According to sales vice president at Market America Unfranchise, Jim Winkler, it the right knowledge and attitude that matters. People who join Market America Unfranchise without the right attitude and knowledge rarely make it in the business. He adds that many people who are against the business model have failed to work on the essential business traits which could help them succeed in the business. Jim shares some of the traits that people venturing into the platform should have.

One, anyone looking to make it in this business has to pay attention to what is happening on the platform. People must focus on new features and news that are released by the management. There is a lot of false information from unreliable sources out there which people are basing their arguments about the business on. Jim recommends that people should look for the right information from JR Ridinger’s blog. The Better Business Bureau is another site which has credible information about the business.

Jim says that the difference between successful people and those who are not, lies in the determination that they put in the work. Successful people go out of the ordinary means to ensure that they succeed. According to him, for money to start accruing, there must be a right attitude before it. People spend most of their time complaining why the business does not work instead of concentrating on what works. He urges people to attend Market America Events through which they will get lessons on why the right attitude in the business matters.

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Tony Petrello; The CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO and President of Nabors industries Limited that is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. This enterprise is considered as one of the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world. It currently operates in four different continents that include The Middle East, United States, Africa, and the Far East. Tony has had a significant contribution towards the development of Nabors Industries that was first established as Anglo Energy Limited in 1968. Petrello is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard University. Tony’s professional journey is well grounded in mathematics and law. He first joined Nabors Industries as the chief executive officer in 1991. This is a position that he has held to date. He was appointed the president of the company in 1992. Tony served as the deputy chairman of Nabors Industries from 2003 to 2012.

Tony has managed to acquire substantial skills and experience that have seen him improve the company’s operations. His industry and experience enabled him to become the chief executive officer when the former CEO left. Nabors Industries has seen an unprecedented increase in share price by about 180% under his tenure. This rise is attributed to Tony’s ability to forge healthy relationships with the investors of the enterprise who facilitates the success of the oil company. Tony was ranked among the top-paid 50 CEOs in the US because of his success in 2013. The company has recorded tremendous growth and expansion in different sectors. It has made huge profits because of his leadership skills and experience.

The key role among Tony’s essential functions includes the formulation and implementation of strategic plans and management of the leadership team. He is also mandated by the company statutory policy to recruit only the qualified individuals to fill the top positions in the company. Tony has been able to link the company to potential investors. He has also tried his best to maintain the current investors. He is well known for his unwavering commitment and excellent team spirit in helping and steering Nabors Limited to achieve its goals and objectives. Tony has also been involved with community development initiatives such as his donation to a research institute that is focused on researching neurological diseases that affect children at Texas Children Hospital. He was moved to take part in this initiative after his daughter suffered from Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL).

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The Fruits of Tony Petrello

Tony is part of the leaders of Nabors Industries. He has helped raise the success of the company to greater heights. Nabors industries is well-known for delivering the top services in the US, therefore it is inclusive of the best companies in the US. The company delivers the best offshore drilling rigs all over the universe. The firm also supplies the largest land drilling facilities. The company has emerged to be the best I what it does especially in its services because it has; inventive technologies, directional drilling equipment, and presentation equipment. The employees of the firm, on the other hand, are always devoted to their roles in the company thus ensuring that the company maintains its success.

Tony Petrello has a financial compensation statement each and every year. In 2016 his financial statement included the following; first of all the average amount was $1,342,206. Moving on, Tony received a total amount of $27,512,939 million. Moreover, this money was divided into the following areas; his full salary was $1,580,077, the bonus money totaled to $7,727,000 million and last but not least, the stock money added up to $16,863,656.

In 1991 was the year that Tony Petrello joined the rest at Nabors Industries. When he arrived he was appointed the executive chairman of the man and also got a position at the board members of directors. A few years later, Tony became the chief operating officer and after some time he got the top position of being the president of the organization. The hard work of Tony Petrello has always paid off greatly, having his incredible skills have also helped the company to keep succeeding. His effort led him to become the CEO of the firm.

The role of Tony at the organization is taking care of strategic procedures. Before going to Nabors Industries, he was with McKenzie and Baker law firm. He had the opportunity to head of the branches of the law firm in New York City.

At the Law Firms, Tony Petrello had a chance of working in New York City where one of the branches of the firm was located. In his higher education, he attained a B.S in mathematics from Yale University as well as a J.D Degree from Harvard Law School.

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