John Goullet’s Graduation From IT Consultancy To Owning A Leading IT Staffing Firm

Most if not all leaders in the corporate world had a turning point that propelled them into the position they now hold. Some draw inspiration from favorite books and others simply aim to make the world a better place through their jobs. John Goullet’s success moment was as a result of reading Defeating Jihad, the Wannable War written by Sebastian Gorka. He is a huge fan of Jim Collins’ works and applies the pure genius analysis methods in his enterprise, Diversant. John keenly observes trends in the business world of the United States and creates technological solutions using his company. Diversant specializes in recruiting and training IT specialists to be deployed in various enterprises such as Fortune 500. John anticipates for the next most needed technology and builds products and services that will meet the demands of clients in different fields.



John set up DIVERSANT, LLC by merging his former company, Info Technologies, with Diversant Inc. He believed that his 24-year experience of providing IT staffing to various levels of clients would equip him for success. John began his IT career in 1983 immediately after graduating from Ursinus College with a bachelor in Computer Science. He worked as a consultant and progressed to become an IT staff in 1994. John set up Info Technologies after realizing the need for more IT professionals in the US. Under his leadership, Info Technologies increased its worth to 30 million dollars in a period of only five years.



John Goullet maintains high productivity at work by always checking into the gym for an hour before reporting to the office. He quoted one of Jim Collin’s actions that propel him to success stating that one must always assume the competitor is right behind. He advises entrepreneurs to observe their best competitors and emulate their strategies. John told IdeaMensch that if he were to begin again, he would have recruited a council of members sooner. He explains that having a stable board and team of associates enhances the productivity. John revealed that Diversant’s future is bright due to the consistently growing need for high-tech and technologists.