Greg Aziz Takes NSC To ISO Class

1National Steel Car, based in Hamilton, Ontario is undoubtedly the largest rolling stock manufacturer across the globe. Founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car, the company is the only one of its kind in Northern America to be ISO Certified. Bought in 1962 by Dofasco declining company was undoubtedly on its death throes when Gregory James acquired it in 1994 under the name of his company Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc. This was a decision that was met with shock and skepticism from his family and friends.


At the time of the takeover by Greg Aziz, the company’s numerous incidences of legal action against the company and hefty fines from regulatory bodies had brought the former giant to its knees. The first step to rediscovering the status at the top, Greg Aziz, put in by investing heavily in human resources as well as capital resources. The production tripled from a measly 3,500 rails car per year to more than 12,000 units, and the labor force increased from a lowly 500 employees to more than 2,000 workers.


Thanks to Greg Aziz and his relentless campaign, The Company switched focus for low-cost products to highly innovative cost-effective technologies to produce high-quality freight car products. This commitment to quality led the company to be named the winner of the prestigious TTX SECO Awards for 13 consecutive years, marking it as the most successful rolling stock manufacturer with clients not only in Canada but also in the US and across northern America. This is a correct statement of the company’s legacy. Click Here to learn more.


Greg James Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario, Canada. Before joining the University of Western Ontario, where he earned a degree in Economics, he attended Ridley College. Before beginning his work relationship with NSC company, Aziz worked in the family business, Affiliated Foods. Afterward, he went to New York where he tested his hand at Investment banking. After ten years in New York, he returned to Canada where he took over NSC.


Among other Charities, National Steel Car sponsors the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and the Theater Aquarius. Outside business circles, Gregory Aziz, together with his family, who reside in Toronto, are renowned for their support of the community of equestrian. He is recognized as a strong businessperson with very viable ideologies and strategies of running a company and a philanthropist who gives back to the community when he gets the chance.


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Gregory Aziz Rebuilds National Steel Car To Its Former Glory

National Steel Car had been among the top railroad freight car producers in the world for many decades before falling on hard time. When London, Ontario native Gregory James Aziz purchased the company in 1994, his goal was to return the company to its lofty place at the top of the industry. To do so, he drew on the company’s engineering and manufacturing excellence, hired 2,400 workers and renewed the Hamilton, Ontario company’s commitment to producing great railway freight cars. And with Greg Aziz serving as CEO, chairman and president, National Steel Car is once again a world leader.


Educated at Ridley College, Greg Aziz went on to graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics. He then spent 16 years helping his family build Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food company, into a major distributor of fresh food imported from Central and South America and Europe to wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. With his family’s business on solid footing, Greg Aziz became interested in building a business of his own. When he saw the opportunity to rebuild National Steel Car, he got the financing to purchase the company.


Since Aziz took over National Steel Car in 1994, the company has been on an upward trajectory. It’s now North America’s only railroad freight car company that is certified ISO 9001:2008. And it has now held that distinction for over 18 years. The company has also consistently received the highest quality award from TTX SECO every year beginning in 1996. The success of National Steel Car has once again brought prosperity to the Hamilton, Ontario community. The local businesses are booming, and Greg Aziz and his staff make generous donations to the social services organizations in the city. See Related Link for additional information.


To many people in Hamilton, Gregory J Aziz is a godsend. He has helped to create many jobs and the 106-year-old National Steel Car is once again a world leader in the design, engineering, development and production of railroad freight cars. The company has developed a reputation for meeting and exceeding their customers’ evolving standards and needs for railroad freight car manufacturing. National Steel Car also regularly holds fundraisers for the local food banks and people take great pride in their city. Greg Aziz makes a large donation to the city’s social and cultural institutions throughout the year.

How to Make Your Upwork To-Do List Work for You

Having a to-do list is one of the most important things for any freelance worker. This is because it helps you to manage your time properly and complete tasks in advance. Upwork offers various opportunities both for employers and workers by simply connecting them together. Whether you are a worker or an employer, a to-do list is necessary. However, having a to-do list is not enough. You need to create ways of sailing through your to-do list.

Tips of how to make your to-do list effective

Capture everything

This doesn’t necessarily mean memorizing every task that you are planning to work on. A few years ago we were told by David Allen (creator of GTD Method) never to try to do that but rather write everything down. Why should you do that? This is because of the psychological Zeigernik Effect which makes it impossible to forget tasks that are due.

Define your priorities

It’s very hard to predict how your day will go unless you are an angel. As an Upwork freelancer, it is important that you know which tasks appear more important and urgent than others and allocate them time accordingly. This means even if something urgent comes up you will be able to know which task to finish first.

The batch process

Most factories use this method in where similar tasks are cabbed together. You can as well apply the same to on your to-do list. For example, if you have several phone calls to make, you can create a task and assign tags to them using a tagging feature in ClickUp.


How often do you delegate work? Is it through email, slack, or through which method? The problem with this kind of delegation is that you and your colleague can easily forget some tasks. The best way is to create a task or sub-task and do the assigning.

In general, Upwork offers numerous opportunities for both workers and employers. What is important as a worker is to have a written to-do list and understand how to use it effectively. A to-do list is important because it helps you to be more organized.

Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974. He is a famous American-Iran entrepreneur. Pishevar immigrated to the US while he was still a young boy. He was born in Tehran, Iran. He was partly raised in Iran. His parents were Abraham Pishevar, and his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked as a radio and television executive manager in a local media station in Tehran, Iran. However, his stay in Tehran was short-lived as he was forced to migrate to the US. His name was placed on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. This shocked Abraham. Together with his colleagues, they were accused of broadcasting information that assisted Iranians to leave Iran to other foreign nations.

Abraham thought of a plan and relocated to the US. When he got to the States, he worked as a cab driver. He used to operate in Silver Spring, Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham was joined by his family in the United States. You can only imagine his joy when he got to meet his family. Before he relocated to the US, Abraham had already pursued a masters in Mass Communication. Abraham continued to work as a cab driver and managed to join the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

Shervin Pishevar was a genius at a very young age. He got the opportunity to join Montgomery Blair High School. The institution was a math and science magnet school. Shervin Pishevar outshined all other students when he campaigned and won the elections to be a member of the Montgomery Blair high school education board.

While still a board member, Shervin Pishevar proposed a $10 levy that was to be paid by the taxpayers in the county. He proposed that the funds be injected into the school’s mechanics and woodworking classes. He was so smart that he even started scientific research on Megainin peptides. At one time Shervin Pishevar received a Presidential Fellowship so he could further his studies. Shervin Pishevar was awarded an Ellis Island medal of honour in years 2015 and 2016. He was also appointed by former US President Barrack Obama to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship board.

Securus Technology under the Leadership of Rick Smith

The CEO position of a company is not blindly handed over to anyone. If this happened, it would be a great loss to the enterprise. The company has to evaluate their candidates before they make their decision keenly. The chief executive makes a lot of the actions of the enterprise. A significant part of the Company’s progress depends on the CEO.

Securus technology after an exclusive research on their candidate finally settled for Rick Smith. Rick smith, is the former CEO of Eschelon-Telkom. Here he served for nine years. His leadership did not go to waste because he transformed the phase of the company. Smith, multiplied the revenue of the company from $30 million to $350 million. Rick also helped EBITBDA raise $80 million. Smith is, therefore, the excellent choice for the company.
The other factor that a company has to consider when appointing their CEO is the level of education. For a CEO to be effective, he/she has to have a rich academic background. Rick Smith perfectly qualify as far as this matter is concerned. Smith has a master in mathematics, an MBA and a degree in BSc Engineering.

With this combination, Rick has been able to improve the company’s productivity. Securus technology covers very many enterprises. The government, which is the biggest entity, depends on Securus Company for safety. This is because it has very crucial documents concerning the country. It would be disastrous if the documents landed on unauthorized hands.

The Securus technology also collaborates with the penitentiary services in providing technology. There are many sectors of the prison that Securus Company get involves with for security.
For example, there some inmates who are very temperamental and are quick to hurt other prisoners. We have had cases of inmates who have ended up dying in cells. In some cases, some of the prisoners had collaborated with great personalities. These personalities may be afraid of the detainees exposing them. They may, therefore, try to get rid of the detainee. To avoid such cases, the company has installed some gadgets to ensure that the administration can see what is happening in the cells. This way, every prisoner can serve their sentence peacefully.

The Securus Company has also provided the inmates with communication gadgets that they can use to keep in touch with their loved ones. The inmates can make both voice calls and audio calls. This way the detainees can maintain their relationships. This is very important as it gives the inmates a purpose to serve a sentence and go home. Broken relationships may lead to the convict going back to the old ways due to bitterness.

The Securus technology gadgets are highly coded and can only be cracked by the provider. The leadership of Rick Smith has taken the company to the next level.

Eric Pulier’s success as an innovator and humanitarian

Eric Pulier is making his name as one of the leading innovators in technology today. Born in New Jersey, Eric has shown interest in computers for most of his life. In fact, Eric had successfully built first computer while only in the fourth grade.

Having excelled in academics in New Jersey’s public school system, Eric went on to Major in English and American Literature at the prestigious Harvard University. After graduating magna cum laude in 1988, Eric founded People Doing things which focused on providing humanitarian aid with technology. PDT became successful and was eventually bought out, leaving Eric to create 15 other companies later in his career. Upon Eric’s entrepreneurial journey, Eric most notably became to be one of the first to embrace Cloud computing, an innovative tool that has become integral to modern business success.

Eric Polier never let his humanitarian spirit fade with developing the first social media site in 1995, Starbright World, that gave children suffering from persistent illnesses a chance to connect with one another. Eric said in an interview that he was inspired by Peter Diamandis, another entrepreneur who focused on humanitarian aid. When reading about Peter, Eric was so inspired that he wanted to follow a similar path.

After his success in corporate world, Eric Polier geared his life solely towards philanthropy and helping the less fortunate. To embark on this new chapter, Eric founded the X-Prizes, a contest centered around cultivating strategies that solve humanities most pressing issues. Along with X prizes, Eric has continued to help sick children as a member of the board of directors on Project Turtle. Project Turtle is a summer camp based in California that gives children with chronic illnesses the opportunity to be social and have fun.

Other than helping the impoverished, Eric makes it a priority to be a good father for his four children. Eric would like to have his legacy continue and be remembered by them. Eric believes that his kids are a chunk of his legacy that determines whether his legacy is a success. Eric is certainly the man to watch as his self-less track record builds.

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