NewsWatch TV Review Contour Design’s New Ergonomic Workstations

Contour Design is a PC accessories company that has recently created an ultimate ergonomic workstation that works to provide comfort and alleviate stress related pain from the hands and wrists. Contour Design needed to massively expose their new product online and on TV, so they decided to hire NewsWatch TV and they were super pleased with their results. “We really appreciate the overall quality of the video that was produced and we have seen a very positive response in our sales of our workstations from it,” said Bret Hudson, who serves as the product marketing manager at Contour Design. NewsWatch TV aired their review segment to over 95 million American households, over 200 U.S. Markets and received over 690,000 online impressions.

NewsWatch TV is a award winning television show located in the Washington, D.C., area. The show airs original episodes twice a month on the AMC Network and weekly on ION Television. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano alongside co-hosts Michelle Ison and Susan Brides, NewsWatch TV is America’s trusted source of breaking technology news, latest consumer electronic reviews, celebrity interviews, travel, breaking medical and government news, mobile app reviews and other consumer related news. The show first began its production during the year 1990 in March and initially aired topics that focused on financial related issues. Their format was later expanded to discuss a wide range of topics.

NewsWatch TV has won several awards during the past year, they were honored with two prestigious Gold and Platinum Marcom awards for their overall 30 minute show. They also won one a 2017 Videographer Award, one of the most coveted awards for those that work the in video trade. NewsWatch TV has built a strong social media presence and blog over the years. In May of 2012, their YouTube channel launched and it has now currently accumulated over 4 million views.