Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Sets Its Own Standard

Sean Penn has always been outspoken. His political activism is almost as famous as his acting. Penn has always seemed to march to his own tune, whether it be interviewing El Chapo to the chagrin of the Obama administration, or taking a none to popular stance against #MeToo. Now Penn has lent his voice to the literary world in a new novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and in usual Penn fashion the book plays by its own rules.


Bob Honey is described as a satire, but in reality it is an eclectic smattering of crazy. The book has no formal plot and is told through the narration of Pappy Pariah. It recounts the exploits of Bob Honey, a septic tank salesmen turned government assassin. He executes old people for a secretive government organization that is attempting to better the environment through lowering the population. His ex-wife married her divorce lawyer and operates an ice-cream truck that services his neighborhood.


Honey is an unhappy man who cannot connect with others. He is frustrated with the marketing of current society, social media, and the media in general. He is a frustrated and angry man who hates the current state of his country. Obviously the character takes its cues from Penn, as the titular character is the vessel of his voice.

The book is built like a typical satire, a garden of crazy with roots of truth that readers dig for. Its dystopian setting is meant to represent the current times we live in, and Penn uses Honey to give us his personal view of such times. The narrative style is unique as its structured episodically, but is interjected with pointed rants and obscure poetry. Penn uses inventive writing, alliteration, and engaging prose to create a different kind of reading experience.


The book does not back down on the topics it covers, each covered in the usual satirical masking. It ranges from the Las Vegas shooting to #MeToo. Characters are based on real people such as Fletcher, who Penn designed after El Chapo, and Mr. Landlord, who is the literary counterpart of President Donald Trump. Penn’s angst is felt in his frustrated prose, elaborate comments, and colorful descriptions. Penn promises that this will not be his only book, and plans to write many more as he is thoroughly enjoying the writers’ life. For now he remains on his book tour.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Selfless Services in Pediatric Surgery

Working as a personal medic for a royal family must be overwhelming since they require the best treatment regardless of the states of their medical situations. Then Dr. Saad Saad must be in a tight spot as a pediatric surgeon for Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. They only chose to have him due to his fluency in English and Arabic. Besides, the United States of America only have one pediatric surgeon with licensing from the board, Dr. Saad Saad. He also has an incredible academic record hence beating all competitions. Such opportunities are hard to come by and therefore Dr. Saad Saad must be very lucky. He got the lucrative part-time hustle while living at the Riyadh with his family before relocating to New Jersey.


Dr. Saad Saad hails from a family where everyone embraces hard work such that his other siblings also have their life layered out perfectly. While growing up, he spent most of his heydays in Kuwait but first lived in Palestine. For his education, Dr. Saad Saad pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine at Cairo University. He then got placed in England for his training. A few years later, he applied for vigorous practice in Pediatrics and Surgery in the United States of America’s Pediatric Board. Residency is usually a technical and vigorous exercise but he sailed through.


While serving at Riyadh, he became a part of King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he helped in treating numerous patients. He has operated some of the most complex surgeries for his patients. One of his major breakthroughs is when he saved the life of a young baby. Resultantly, a top-notch scientific journal made the ‘miracle’ public to inspire other people and appreciate pediatric surgeons such as Dr. Saad Saad. The Protocol Office at King Faisal Specialist Hospital alongside the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital respected his decision and believed in Dr. Saad Saad’s ability to offer them his services to the best of his ability.


Besides serving the richest families in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, he also treats children from poor families. Having been raised in a humble background, Dr. Saad Saad knows how it feels to be in abject poverty. Thus, he believes in offering equal services to people from different walks of life. Most of all, he appreciates the support and insight that he got from Dr. H Biemann, the best mentor he ever had.


While serving in the United States of America, Dr. Saad Saad served kids from Holy Land with extreme passion and professionalism. Because of his kindness, he participated in charitable medical missions to poor locations in the United States of America, West Bank, and Jerusalem with an aim of providing the best healthcare for poor children. Learn more:

Dr. Saab Saab: Surgeon, Educator, Inventor, Humanitarian

Dr. Saad Saad is a board-certified specialist in pediatric surgery. He has practiced pediatric surgery for over 30 years. His practice is in Eatontown, NJ. His hospital affiliations include Shore University Hospital and the Long Branch Campus of Monmouth Medical Center. The article highlights Dr. Saad’s medical career, and his humanitarian efforts.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine having seven siblings, and grew up in Kuwait. He graduated from medical school 47 years ago with his medical degree from Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt. From there, he worked his internship in England and then came to the United States.


He is fluent in Arabic, which gives him an edge on some candidates for jobs, like the Saudi Royal position. During his four and a half years living in Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia), Dr. Saad was a pediatric surgeon at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. The hospital serves everyone, from the very rich (royalty in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, specifically) to poor people, the hospital serves everyone equally.


His performed a lot of difficult procedures on children. One specifically was on a baby with an aneurysm. He saved the baby’s life, but he also wanted people to learn about the delicate procedure. He made sure a very well-known scientific publication publish the procedure, in full detail. He earned the respect of his colleagues, peers and bosses alike. In fact, the assistant chief of the hospital trusted Dr. Saad so much, he wanted him to operate on his very own son.


Dr. Saad is also Inventor. He created two inventions. One is an instrument that can be used to detect that can actually detect and find a catheter inside the body with no scanning. His other invention is an endoscope that actually has a suction feature to clean out all the mucus debris and clear the esophageal passage to see clearer. Both inventions are patented by him.


Dr. Saad made a huge impact in the medical field with his humanitarian work as well. He has done medical missions in the U.S., Jerusalem and the West Bank. He conducted surgeries on children that otherwise could never afford his services. His humanitarian efforts also extend to education. Dr. Saad created a surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia for Saudi students that was a bridge program with the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Surgeons for students to receive their UK certification right there in Saudi Arabia. Saving time and expenses, students can now stay at home to conduct their surgical residency and receive their certification instead of having to study elsewhere.


Dr. Saad Saad’s contributions have made such a difference in the world. Let us all thank him for that. Learn more:

Talos Energy Leads Charge In Oil Exploration Off Coast Of Mexico

For the first time in nearly 80 years, a private energy company is being allowed to drill off the coast of Mexico. This is the most recent effort of the Mexican government to help revitalize its slumping oil industry.

Houston-based Talos Energy has partnered with two other companies to drill in the Sureste Basin located off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Why Is This Significant?

Back in 1939 Mexico decided to nationalize its oil industry and it has been dominated by the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos ever since.

Talos and its partners will become the first private companies to drill off the Mexican coast since the move to nationalization.

It has been estimated that the Zama-1 well could produce 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil and is expected to take 90 days to complete the operation.

Talos Energy Partners

Talos Energy has linked up with London-based Premier Oil, Plc and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas for this venture. Premier will put up the cost of drilling which is estimated at $16 million.

The group won the right to drill off the coast of Mexico back in 2015 after the Mexican government decided to open up drilling to private companies.

Many energy analysts are watching this project closely as they believe that there is a “high geological chance of success.”

It remains to be seen if those predictions will come true, but Talos and partners will make a go of it and hopefully open up Mexico’s energy exploration to other private companies around the world. This would help increase competition and drive down energy prices for consumers.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy has extensive experience in energy exploration in the Gulf Of Mexico and The Gulf Coast region of the United States. They use cutting-edge seismic technology to increase hydrocarbon recover through their specialized drilling techniques.

The company has consistently been ranked as one of the top places to work by the Houston Chronicle since 2013. This reflects the company’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture and its innovative technologies.


A Look At Some Of The Tours Clayton Hutson Has Worked On

Clayton Huston is a professional in the music industry. He owns his own company and provides artists with live entertainment solutions. He has worked in various capacities in the industry including as a sound engineer and project manager. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre design.

When Clayton Huston started his professional career he started out in corporate entertainment. This led to his working on Billy Graham’s national tours for a number of years. He was able to make the switch to his true passion, though, which is rock’n’roll. He has handled the details of a large number of live tours over the years with various musicians. He has worked with many of the most well-known people in the industry such as Guns’n’Roses, Pink, Garbage, and Kid Rock among others.

DiGiCo introduced their SD11 console in June 2011. Clayton Hudson was the first person in the industry to get this console and use it on a tour. The concerts were put on by Aaron Lewis, the founder of Staind and its frontman. The concerts were held in casinos, honky-tonks, and churches across the nation. Clayton Hudson also used the SD11 when Aaron Lewis was the opening act at 50,000 seat arenas and festivals.

Clayton Hudson said he had also owned the very first D5 that DiGiCo had released. He said that it was hand-built and he used it when handling a tour for Marilyn Manson. He said that Manson is really volatile so he knew he was taking a big risk using the D5 but the bet paid off because the sound was amazing. He has continued to prefer to use DiGiCo equipment ever since.

Another tour that Clayton Hutson worked on was the 2017 Honda Civic tour put on by OneRepublic. He was the automation operator for this national tour. This tour used Ver’s automated rigging. Automation is used to enhance the safety of the set. Automation was also used on this tour to move trusses at variable speeds depending on what was needed at any particular time during these concerts.

This tour also used a Kenesys Elevation 1+ syste. The best part about this system is that you don’t have to have a big supply of cabling making it what’s called a “clean production”. Clayton Hutson said that the Kenesys system is amazing because it’s so precise and repeatable. He said that he was able to “thread the needle” because the system executed perfectly. Learn more:


Clay Siegall’s Tremendous Success at Seattle Genetics

The CEO, president, and co-founder of the well-known Seattle Genetic’s is Clay Siegall. He is an accomplished man in his career. Clay is a philanthropist who greatly participates in the development of the society as well as helping the needy. He emerged with A Ph.D. from George Washington University in genetics and achieved a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Siegall is a businessman and a scientist. As a scientist, he is interested in technology. His hard work has paid off thus he received an award from Maryland University.

Clay Siegall is working on an important project on biotechnology, as a result, he has partnered with other physicians to invent the best medicine to treat cancer. After creating this medicine they all work together by examining it so that they can come out with the best results. They are working hard and joined by various companies to invent an excellent antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). The organization is making a positive gesture to all the victims of cancer. The patients are hopeful that the firm will come up with the best therapy to help them get better. So far the doctors have created Adcetric and so far it has been able to be received by over 60 countries.

the company is working hard and therefore they are motivated to work even harder to make their objectives a reality. The firm has supplied more than 20 ADCs to small hospitals that are beginning. The patients are always feeling at home because of how well they are treated by the staff members. So far the company has earned $330 million.

They then came up with a medicine called SN-CD33A. The acute myeloid victims of cancer have received the drug and they are doing well. The company is putting in more effort to create more good therapies that will save so many patients thus lessening cancer. The association of the firm with other companies has also produced good results. Everyone in the company with the help of Clay Siegall is determined to help so many patients who are fighting cancer.

Dr. Akhil Reddy Is A Renaissance Man Who Happens To Know Dentistry

Dr Akhil Reddy of MB2 Dental is a dentist who knows plenty about his profession, dressing well, and selecting the the best of wines and loves to share what he knows about all of these with anyone who is interested. He went to the University of Pacific to study dentistry and biology and continues to learn by reading as much as he can in his spare time. Dr. Reddy is a publisher of the journals, “the Role of the Drosophila Rad51D and XRCC2 homologs in DNA damage Repair,” and, “Looking for the Right Balance between Dentist as Manager and Dentist as Care Provider.” His compelling Undergraduate Research led him to receive the Michael J. Minch Award, and presently he sits as director of Just Health 510.

Dr. Akhil Reddy Knows A Thing Or Two About Style In The Lab or Hospital

Dr. Akhil Reddy knows that people who work in hospitals or laboratories must wear a lab coat. This can be beneficial in one way, because they don’t have to worry about spilling anything on their other clothes when working or eating. The flip side of this is that people who wear lab coats will always have to match their clothes to it, and this can hamper their clothing style choices. This is just fine, because Dr. Reddy knows a thing or two about dressing to impress while wearing a lab coat. His go-to advice for men who wear lab coats is that they can always fall back on wearing a dress shirt and tie. Since many men already have these in their wardrobe, it won’t require too much extra thought or shopping. Business casual is also a good look for those who wear a lab coat, and all this look requires is a nice pair of pants and a collared shirt; some men choose to wear khakis or jeans to give off the relaxed yet professional vibe. Dr. Reddy’s last choice is to wear dark pants, which pair well with any kind of turtleneck shirt.

Dr. Akhil Reddy Knows Good French Wine

Dr. Akhil Reddy knows that good French wine has a rich scent as well as a great flavor. Some of his favorite French wines for under $30 include Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon, Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac, Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc, Chateau Mont-Perat, Castillon, Chateau Capbern, Saint-Estephe, Château Saint-Maur, La Vieille Ferme Rouge, Côtes du Ventoux, and Asda Beaujolais. He loves spending his free time learning more about wines and sampling some of the best of them.

Highland Capital Launches $147 Milion Healthcare Fund

The Korea-based Highland Capital Management Company is one of the affiliate companies working under the Highland Capital Management Company based in the United States. The company has announced that they are headed to closing a deal that is focused on the healthcare private fund that is valued at $147 million in the capital commitments as at now. The National Pension Service in South Korea is one of the most prominent investors in the fund. In 1988, the company was founded and incepted in the country. The South Korea National Pension Plan is also valued at $499.8 billion. On the other hand, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute also says that they are valued at over $465 billion.

The investors that were present for facilitating and investing in the Highland Capital fund in conjunction with the Korea National Pension Plan have some objectives to make clear with the healthcare space in addition to the expected returns they will make in the industry. This also has the inclusion of access to the numerous opportunities that serve their strategic objectives in china, the United States, and Korea. In Asia, Highland Capital‘s first venture company as the Stonebridge Capital. This is one of the Korea-based private companies as well as equity companies that are expected to manage the fund coexistent.

This is one of the first healthcare private equity firm that worked in major parts of the continent. While most of the investors based in Asia have increased their interest in this plan for over two decades in the past, most of the investments the company has seen now emanate from the multi-purpose funds as well; as the direct-bases funds. The Highland Capital’s core capabilities are well aligned with the fund’s strategy. This draws on the deep expertise found in the firm as well as in the healthcare sector. The largest industry exposure of the healthcare facility has more than 15 years of experience operating in this industry. It also works by releasing most of the private institutions with enough operational funds for investment. The middle market is targeted with the funds as a way of promoting better business.

Neurocore Might Save Your Life

Unlike a physical ailment, mental illness is not always delineated by overt symptoms; it is instead, comprised of feelings ranging from prolonged sadness to high-functioning depression. According to a Neurocore article, depression contributed to over 42,000 deaths in the United States, in 2014; in the same year, an estimated 250,000 people struggling with depression attempted to take their own lives.

What are the telltale signs of depression? As previously mentioned, there are instances when depressed people exhibit no outward symptoms at all, but those who do, show signs of irritability, sadness, an apathetic outlook, and much more. In addition, depression can begin to manifest itself into physical symptoms; those who are depressed will often experience headaches, stomachaches, and other physiological symptoms. Unfortunately, a significant number of people dealing with depression will never seek treatment; this is mainly due to the negative connotations associated with mental health. As a result, many people either suffer in silence or simply end their own lives.

Although overcoming depression may seem like an insurmountable task, there is hope; many people have found success in cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as medications like SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Organizations like Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is an example of a resource that many people have found useful when striving to regain some semblance, of normalcy in their lives.

Founded in 2004, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is predicated on providing an innovative approach towards dealing with mental health. The organization prides themselves on utilizing assessments and cognitive behavioral training programs to help treat children and adults alike. This unique protocol has been shown to be effective in helping patients improve stress management, concentration, and sleep. Neurocore currently has centers located in Michigan and Florida and will most likely expand into new markets.

Like any other health concern, mental health can be scary, but receiving an accurate diagnosis and a treatment regime uniquely designed for you, can make you feel like life is worth living again. So, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, contact Neurocore Brain Performance Centers and regain control over your thoughts, emotions, outlook, and most importantly, your life.

Follow Neurocore on Facebook for more up to date information.

James Dondero, The Driving Force Behind Highland Capital

James Dondero has been hailed as a standout amongst the most vital business pioneers in the advanced business setting. Prevalently alluded to as Jim, the dynamic and visionary pioneer has guided Highland Capital to a fortunate position contending with the absolute best in the business. Jim has possessed the capacity to pivot the circumstance at Highland Capital making it a standout amongst the best ventures lately.

James Dondero has, in any case, stayed to be a modest individual in spite of the monstrous achievement he has accomplished throughout the years. Jim keeps on committing his chance, exertion and assets towards enhancing the personal satisfaction of individuals in the general public. The general population working under him have reliably adulated his state of mind naming his most charming characters as propelling elements and explanations behind the achievement of Highland Capital.

What’s more, Jim has utilized his position to make inventive methods for forming the capital markets. Through the incorporation of inventive thoughts and having a listening state of mind to the perspectives and sentiments of his work representatives, Dondero has situated himself as one of the main visionaries in the business world. This has prompted various admirers both in the general population and private parts. He additionally fills in as a main good example to various up and coming business visionaries both locally and globally. Throughout the years, James has amassed various honors in acknowledgment for his recognized greatness.

Highland Capital offers arrangements and gives a stage to the money related necessities of the two people and organizations. Through the various portfolios, customers have the choice of choosing the option that best suits their requirements under the direction of a pool of qualified and skilled work force. This has been a sign of Highland Capital.

It is apparent that Highland Capital will keep getting a charge out of accomplishment over the coming a very long time under the stewardship of Jim Dondero. By offering new and imaginative answers for challenges in the market, Highland Capital stays to be an organization of decision for some. This can be credited to the way that the administrations and items offered are custom fitted towards the requirements of the customer.

Along these lines, each alternative is accessible whether it is for an individual or an association. As the organizer and pioneer of Highland Capital, it has dependably remained the target of Jim Dondero to look for new and present day ways that not just stay with the at an edge over their rivals, yet additionally one that can manage itself in the long haul.