Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Are Changing Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of New York based Success Academy, has triumphed in her recent court case regarding the administration of pre-K programs in the New York charter system. The state appeals court awarded Success Academy $720,000 in the decision. which agreed New York City exceeded its authority in imposing unnecessary mandates on its pre-K contract with the schools.


This is not the first victory for Eva Moskowitz. She recently accepted the Broad Prize, an award given annually to charter school operators who demonstrate “outstanding academic outcomes among low-income students and students of color.” Success Academy operates 41 schools currently, with plans on reaching 44 by the end of 2017; it is estimated that most of the 14,000 students enrolled are classified as low-income.


Eva Moskowitz wants to take the accomplishments and knowledge she has acquired with Success Academy to the national level. The school will be launching the Ed Institute, an internet based library of free school curriculum, tools, and teacher training that mirror the lesson plans and ideologies of Success Academy. Resources will include videos, lesson plans, reading lists, and more. Parents can be confident in the quality of the material as Success Academy is the largest network of charter schools in New York City, and students scored 90% or above standardized state math tests. At first glance the English performance may not appear as remarkable, with the lowest performing school at 75%, but many factors go into English scores, including languages spoken at home, making Eva Moskowitz schools accomplishment in English and Reading unparalleled by some of the most affluent schools in the city and surrounding suburbs.


Success Academy has transformed many prevailing methodologies on reading by focusing the students’ attention on “balanced literacy” that works to help them reflect how the community at-large communicates instead of mirroring only what is spoken in the individual students’ home. The hierarchy employed by the schools has also been praised as positively contributing to student education. Non-academic functions of the school are removed from the teacher’s shoulders, allowing teachers to focus on student-engaged education, and an operational team to focus on the day to day administration of each campus.


Parents are encouraged to partner with their children to further student accomplishments. The school’s classrooms are open and accessible to visitors, so parents can easily see the learning environment to better understand how to accommodate learning while at home.


Eva Moskowitz will also be opening a Midtown condo purchased in 2016 to give lessons to educators on how to duplicate the Success Academy system in their districts. Multi-day learning symposiums have also been offered, and a bevy of resources will soon be available online. This will pair with a digital literacy platform that Moskowitz plans to use to expand Success Academy to 100 charter schools by 2024. With her high focus on students learning to love to read, Eva Moskowitz empowers each student with tools for academic success through their academic career and beyond.