Characterisation of Bituminous Macadams by Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus (TRL report) M.E. Nunn -
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HIGHWAYS - Transport Research Laboratory.

to be analyzed in terms of complex shear modulus and phase angles curves at constant temperature. 1.4.SCOPE OF THE WORK The study work investigates different areas including performance based characterization of bituminous binders. Three types of binders are used which are commonly used in India i.e. CRMB 55, 80-100 and 60-70 grade bitumen. controls needed while laying bituminous macadam course for highways. 2.2 Bituminous macadam BM shall consist of mineral aggregate and appropriate binder, mixed in a hot mix plant and laid with a mechanized paver. It is an open graded mixture suitable for base course. It is laid in a single course or in. References 1 K. E. Cooper, and S. F. Brown Development of a Simple Apparatus for the Measurement of the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Mixes Proceedings of the Eurobitume Symposium 494 498 Madrid 1989 2 British Standard Institution Method for the Determination of the Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus of Bituminous Materials Draft for.

aggregate in gradation increased the modulus while indirect tensile strength ITS remained unchanged 7. Indirect tensile stiffness modulus test was conducted using UTM-5 equipment at 25, 35 and 40 °C at a pulse width of 100 ms and peak load of 1600 N Table 4, Fig. 5. Creep Test The open graded large stone asphalt mixture. 12.5.3 Stiffness Modulus. The stiffness modulus of bituminous mixtures is fundamental to the analysis of the stress–strain response of pavement under traffic loading. It can be measured using various methods such as the resilient modulus test, indirect tensile test and uniaxial direct tensile test. program on complex modulus and fatigue has been per-formed [10, 14-16, 22]. The aim was to compare different test methods to study or test the cyclic behaviour in the small strain domain of about 10-6 m/m to 10-4 m/m of a compacted bituminous mix. Only the properties related to stiffness complex modulus are treated in this recommen-dation.

Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus ITSM values for DBM50, from TRL Report 160 [ 14] Repeated Load Axial Test RLAT data at 40°C, 3600 pulses, from SWPE database, and from Clause 952 of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 2 [15], by extrapolation Indirect Tensile Fatigue Test ITFT data at 20°C, from SWPE database. The indirect tensile stiffness modulus ITSM tests were performed to examine the resilient modulus of unmodified and BRA modified asphalt mixtures for dense graded aggregates of 10mm DG10 and. Nunn, M.E., 1996. The characterisation of bituminous macadams by indirect tensile stiffness modulus. Crowthorne: Transport Research Laboratory, TRL Report 160.

The indirect tensile strength test is used to assess the tensile properties of the bituminous mix. The present research work, essentially emphasize to study the effect of filler materials, test temperature on the tensile properties and moisture susceptibility characteristics of bituminous concrete mix prepared using stone dust and cement as. The Characterisation of Bituminous Macadams by Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus. Nunn, M. E. 1995 'The Characterisation of Bituminous Macadams by Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus.' TRL.

PDF The Properties of Bituminous Mixtures for Semi.

– Indirect tensile test E. Tayebali et al. [2] performed bending, axial and indirect tensile tests to evaluate the bituminous mixtures stiffness. They concluded that the stiffness obtained with indirect tensile tests assumes superior values, when compared to the stiffness obtained with flexural and axial tests. 2.3 Fatigue resistance. Comparing the behaviour of the different asphalt binders before and after ageing procedures, Figs. 8 and 9 show the characteristic parameters, temperature and magnitude of the complex modulus, associated with the points at which the shear complex modulus reaches its maximum G max ∗ and at which the viscous and elastic performance are. ASTM. The indirect tensile mode of testing like the one presented in Fig. 5.1 can be used to establish the tensile properties of bituminous mixtures to evaluate the performance of the pavement. The forces acting during the test is shown in Fig. 5.2. Fig. 5.1 Schematic of Indirect tensile test setup Fig. 5.2 Forces acting during split tensile test. The final gradation, after blending, of the CBGM was to specification BS EN 14227-1:2013-[CBGM2-0/20]. It is illustrated in Fig. 2. 5% cement, by dry weight of aggregate, was used.Optimum water content for aggregate-cement mixture was estimated as 4.6% by the total dry weight of aggregate and cement in accordance with BS EN 13286-4:2003.

The relaxation modulus and the Poisson's ratio are determined as a function of the duration of load application; the dynamic response can then also be deduced. The semi-dynamic method utilizes the imposed speed test, which enables the relaxation modulus to be obtained in a narrow time range for a test carried out at a given speed. C. Godenzoni, A. Graziani, D. PerratonComplex modulus characterisation of cold-recycled mixtures with foamed bitumen and different contents of reclaimed asphalt Road Materials and Pavement Design, 18 1 2017, pp. 130-150. The tests are richness modulus a calculation for the binder film thickness, air void content under gyratory compaction to BS EN 12697–31 CEN, 2004a, Duriez test to the French standard NF P 98 251–1 AFNOR, 1998, wheel-tracking by the large device to BS EN 12697–22 CEN, 2003, indirect tensile stiffness modulus to BS EN 12697–26.

The paper describes an investigation into mechanical properties of brick-stone bituminous concrete mix. The effect of brick-stone mix on various mechanical properties of the bituminous concrete such as Marshall stability, flow, Marshall Quotient stability to flow ratio, Indirect Tensile Strength, stripping, rutting, and fatigue life of bituminous concrete overlay has been evaluated. Large changes in porosity are not reflected in the corresponding changes of PRD, therefore control of porosity is still a more reliable method to assess the long term properties of bituminous macadams; 3 The relation between dynamic stiffness and porosity can be expressed by an exponential decay function which is statistically valid. 05-1527 Evaluation of Effect of Lime Modification on Dynamic Modulus Stiffness of Hot-Mix Asphalt for Use with. Comparison of Direct Tensile and Indirect Tensile. 05-2714 Laboratory Characterization and Empirical Prediction of Dynamic Modulus of Superpave Mixtures. Accelerated and Field Curing of Bituminous Roadbase. Project Report 87. Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, United Kingdom, 1994. Google Scholar. 4. Nunn, M. E. The Characterisation of Bituminous Macadams by Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus. TRL Report 160. Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne.

  1. Jun 13, 2008 · The indirect tensile test ITT has been identified as an economic and practical means of measuring the stiffness modulus or load-spreading ability of bituminous roadbase. This test has been defined in a British Standards Institution BSI Draft for Development and it is considered to have the potential for inclusion in a future end-product.
  2. The characterisation of bituminous Macadams bv indirect tensile stiffness by M E Nunn J modulus TRL Report 160. The indirect tensile test In has been identified as an economic and practical means of measuring the stifiess modulus or load-spreading abitity of bituminous roadbase.
  3. Characterization of Bituminous Mixes Containing Harder Grade Bitumen. Results of indirect tensile strength, indirect tensile strength ratio, static creep, rutting and resilient modulus are reported in this paper. mm at 60ºC ASTMD 1559 3.2 Marshall Quotient,kN/mm Stability/Flow 6.64 Tensile Strength Ratio,% ASTM D 1075 81.74 Stiffness.

Three different mixtures were studied containing 30, 60 and 80% IBAA. A limestone blend, used as a reference mix, was also included.

To evaluate the mechanical properties, the effect of IBAA content on indirect tensile stiffness modulus was investigated. The. Jun 01, 2013 · Advanced Testing and Characterisation of Bituminous Materials demonstrates that modern experimental material characterization techniques, sophisticated constitutive modeling, and innovative design provide appropriate tools for pavement performance prediction. The book is of interest to academics and engineers in pavement and road engineering. Engineering properties of bituminous mixtures. As part of the AAPA R&D program a limited pilot study was initiated to assess the viability of a nationwide study and to obtain information on the fundamental properties of typical asphalts produced according to current practice. CEN in figures •In 2009, CEN produced 1454 documents • Number of documents produced in 2010: 560 end June 2010. •The total number of living documents to date is 13966 end June 2010. • CEN currently has 1939 Technical Bodies, whereof: – 292 active Technical Committees – 33 active CEN Workshops – 62 Sub-committees – 1395 Working Groups. Stabilization of road aggregate using emulsion bitumen is a common alternative when constructing and/or rehabilitating low volume pavements. The engineering behavior of the Emulsion Aggregate Mixture EAM is primarily influenced by aggregate gradation, properties of bitumen emulsion, environment temperature, and moisture content.

Coated macadams for roads and other paved areas. British Standards Institution, HMSO, London. BS DD 213 1993. Method for the determination of the indirect tensile stiffness modulus of bituminous mixtures. British Standards Institution, HMSO, London. BS7533:Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers. Published at various. Dec 01, 2019 · Report Number; RC. Deflections Normalised to 40kN Load. Central Deflection Plot D1 0 100 200 300 400 500 14.5 14.7 14.9 15.1 15.3 15.5 15.7 15.9 16.1 16.3 16.5 Chainage in. Mar 01, 2014 · It should be noted that indirect tensile tests can also be used to measure Young’s Modulus, following a similar procedure to that commonly used for Asphalt [5]. Young’s Modulus, though not generally used in specification, forms an important input to certain pavement design methods.

Bituminous road material is a mixture of natural and recycled aggregates, sand, filler with a bitumen binder and can include additives. Aggregate Natural & Recycled, sand and filler are inert minerals. Bitumen is a high molecular hydrocarbon derived from crude oil distillation, which bonds. roads, and the so-called "penetration" types of bituminous macadams were developed to meet this demand. While these types were called a new development in the field of bitu­ minous construction, they were really a reversion to the original bituminous mixes Which had proved unsatisfactory in the days of the horse-drawn vehicle. Bitumen, Asphalt, Tar; Types of mix. Well-graded mix:-Dense mix, bituminous concrete has good proportion of all constituents and are called dense bituminous macadam, offers good compressive strength and some tensile strength Gap-graded mix:-Some large coarse aggregates are missing and has good fatigue and tensile strength.

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