Desiree Perez is Making Tidal Exciting for Many People


The music streaming industry is growing in an amazing way. Most people never thought that there would be a transition from compact disc to MP3 formats to music streaming this fast. It has been mind blowing to see how companies like Spotfiy, Tidal and iHeartRadio have started to bring music to listeners through their phone apps. It is like people are getting the chance to hear what they want whenever they want. There is no waiting around for this. People just get the chance to hear the hottest and newest artists out there, and companies like Tidal are making this happen.


Tidal stands out even more than the other companies when it comes to exclusive content. Much of this has to do with the talented negotiating skills of Dez Perez. She is putting her stamp on the music streaming industry by working hard behind the scenes. Perez is helping Jay-Z evolve and get the proper deals for his artists that are dropping the exclusive content.


What Desiree Perez has managed to do is help a lot of artists get a higher percentage of the music streaming cut up front. This is something that is important because album sales are starting to dwindle at an alarming rate. An artist like J. Cole is a good example of the enormous gap between music streaming and music purchases. The J. Cole “2014 Forrest Hills” album would get good reviews and sell 361,000 copies in the first week. In the same week, however, the album was streaming online by as many as 15,000,000. This is quite a gap. The sales of the album would never catch up with the streaming of the album. That is why stars need someone in place that is going to get them the money that they need from streaming. Perez has been able to do this for the stars that are loyal to Tidal. The end result has been great on both sides of the coin. The artists are happy, and the customers are happy with their Tidal membership.


The music streaming industry is a hard business to come into with very little knowledge on how it operates. This is what Jay-Z did. He did not have the knowledge to make this company a hit on his own. It took someone like Perez to work with Jay-Z and take it to another level with more exclusive content through Tidal.