Dr. Rod Rohrich – Creative Master Surgeon

A lot of people generally confuse plastic surgery with cosmetic surgery and Dr. Rod Rohrich mentions that people tend to confuse both these techniques to be the same thing. One reason many patients trust the expertise of Dr. Rod Rohrich is the fact that he is very clear on his point that both the above-mentioned techniques are performed for different reasons and also that not every surgeon who performs either of the surgery is suitable to do so. He also suggests that his patients do an adequate amount of research even before they decide to go with him. It is not very easy to find a successful surgeon with such a clear point of view.

If you are particular about Facelift, then Dr. Rohrich has a unique plan for you. He believes that the central cheek area is likely to get deflated with age and hence requires an adequate amount of filling which is bound to provide a higher level of rejuvenation to the face. He also performs something called as ‘fat compartment filling’ where he collects the fat from other areas and then fills it in the central area. It is only because of such creative methods that he is consistently named as the Texas monthly ‘super doctor’ on multiple occasions.

This is one of several areas where he has proven over and over again why he is still the best in the plastic surgery space. When you make your first visit with the doctor, he will personally evaluate if you are going to be a perfect fit for the surgery. The way he does that is by determining if you are in excellent physical and mental state of mind and also if you are serious about the facelift procedure and have some reasonable expectations. This is essential to setting up right expectations as it helps both the patient and the doctor to be on the same page.

He openly opines that any of the facial surgeries cannot restore your face to its perfection but would provide great deal of benefit in making you look more fresh and youthful through a sequence of actions that are planned and executed properly.

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