Easy To Give Just Not Easy To Have

The Pressures Of A Real Billionaire

You know the popular saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Here’s $18 billion given to the Open Society foundation by George Soros.

As attractive and as desirable as a billion dollars is, having this money may be the wrong thing for you. Maybe, you should have a million dollars to your name. What’s most important is that you know the work of having either in cash.

The ownership of $1 billion is an option for you like it was for George Soros.

First learn about what men like George have done.

George took the same steps we often hear of from our most successful in society. A bit of determination brought George’s financial life to a positive close also. What this young man didn’t account for at the start were the pressures to come.

People will find out that you’re worth more than millions. They’ll soon find out that you have power and prestige. The pressures of having a billion are then heighten as there’s a potential to lose it all. These potential woes can be disturbing if you don’t take the advice of George Soros.

That advice is to first acknowledge the obstacle. Only then will you be fit to deal with them.

The Small Guilt Soros Felt During Success

One of the pressures felt by George Soros was from his own success. This was a sense of guilt. The biggest trade under George Soros’ career was during the 1990s when he betted against the British bank. The gamble George had made earned him over a billion dollars in one day of work.

George didn’t expect what the challenges of being a billionaire were at that time. What he discovered was a sense of guilt and for having beating the Bank of England in the process. The situation is unusual to say the least, but what he later experienced was part of the entire life that wealth enabled.

George Soros would never be discouraged again.

Ambition Greater Than You Can Possible Know

To counteract the unexpected, George Soros tapped into his deeper ambition. A billion dollars in success requires one type of ambition while maintenance requires another. His ambition enabled his mind to adjust to the pressures of wealth and to come out successful when it was done.

This is the legacy of George Soros and a perspective on what we can surely call financial destiny. and Follow him Twitter.com