Eli Gershkovitch: Internationally Known Brewer Of Steamworks Canadian Craft Beer

Canada produces some of the world’s best craft beers. These beers attract a very a very diverse customer base and have become a hit internationally. In one competition after another, the craft beers produced in Canada continue to take the top prizes. One Canadian craft beer brewer that has developed an international following is Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Brewery. As owner, CEO and brewmaster, Gershkovitch has transformed his micro-brewery into a major force in the craft beer industry.

Ever since the 1980s when he visited several European breweries, Eli Gershkovitch has been interested in brewing his own Canadian craft beer. In 1995, he decided to take the plunge. Eli Gershkovitch got a small beer pub in Gastown, Vancouver, created a micro-brewery called Steamworks to supply it and began to produce high-quality flavorful beer. Now, Gershkovitch is known for his innovative craft beers which attract women, white-collar workers and other non-traditional beer drinkers to his pub. Read this article at westender.com.

Over the past 20 years, Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks has enjoyed great success. His beer pub, which originally had 174 seats, now has more than 750. Plus, Eli Gershkovitch now owns several bars and restaurants in Vancouver. Steamworks craft beers also has an international customer base. in addition to supplying bars and restaurants all over Canada, they have customers in the United States, Europe and Asia as well. Gershkovitch’s business model of increasing production when it’s required because of an increase in demand is working well.

The decision Eli Gershkovitch made decades ago to give up his law practice and become a brewmaster is paying big dividends. Not only does he have a lucrative business, he also has the freedom he didn’t have working as an attorney. That includes having the time to pursue his exciting hobby of being a pilot and making solo flights. Eli Gershkovitch is having the time of his life while pleasing countless beer drinkers with his innovative craft beers.

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These days Eli Gershkovitch is hailed as an innovative, veteran Canadian brewmaster. A member of the generation that revolutionized Canadian craft beer. Yet he still remains calm, casual and very personable. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.