Eric Lefkofsky: Positioning Tempus Labs For Positive Health Impact

For a longtime disease like Alzheimer’s and cancer have troubled the healthcare industry. At Tempus laboratories, Eric Lefkofsky is playing his part to come up with a possible solution. Tempus Labs was founded in the year 2015 with a mission to consolidate, merge, digitize, as well as clean up all cancer patient’s health records. At the same time, it would enable all physicians to learn from such data and have a better strategy to help patients in future. The company has a well-established data setup for collecting, cleansing, and analyzing molecular and clinical data to incorporate precision medicine.

The main goal for Tempus Labs is to have molecular clinical data for every cancer patient put in one place. As a result, the physicians will have an easy time making real-time and data-driven informed decisions. The integration of this data is a source of a learning platform for the physicians in understanding various patients who have cancer in a year. The data gives a clue on how patients were treated followed by their response towards the treatment. This facilitates informed decision making among the physicians towards the lives of the patients.

Tempus is among the top ten-health technologists in Chicago under Eric Lefkofsky. It is also known for unicorn funding status in the world. Over the years, Tempus has cultivated various partnerships with other health-based organizations, academic institutions, and National Cancer Institute-based Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Many oncologists from those organizations and institutions send patients to Tempus for services such as genomic sequencing. That is when the physicians begin pairing the clinical and molecular data to generate a report that is sent back to those offices.

Alzheimer is the other disease that is predicted to be solved through the big data technology. The disease has received a new approach in naming based on the biological markers like the brain changes. This unique method is not similar to the currently used one. This approach suggests that the patient is absorbed in studies. There are massive diagnosis and treatment going around the disease, which is done as early as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential entrepreneur in Chicago. He is the co-founder of Tempus and Chief Executive Officer for Groupon.

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