Financial Advice by Chris Linkas The Do’s and Don’ts


Investing will be most beneficial when starting early. The sooner an individual beings to plan their retirement, the more likely they are going to get better returns on investment. People who invest their money early will likely be able to have a comfortable retirement as emphasized by Chris Linkas. This applies to both regular civilians and military members. Beginning to invest in your youth will enable you to get a head start on saving for your future retirement. There are five good reasons why you should invest your money as soon as possible.


When investing your money early, one of the top benefits is that it allows you to take risks. By starting your investing early, an individual can put their funds in securities that offer the highest return. Even if there is a loss, they will still have plenty of time to recover. Another good reason to invest early is that it will allow you to take advantage of compound interest. Each month and each year your funds will grow exponentially. Those who invest early will be able to establish discipline and therefore improve their spending habits. Investing early will allow you to be ahead of others when it comes to having sound personal finances. Your quality of life will also be better if you invest early.


Chris Linkas is a finance professional who is the current European Head of Credit. He has held this position since the year 2012 and is based in London of the United Kingdom. Linkas currently oversees a 20 person team of the European Credit Group which is responsible for a number of principal investments in the United Kingdom and other European regions. Chris manages credit securities in markets including the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece. The investment areas he specializes in include commercial real estate, renewables, shipping, non-performing loans, and leases.


As a top finance professional, Chis Linkas is someone who can provide a lot of knowledge and guidance to those who wish to invest their money. Similar to individuals investing early, institutional investors can also benefit by investing their capital as soon as possible. This can help them grow their capital more quickly. With the assistance provided by Chris Linkas, institutional investors will be in the best position to find the ideal investment options and establish long term financial security for their organizations.


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